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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 12:12

Tallahassee's Chemical Roulette Featured

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The state Environmental
Regulation Commission has voted
to increase allowable levels of cancer-
causing chemicals in Florida
And Rick Scott wonders
why Floridians distrust his administration.
“Trust us; we’re experts,”
the governor would have us believe.
In a spasm of linguistic absurdity,
his environmental protection
chief tells us this decision will
enable DEP “to provide better public
health protection for our state.”
Think about it: “Protection”
means to safeguard from injury or
harm. Do you believe that more
poison in your water will improve
your health? Tallahassee is the
town where up is down, black is
white, and science is searching for
its soul.
There’s only one reason
DEP would play chemical roulette
with our waters: The governor values
private profits more than public
This is what we see: Money
begets influence, which begets
power, which begets money. The
circle is unbroken.
Wake up, Florida. We are called to
look under the hood of democracy.
It’s time for deep change.
—John Moran, Gainesville

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