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Tuesday, 05 September 2023 19:52

DEBUNKED BY DECADES? DeSantis Blasts Climate Critics with Historical Hurricane Facts

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PALM BEACH – Hurricane Idalia's destruction? Blame it on 1896, says Florida's top guy. As critics point fingers at climate change for the hurricane havoc, Florida's GOP superstar and presidential hopeful, Gov. Ron DeSantis, throws it back over a century to make his point.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shakes hands with hurricane responders.

"Ever heard of the 1896 storm?" quipped DeSantis during his Sunday tour of the wrecked northwest, in response to President Biden's attempt to climate-shame recent weather events. That oldie-but-goodie, DeSantis noted, packed a similar punch with 125 mph winds – all without the modern carbon emissions everyone's fussing about.

His history lesson didn't stop there. He reminded critics of Florida's biggest, baddest storm – the Labor Day monster of 1935 with winds screeching at 185 mph.

But DeSantis didn't just have history on his side; he had a beef with those crying 'climate' every time the wind blows. "Stop politicizing the weather!" DeSantis barked, hitting back at claims that taking a left-turn on federal policies would put hurricanes in the rear-view mirror.

To the naysayers linking storm Idalia with climate change, DeSantis has a message: "It's a lie. A pretext to advance agendas on the backs of the suffering."

Speaking of suffering, before Idalia's wrath, DeSantis took a break from the campaign trail to fortify Florida. And he got personal, too – a towering oak came crashing down on the grounds of his mansion!

Meanwhile, as Biden jetted into the Sunshine State for a damage assessment, whispers grew louder about DeSantis' noticeable absence during the POTUS's visit. But Biden was cool as a cucumber: "No, I'm not disappointed." He added, with a hint of shade, "He did help us plan this."

President Joseph R. Biden.

So, when's DeSantis hitting the campaign trail again? Unclear. But one thing's for sure, his super PAC's playing it smart, pausing voter hunts in big states and upping the financial ante.

Yet, in the political boxing ring, DeSantis trails Trump big time in the polls. But with hurricane season still in play, who knows which way the winds of public opinion might blow next? Stay tuned, folks.

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