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The Fort Myers Beach Anchorage Advisory Committee in cooperation with Matanzas on the Bay invites the general public and all mooring field patrons to celebrate the 10th Annual Cruiser’s Appreciation Day on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from noon to 3:00pm in the Matanzas on the Bay waterfront courtyard. The event will feature free admission for all, barbeque, live entertainment, drinks, door prizes, giveaways and friendly island hospitality. This year’s menu items include Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Dave’s Dockside pizza, soft drinks and beer. All available at reasonable prices.

Crossing the Sky Bridge to Fort Myers Beach offers a bird’s eye view of our mooring field. This event is an opportunity to meet and mingle with mooring field patrons, learning about their vessels, extensive travels and our mooring field. Boaters renting a mooring ball on the day of the event will receive a free lunch. Admission is free to the general public.

The Fort Myers Beach mooring field provides 70 mooring balls available for rental year-round at $18/day, $103/week or $312/month (tax is included). The rental fee includes use of the shower, laundry facilities and vessel pump-out service. A public dinghy dock is available for public use to tie up dinghies 10’ or less (no overnight tie-ups). Our mooring field is very popularand highly acclaimed by boaters throughout Florida.

Matanzas on the Bay is located at 414 Crescent Street (under the Sky Bridge), Fort Myers Beach. For more information on the event or to rent a mooring ball, call Matanzas on the Bay at 239-463-9258.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:40

McGregor Delays

McGregor Blvd. is often backed up this time of year at the intersection of Colonial Blvd. Sometimes it can take 3 to 4 traffic lights just to get through the intersection.

New construction slated to begin at the end of the month from Colonial Blvd. to Poinciana could make, as many say, expected delays much worse.

Many wonder why they would decide to begin this project now, instead of waiting until after Easter when there is less congested traffic flows in the area? Further inquiry reveal the project is proposed to be finished by Fall 2018, meaning the sooner it begins the better chance of completion by "Snow Bird Season" 2018.

The project is a necessary evil, since similar to the low lying areas of Fort Myers Beach (where major reconstruction for drainage purposes is ongoing) this stretch of McGregor Blvd. floods during rainy season, specifically north of the Country Club, where they will be replacing drainage pipes in hopes to relieve this issue.

Included in the plans, the project will update crosswalks, replace sidewalks where needed and resurface the road, yet the overall look of the Boulevard should not change.

We recommend alternate routes of travel when headed downtown Fort Myers.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:33

Guns And Religion

If passed a new bill in the Florida legislature HB 849, could arm teaches as well as anyone with a Florida concealed carry license, allowing them to legally bring a gun into any religious institution that has a school.

Rep. Neil Combee, R-Polk City, said, "I think we need to protect the children." Also stating, "this is about protection of students and parishioners during church services."

"Many private religious schools don't have local law enforcement in the building because it costs too much money. Under current law, churches with a school attached are prohibited from gun protection, even when school isn't in session," Combee said. "This is really more about Sunday service and Wednesday service."

Under the proposed bill, anyone with a concealed carry permit could carry a gun into a private religious institution that has a school.

That could mean a private security force or even teachers being allowed to carry.

"It really restores those private property rights back to the churches," Combee said.

As for who would be allowed to carry a gun in the schools, it would be "up to the institution because it's private property and it's their policy."

Many are in favor of proposal HB 849:

"I would be OK with the private security and teachers that are vetted, thorough background checks," said Andrea Schiebe of Fort Myers.

"If more people had the guns out there in the schools and stuff, I don't think as many people would get hurt," said Larry LeBlanc of Fort Myers.

Some are not: "I have two children, and I wouldn't like it if my children were going to school and their teacher had a gun on them. The only people that should be able to have guns and carry guns at schools is law enforcement," said Kristin Sullivan of Fort Myers.

This bill wouldn't require any additional licensing beyond a Florida concealed carry license for someone to carry a gun in a private religious school.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:29


The pizza has been delivered. A Netflix movie is streaming while they eat. The kids will then go downstairs to play multiplayer video games on their own 40-inch TV sets while they text their friends on their cellphones. Their friends are all doing the same thing next door and miles away.

The mailman delivered all the stuff the family had ordered from Amazon yesterday afternoon this morning. Dad ordered more Tums and Billy got a new drone with a better camera to spy on the neighbors, but the neighbors rarely leave their house.

Mom paid all the bills online. She hasn't mailed a check to anyone in five years. The bank does all that. She doesn't even know where the bank is located. Why would she ever need to go there?

Dad hasn't left the house in a week. He works at home on the computer. He says he works for a company that makes a penny every time someone types in the "at" character on their computer, but no one really knows what he does. They just know that it keeps him busy and food delivered to the table.

And it's not just pizza that gets delivered anymore. There are already companies that will deliver fresh food to your house with instructions on how to prepare it for only five or six times the cost of buying the same stuff at the supermarket.

McDonald's just announced they plan to start delivering food. Starbucks is also trying out delivery at some high-traffic locations. Sure, you could buy their brand of coffee in the supermarket and make it at home, but then you wouldn't have the fun of tipping the barista. Even if you don't get the food delivered, people seem to prefer eating already-prepared food at home. Restaurants report take-out meals sales were up 18 percent last year.

Home is not just a place to hang your hat anymore. It is the clothes store, the bowling alley, the bank, the drugstore, the post office, the gym, the casual dining restaurant and the movie theater of our lives. Welcome to the Stay-At-Home Economy.

Work and school are about the only two things that require most people to leave the house. And how long will it be before work and school are something that most people do at home, too? Why go to a brick-and-mortar school when you can Skype into each class and Snapchat your friends at the same time?

And if you ever feel the need to get away from all the people at home and be by yourself, you can go to the mall. It's empty. There are graveyards with more activity. If you see someone else at the mall, it's a good chance that they work there. There is still a crowd at the cellphone store. And every cellphone they sell to a new customer means they've just created another stay-at-home shopper who may never visit the mall again.

Turning old, dying malls into something new has become a business in itself. One city turned an empty mall into a medical center. The wide hallways and large store entrances all on one level made it easy for people in wheelchairs and walkers to get around, and all the different types of doctors are now clustered under one roof. The once nearly empty parking lot is now full from 9 to 6 every day. And best yet, the repurposed mall pays taxes once again. In some places, second-floor mall shops are being turned into apartments. Like the way cities used to be -- apartments above the stores.

Mom wonders where Billy will ever meet anyone if he never leaves the house. He did go on an online date last year, but it didn't work out. He liked "World of Warcraft" and she was a "Call of Duty" person. Thank goodness they never met in person. It might have been dangerous.

Home Depot and Lowes still seem to have real, live customers. If you're not going to leave home, you may as well make it look nice.

Jim Mullen

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:19

Is McCain Hijacking Trump's Foreign Policy?

"The senator from Kentucky," said John McCain, speaking of his colleague Rand Paul, "is working for Vladimir Putin ... and I do not say that lightly."

What did Sen. Paul do to deserve being called a hireling of Vladimir Putin?

He declined to support McCain's call for a unanimous Senate vote to bring Montenegro into NATO as the 29th member of a Cold War alliance President Trump has called "obsolete."

Bordered by Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, tiny Montenegro has a population roughly that of D.C., and sits on the western coast of the most volatile peninsula in Europe.

What strategic benefit would accrue from having Montenegro as an ally that would justify the risk of our having to go to war should some neighbor breach Montenegro's borders?

Historically, the Balkans have been an incubator of war. In the 19th century, Otto van Bismarck predicted that when the Great War came, it would come out of "some damn fool thing in the Balkans." And so it did when the Austrian archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo June 28, 1914 by Serbian ethnonationalist Gavrilo Princip.

Aflame with ethnic, civil and sectarian war in the 1990s, the western Balkans are again in political turmoil. Milo Djukanovic, the longtime Montenegrin prime minister who resigned on election day in October, claims that he was targeted for assassination by Russia to prevent Montenegro's accession to NATO.

Russia denies it. But on the Senate floor, McCain raged at Rand Paul: "You are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin ... trying to dismember this small country which has already been the subject of an attempted coup."

But if Montenegro, awash in corruption and crime, is on the verge of an uprising or coup, why would the U.S. issue a war guarantee that could vault us into a confrontation with Russia -- without a full Senate debate?

The vote that needs explaining here is not Rand Paul's.

It is the votes of those senators who are handing out U.S.-NATO war guarantees to countries most Americans could not find on a map.

Is no one besides Sen. Paul asking the relevant questions here?

What vital U.S. interest is imperiled in who comes to power in Podgorica, Montenegro? Why cannot Europe handle this problem in its own back yard?

Has President Trump given McCain, who wanted President Bush to intervene in a Russia-Georgia war -- over South Ossetia! -- carte blanche to hand out war guarantees to unstable Balkan states?

Did Trump approve the expansion of NATO into all the successor states born of the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia?

Or is McCain hijacking U.S. foreign policy on NATO and Russia?

President Trump should tell the Senate: No more admissions to NATO, no more U.S. war guarantees, unless I have recommended or approved them. Foreign policy is made in the White House, not on the Senate floor.

Indeed, what happened to the foreign policy America voted for -- rapprochement with Russia, an end to U.S. wars in the Middle East, and having rich allies share more of the cost of their own defense?

It is U.S., not NATO defense spending that is rising to more than $50 billion this year. And today we learn the Pentagon has drawn up plans for the insertion of 1,000 more U.S. troops into Syria. While the ISIS caliphate seems doomed, this six-year Syrian war is far from over.

An al-Qaida subsidiary, the Nusra Front, has become the most formidable rebel fighting group. Syria's army, with the backing of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Shiite militias from across the Middle East, has carved out most of the territory it needs.

The Turkish army is now in Syria, beside its rebel allies. Their main enemy: Syria's Kurds, who are America's allies.

From our longest war, Afghanistan, comes word from U.S. Gen. John Nicholson that we and our Afghan allies are in a "stalemate" with the Taliban, and he will need a "few thousand" more U.S. troops -- to augment the 8,500 President Obama left behind when he left office.

Some 5,000 U.S. troops are in Iraq, helping to liberate Mosul from ISIS. In Kabul, Baghdad and Damascus, terrorist bombings are a weekly, if not a daily, occurrence.

Then there is the U.S. troop buildup in Poland and the Baltic, the U.S. deployment of a missile defense to South Korea after multiple missile tests in the North, and Russia and China talking of upgrading their nuclear arsenals to counter U.S. missile defenses in Poland, Romania and South Korea.

In and around the waters of the Persian Gulf, United States warships are harassed by Iranian patrol boats, as Tehran test-fires anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles to send the Americans a message: Attack us and it will not be a cakewalk war.Patrick J. Buchanan

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:09

Root for Olympic Gold Mine

The increasing likelihood that Los Angeles will be chosen to host the 2024 Olympic Games comes as good news to the vast majority of Southern Californians.

A poll last year showed more than 80 percent of L.A. County residents either "strongly supportive" or "somewhat supportive" of the Summer Olympics coming here for the third time.

Now, if we didn't know better, we'd think the main appeal of the Olympics in your backyard would be the chance to watch the world's greatest athletes compete for sport's biggest prizes. But a Loyola Marymount University poll last year found the top reasons Angelenos want the Olympics had to do with the expectation that the event would be good for the economy, that it would create a general economic boost, create jobs and spark tourism.

Going to the Games yourself? Maybe people already realized that, like all major sports events, the most popular competitions would be unaffordable for the typical family.

That was confirmed last month when L.A.'s latest bid documents showed the average ticket for the 2024 Olympics would cost $136.87. You could get into the canoe preliminaries for $5.10. But major events? You're looking at $256 to watch athletes go for gold medals in basketball, $270 in diving, $370 in gymnastics, $420 in swimming, $457 in track and field. The much-anticipated opening ceremony? Forget it -- the average ticket would cost $1,783.

If, as projected, 97 percent of seats were sold, tickets would account for about $1.2 billion of the L.A. Olympics' $5.3 budget.

With Budapest dropping its bid, either Paris or L.A. will be chosen in September to host the 2024 Games. L.A.'s experience with the Olympics (1932, 1984) and wealth of existing venues allow it to promise a "low-cost, low-risk" bid. Mayor Eric Garcetti says the Games not only would not cost the city money but would be an economic boon, a claim backed by a Beacon

Economics/UC Riverside study in January saying the event would generate up to $11.2 billion for the economy.

Popular support would depend on the L.A. Games being a gold mine, as much fiscally as athletically. All the more reason for organizers and public officials to make sure no public expense is required.

Whether or not many Angelenos would get to see the Games themselves, they'd expect to cheer as the economic gains roll in.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 22:03

Summer Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

A total solar eclipse will pass across a long and thin path of U.S. soil stretching from Oregon to South Carolina this summer on August 21. An Eclipse occurs when the moon, sun and Earth align, allowing the moon to cast a shadow on the Earth's surface.

While residents in all states will be able to see a partial eclipse, only those in a handful of states will be able to see the "total eclipse" -- the perfect moment in which the sun's light is fully blocked, allowing star gazers to stare directly at the moon and see a halo. (pictured on the right)

The last total eclipse was visible in the U.S. on February 26, 1979, but the shadow onlypassed across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming and up into Canada.

The next time an eclipse will be in the U.S. will be on April 8, 2024 and will stretch from Texas to Ohio.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 21:56

Hiding The Media's Disapproval Rating

The latest poll by USA Today and Suffolk University carried some eye-opening numbers about public disapproval of the media's aggressive attempts to run the country. It found that President Trump has a 47 percent approval rating and that 44 percent disapprove of him.

That's not surprising. The media talk about his unpopularity all the time.

But here's what they don't talk about: their own numbers. Only 37 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of their job performance. A whopping 50 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Look at the numbers by party identification. Republican unfavorable opinion of the media? It's 78 percent. Only 10 percent have a favorable opinion. The Democrats are the opposite: Sixty-nine percent hold a favorable view, and 19 percent hold an unfavorable view.

The pollsters offered other media questions, asking: "President Trump has said journalists and the media are the enemy of the American people. Do you agree or disagree?" That's an exaggerated question. Trump's actual tweet accused only ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and the "failing" New York Times of being "fake news" and the "enemy of the American people."

Many conservatives would steer clear of saying that journalists (liberal media and conservative media) are the enemy of the people and stick with chief White House strategist Steve Bannon's take that the media are the "opposition party" to Trump. But even so, 64 percent of Republicans in the poll agreed with Trump, and only 29 percent disagreed. Democrats sided with their liberal-media buddies, 88 percent disagreeing and 9 percent agreeing.

These pollsters also asked the public which statement they agreed with, "President Trump is right when he says the news media is unfair and biased against him" or "The news media is right when they say they are appropriately holding the White House accountable."

This result clearly demonstrates how divided the country is on the media under President Trump. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans agree with Trump, and 12 percent disagree. Democrats align with the media's sudden rush to "accountability," 86 percent disagreeing and 7 percent in agreement.

Both sides know the media is liberal.

These results were submerged in USA Today. The front-page story on the overall poll was headlined "Temperament and tweets tripping up president." Reporter Susan Page began saying, "President Trump gets high marks for leadership amid growing economic optimism, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds, but questions about his temperament and his tweets have cost him the political boost that a president traditionally gets from that good news."

Page also underlined that his 47 percent approval rating makes him "the first president in modern times not to score majority approval at this early point in his tenure." Fifty-nine percent would like Trump to turn down the tweeting, but even we've made that recommendation.

The poll questions about the media finally make a brief appearance 23 paragraphs deep in the story but without the partisan breakdown. Page says: "Meanwhile, Trump's attacks on reporters divide Americans: 42% say he is right when he says the news media are unfair and biased against him; 48% say the news media are right when they say they are appropriately holding the White House accountable. Are the news media 'the enemy of the American people' as the president has asserted? One-third of Americans, 34%, agree with him. Fifty-nine percent disagree."

The media's rating of 37 percent favorable and 50 percent unfavorable was left out.

The newspaper industry is declining, as USA Today surely knows: Gannett split into two companies in 2015, one for broadcasting and one for the less profitable print business. It is interesting to watch elite newspapers in the Trump era doubling down on the liberal-activist course. There's a reason half the country no longer cares to read them.

L. Brent Bozell III
and Tim Graham

Since this article, (2 Parts), speaks to a science based topic, I need to provide my readers with my topic related background.

I attended GMI, an Engineering College owned by General Motors Corporation. I majored in Metallurgy and minored in Chemistry in the 5 year program and graduated at the top of my class. I became an FBI Agent, under their Science Program, right after graduation!

By the 1970s, the US was in serious pollution trouble. Those were the days that “dilution was the solution to pollution”…dump it in the lake! We desperately needed an Environmental Protection Agency and Laws. On 12-2-70, President Nixon created the EPA by EO! They directed the FBI to be the lead Law Enforcement Agency, US Attorneys to be the Prosecutors and gave the States the ability to enforce EPA regulations.

I reluctantly “accepted” the offer (no choice), to establish the FBI Environmental Crimes Program for the Western District of NY, Buffalo to Rochester, 17 counties. I was firmly entrenched in the Violent Crimes program but agreed to do the EPA thing for a few years as there truly was a need as witnessed by the Love Canal, my home town, Niagara Falls, NY. I had a personal interest!

I attended EPA schools with then Erie County Prosecutor now Judge Sheila DiTullio, and AUSA Marty Littlefield to learn the laws and then to train other investigators. Congress passed numerous Hazardous Waste laws with the main Laws referred to as the “big 8 laws”; RECRA (the cradle to grave law), CIRCLA, CLEAN AIR, CLEAN WATER, TSCA and many more. I worked very closely with the NY Dept of Conservation (DEC) and they were the lead agency in NY to enforce the EPA regulations. There was virtually no EPA presence in NY in the late 1970s! DEC did the EPA’s job then and probably does now!

We investigated illegal dumping of Hazardous waste and I drew up several Search Warrants and obtained some of the first Federal Convictions for Environmental Crimes in western NY and closed one Hazardous Waste Disposal Faculty. The most dangerous matter we worked was the West Valley, New York, Nuclear Waste Project! There were numerous allegations of illegal transport and disposal of highly active radiation waste at the site, so much so, that the then USA Dennis Vacco, AUSA Littlefield, my SAC and I met with the Chief Deputy Attorney General, in Washington DC. Dennis did a superb job leading the charge and convinced the AG to allow us to execute a Search Warrant on the Facility. This was the #1 case in the country at the time and the entire country was on “toxic waste” alert!

I drew up the affidavit, AUSA Littlefield drew up the warrant and we executed it, and thank God we found that the allegations were not true! The contractors at West Valley were doing an excellent job following all the laws and were actually more cautious than required! They processed nuclear liquid into glass balls for safer disposal. The radiation in some enclosed areas was deadly and they had it completely contained and under control! Believe me we went in VERY tough, and VERY concerned for our own health as well as yours and were very happy that a very dangerous site was extremely safe/proper!!

For many years the EPA provided an essential service HOWEVER things have changed! The EPA is now doing more harm to our economy than good for the environment! They have over regulated to the point that they have made doing business in the US too expensive for manufacturers who produce waste and CO2, which is ALL manufacturers. They have chased those jobs to 3rd world countries that have NO EPA, NO hazardous waste laws, NO “lead paint” law, NO OSHA laws, NO labor laws…so we are buying products, made in countries that violate everything we spent billions to clean up, and at the expense of our work force and THE ENVIRONMENT by supporting Worldwide Pollution worse than ours ever was !!!!!

It’s time to turn ALL EPA functions over to the States which are doing EPA’s job anyway and close the doors on EPA completely! Their budget back then was 15 billion a year!!!They did their job, very well, until they were forced to create laws!

Now it’s time to follow the Constitution and put things back in order and allow Congress to make the laws, not regulatory Agencies. The States are well prepared to handle the job

These are IRREFUTABLE FACTS ( that are easily verified), about CO2 and its value to mankind …anyone who tells you otherwise already has an opinion and doesn’t want to know the facts…walk away, PERIOD;
1. Carbon dioxide is essential for the production of food and oxygen!
2. Trees and plant life require a MINIMUM CO2 of 180 to 200 ppm, by volume, to SURVIVE. Anything less and they die and so will you!
3. Current CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere are about 340ppm!
4. Ideal CO2 for plant life and you is between 1000 to 2000ppm !
5. Plant life in the USA is currently “starving” for CO2 and CO2 emissions MUST be increased to at least 1000ppm!!!!
6. If you seal a green house with plant life inside, the CO2 concentration will diminish to almost zero and all plant life will die!
7. If you pump CO2 into that same greenhouse from burnt coal or ANY fossil fuel, the plant life will flourish! So if your plants are dying in your green house, introduce CO2!
8. Scientists have no idea what impact CO2, produced by man, has on the Earth’s “climate change” except that it’s essential for life!
9. “Excess” CO2 falls into the Oceans, increasing Ocean plant growth and seems to follow unexplained, “Mother Nature” balances between CO2, our atmosphere and our Oceans!

God blessed America with an abundance of Natural resources from trees and fresh water to Natural Gas (enough to power the entire US indefinitely), coal (enough to power America for a hundred years at least), oil (more than all OPEC combined), Uranium, Gold, Silver, you name it we got it, BUT we aren’t using it wisely!!!

Here are some ideas;
Direct all the States to build a new power plant with interest paying loans (stimulus loans) from the government. They must use Made in the USA materials and US citizens. When built, they must sell to private utility companies and repay the loans. Put massive green houses near the fossil fuel plants and pipe their CO2 emissions into the food growing plants! Loan stimulus money, the same way, to the necessary steel, concrete, drywall plants to build the power plants! Then turn to our Grid and do the same deal and… make it EMP proof!

We have the safest, most technologically advanced Nuclear power plants in the world. They are the cleanest and most efficient power plants, next to hydro. Build them as well!

Regarding the US oil finds, we have the LARGEST oil discoveries in the world and more oil than all OPEC combined! The largest is the Colorado Green River Reserve (oil shale) and after 3,000 test wells, according to government sources, it has enough “usable” oil to provide all America’s needs, by itself, for 50 years. The second is the Bakkan in Williston, North Dakota with estimates of maybe 20 billion barrels. It went from zero to 1.25 million barrels a day in a year and a half! Prudhoe Bay, Alaska is the largest producing oil reserve in the US!

The oil shale in Colorado is actually a solid with oil in it that must be removed. It is expensive but worth doing however it’s on government lands and Obama stopped everything just like he did to the pipeline. Obama also did an underhanded deal with Canada to stop off shore drilling. People like Obama have agendas that are so radical that reasonable people have a hard time believing that anyone could possibly do things that incredibly STUPID! About 80% of our power is fossil fuel!! Obama wants to do away with fossil fuel and all CO2 emissions. That’s insane; we cannot exist without CO2 or electricity! If he did what he says, we could not possibly exist! The only person to benefit from Barack Obama’s Presidency was Obama, think about it! Did you? I sure didn’t!

ND went to zero unemployment and to an average income of $60,000 in 1 ½ years, because of the oil output from the Bakkan! Saudi Arabia then dropped the OPEC barrel price which caused the Bakkan to cut way back. Because of Saudi Arabia, unemployment is now climbing. The price of oil decreasing is good, the reason for it, Saudi Arabia, is NOT! Saudi Arabia must NOT control our economy!

Increased oil output, more fossil fuel Power Plants means better Health because of CO2, more jobs, better jobs, Energy Independence, and an America you can be proud of! Barack Obama’s SOLE allegiance is to Allah, NOT to you! Some day those of you who refuse to accept reality will be awaken from your deep sleep! Obama was and IS intent on destroying your Rule of Law, your Constitution and your freedom! Pull your head out of that dark place you have you head stuck and LISTEN instead of DENYING what Obama has and is saying and doing!

Not utilizing our resources, now that we have the knowledge and the Laws to protect our environment, borders on insanity and I don’t blame people like Putin and countries like China, Iran, and North Korea thinking we are weak, stupid and gullible. We put forth an image of a foolish people so we get what we ask for. I believe, now that we are NOT led by a fool with a personal agenda to be an Ayatollah, we will eventually regain the respect that, at least those of us who elected President Trump, deserve!.

My opinion and I’m sticking to it!!! Part II, Global Warming, next week!

J Gary DiLaura,
FBI Retired

Hypothetically, let's say our country is worth 40 Trillion dollars today. That’s including everything, land, water, cities and everything else. The right half is green, hydrated, and productive, where most of us live. The left side is dry, barren, and not so productive, where 25% of the population live. The green lush right side of the USA is worth $25 trillion. The dry barren left half is worth $15 Trillion. What if we could actually transform the land on the left side increasing its value by $1 Trillion or more each year?

How can the dry barren desert become lush and productive? That’s simple, make it rain! You might think this isn’t possible, but there is a way. If we were to introduce large volumes of water into the hot dry dessert that water would quickly evaporate and form clouds. Those clouds would travel on established wind currents over the driest hottest zones making it rain.

For this to be effective billions of gallons of water would be needed. Think about the map of the USA, what lies on the other side of the deserts, California of course. But what’s after that? The ocean!!

Yes the ocean, limitless amounts of water only 30 miles away from the dessert lands that are below sea level. We have 550 square miles of dry desert land below sea level in this zone that could potentially be filled with this ocean water and quite easily by creating a sea level canal just using gravity.

This would also create the possibility for hydroelectricity that could supply 4 to 5 million homes and businesses as this water is sent to low lands to create new bodies of water that would rapidly evaporate thus creating rain in the dessert. Fresh water is becoming scarcer every year and desserts are expanding faster than ever. At the same time Sea level is rising faster than ever. This solution would address both issues.

Of course the sea water is not fresh water but it will evaporate. You might ask is this a problem? Well no not at all. There are already many bodies of dry salt lakes salt flats in this zone. We also have two large salt lakes. For instance the Salton Sea in California and the Great Salt Lake in Utah which is evaporating could be refilled. The water that evaporates would come down as clean fresh rain water and the salt is left behind in the process. This salt has value and can be sold at 20 dollars a ton today. 100 billion gallons of salt water contains ¼ cup of salt per gallon. That would be 25 billion pounds of salt a day. Worth millions daily. That salt would be easily harvested from the dessert ground to be sold to market. The salt sold money would also fund the project. Of course it's more complicated than that but the idea is simple.

This idea is radically simple yet hasn’t been thought to be a practical idea in the past. Today we have severe droughts in the west and the ground water in the central part of the country is drying up at an alarming rate. Without this ground water supplied for farming in the mid-west we will be facing a crop growing crisis that will affect us all. This crisis is real and inevitable unless we take drastic steps to fix it. We can make it rain! We can increase our crop growing potential in the west where there is an abundance of sun for growing but not enough water. The potential for habitable land growth and clean power sources are quite great.

Millions of trees could be planted in the near future providing oxygen and reducing carbon in the atmosphere. The possibilities are endless. If this idea were to be implemented. In time the new bodies of water created could also be used for water front property, recreation, and industry.

When this idea is developed it would create opportunity in the western part of the USA like never before imagined, increasing the value of the territory One trillion dollars or more each year.

Now is the time to consider out of the box solutions for problems that we face as a nation and globally. Droughts, rising sea levels, crop failures, deforestation from fires and tree harvesting are all issues we could address by bringing salt water into the desert.

We have all we need to fix these problems, we need to make it happen. Hopefully our next administration will see the potential and make it happen. Let’s make America Green, as we make America great again!

Pat Amedeo



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