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Friday, 18 September 2020 22:37

Searching for Reuben Featured

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I moved to SW Florida over 25 years ago from New England, in my youth I worked at a NY Style Deli in Boston, just around the corner from Fenway park... the Kenmore Deli, where I learned among many other things, about Bratwurst, Hot Pastrami and The Reuben Sandwich, growing up in an Italian family, I had never tried these items prior to that job, I really liked the pastrami, the Bratwurst....not so much... but the Reuben..... I was in love.

This sandwich when prepared correctly gives the utmost pleasure to the senses and taste buds.

It has been one of the things that has been very difficult to find here in Florida, oh don't get me wrong, many local eateries offer the sandwich but a great one is hard to find. I'm sure I'll get all kinds of emails telling me of great places that serve them but although I have tried Reubens all over the place and have had some good ones....

I finally found one I ­­can call Great!

Now I could be telling you about how wonderful the atmosphere was,


right on the water with breathtaking views or about how good their Honey dipped, Bacon wrapped Shrimp


or the Harbor Mussels apps are and believe me... they are wonderful, but I'm here to talk about the Reuben!

Served on a marbled rye bread with thinly sliced Corned Beef, that was juicy and tender with just the right amount of Thousand Island Dressing, (too much and the sandwich is a mess, too little and it doesn't taste right) and also the right amount of sauerkraut (this is important: sauerkraut should be drained but not dry, again too much on the sandwich is bad, too little also bad .... this was perfect) and topped off with Swiss Cheese, grilled on a flat grill to perfection but not soaked oil/butter, this Reuben seemed to be grilled without any oil or butter.... nice! And it was also served with fresh cooked homemade potato chips, the combination was great.


Some of my friends have called me a Reuben snob! Hey, what can I say, I worked at that deli for years and made my own Reubens so I got pretty picky about how it is supposed to be.

I enjoyed it so much I came back the next day to see if it was a fluke or they have it down.... once again.... it was great!

So I made you wait till the end of the article to find out where this great Reuben is to be found!!! At Snug Harbor located on the back bay at 645 Old San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, Fl 33931.

For a limited time..... Mention the Sun Bay Paper and get your second Drink FREE... only one per person and not available with any other specials or

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