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Saturday April 01

Periods of Greater Atlantic Hurricane Activity Linked to Weaker U.S. Landfalls

During periods of greater Atlantic hurricane activity, a protective barrier of vertical wind shear and…

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Sunday December 25

Florida VA Clinic Provides Care for Vets with PTSD

For veterans who may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to wartime trauma, their first step…

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Thursday July 28


John Scott, native and lifelongFloridian and passionate advocatefor Florida’s environment,publicly announced his candidacyfor Florida State…

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Thursday July 28

Guest Opinion

People who are well educatedusually have fewer children.Poorer people typically have largerfamilies, because they feel…

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Thursday July 28

Guest Opinion

Thursday July 28

Veteran With Post-Traumatic Stress Finds Coping Skills Through ‘Dot’ Art Army veteran Greg Mullen has…

When Army veteran GregMullen developed symptoms ofpost-traumatic stress disorder whilestationed in the Middle East duringthe…

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Lee County & Florida News

October 28, 2017

Governor Rick Scott Wants To Boost Spending On Environment By $220 Million

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Gov. Rick Scott’s spending priorities for 2018 continue to take shape as he enters his final year in office with a major statewide election on the horizon. The Republican governor wants the Legislature to increase spending on environmental programs by more…
September 09, 2017

Hurricane Irma weakens Over Cuba to Cat 3: expected to strengthen again when over water!

in Environment by Production
Hurricane Irma weakened as it makes landfall into Cuba, expected to turn to the north and strengthen again to cat 4 or 5 as it approaches Florida Coast: full story below
September 07, 2017

IRMA Track Staying Low: Headed for Florida East Coast? West Coast?

in Environment by Production
Latest wind conditions in the Atlantic seem to be keeping the projected path of Hurricane Irma closer to Cuba, making Florida landfall around Homestead early Sunday morning, then turning up the east coast. These are only possible scenerios and not set in…
September 06, 2017

Wind Pattern Shift : Potentially Great News for Florida!

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Wind patterns have made a major shift since last night in the Atlantic Ocean and could be Great News for Florida. the two links below: first one show yeaterday and the second show current patterns, current patterns show the winds moving northward now and…
September 05, 2017

Surprise, Legal Pot Correlates With Rising Traffic Deaths

in Lifestyle by Production
Marijuana advocates can no longer claim legalization is devoid of catastrophic results. The Denver Post, which has embraced legalization, analyzed federal and state data and found results so alarming they published a story last week under the headline…
September 05, 2017

Visit Florida Pays Out $441,000 In Bonuses

in Business by Production
Florida’s tourism marketing agency — which came under fire for approving a secret $1 million deal with rapper Pitbull — paid nearly $441,000 in employee bonuses this summer. Stephen Lawson, a spokesman for Visit Florida, said that while the bonuses were paid…
July 07, 2017

Independents in Florida! YOU Need to Re-register!

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Too many of us still think of politics as being black and white and forget about all the gray. We say what are you, Conservative or Liberal? Democrat or Republican? Left or Right? Donkey or Elephant? And yet, that's not even close to current reality. Even…
July 06, 2017

Brain-Infecting 'Rat Lungworm' Spreads in Florida

in Lee County & Florida by Production
A parasitic worm that can infect people's brains has been found throughout Florida, according to a new study. The researchers found the parasite, called rat lungworm, living in rats and snails in five Florida counties in both the central and northern parts of…
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June 26, 2017

Florida: Let's Put Triumph Money To Work

in Lee County & Florida by Production
As politicians, especially those eyeing a new political office, are apt to do, Gov. Rick Scott on Monday made a big Northwest Florida tadoo of re-signing a Triumph Gulf Coast bill he'd officially inked into law on Friday. Surrounded by smiling business people…
June 26, 2017

Red-light Camera Ticket? What It Will Cost Depends On Where You Got It.

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Traffic Magistrate Christopher Benjamin played a series of dramatic videos of crashes caught on tape by red-light cameras. The people in the audience gasped each time someone t-boned a car, flipped over a railing, struck a motorcyclist or nearly plowed…
Jun 07, 2017 3247

House Plan Would Give Governor $85 million Jobs Fund With A Few Strings Attached

After spending the session peeling back what they deemed was taxpayer-financed “corporate…
May 28, 2017 313

Are You Ready for This Year's Hurricane Season?

It's been nearly 12 years since a major tropical cyclone hit Southtwest Florida, nearly…
May 25, 2017 620

Solomon’s Castle

Using what others have thrown out, this 12,000 sq ft castle is complete with towers, a…
May 25, 2017 4570

Local Motor Corps Wins Again!

.......................................... Last year, we reported that the Araba…
Apr 27, 2017 3931

Florida Residents Pay 6th Lowest State Taxes

Florida residents pay 6th lowest state taxes; some say burden can be still be lowered…
Apr 24, 2017 325

Rain Brings Relief but Fires Still Burn

Even though Heavy downpours early Sunday morning have finally brought some relief to…
Apr 23, 2017 367

Rain Brings Relief but Fires Still Burn

Even though Heavy downpours early Sunday morning have finally brought some relief to…
Apr 22, 2017 493

Great Quote

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.…
Apr 19, 2017 341

Florida Cities Closer To Banning The Bag

With last year’s styrofoam ban upheld by a Miami-Dade judge, the city of Coral Gables,…
Apr 15, 2017 477

Body Wisdom 101: Align Your Spine and You'll Be Fine

It's time to roll my shoulders, press through the balls of my feet and take a strong…
Apr 13, 2017 3786

Wildfire Awareness Week

250% more wildfires this year than in first 3 months of 2016 April 9-15, 2017 is Florida…
Edible Marijuana, One of the safest ways to use Marijuana as medicine, will be  outlawed in FL. if this bill passes.
Apr 06, 2017 2356

Marijuana Restrictive Bill Passes First Hurdle

By a 14-1 vote, the House Health Quality subcommittee approved a measure that would limit…



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