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Saturday April 01

Periods of Greater Atlantic Hurricane Activity Linked to Weaker U.S. Landfalls

During periods of greater Atlantic hurricane activity, a protective barrier of vertical wind shear and…

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Sunday December 25

Florida VA Clinic Provides Care for Vets with PTSD

For veterans who may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to wartime trauma, their first step…

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Thursday July 28


John Scott, native and lifelongFloridian and passionate advocatefor Florida’s environment,publicly announced his candidacyfor Florida State…

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Thursday July 28

Guest Opinion

People who are well educatedusually have fewer children.Poorer people typically have largerfamilies, because they feel…

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Thursday July 28

Guest Opinion

Thursday July 28

Veteran With Post-Traumatic Stress Finds Coping Skills Through ‘Dot’ Art Army veteran Greg Mullen has…

When Army veteran GregMullen developed symptoms ofpost-traumatic stress disorder whilestationed in the Middle East duringthe…

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Lee County & Florida News

August 10, 2018

Working to Preserve Species

in Outdoor by Production
Florida residents experience the impact of the Endangered Species Act all around them: The sea turtles that nest on local beaches. The manatees that charm visitors to state parks in the winter. The wood storks that have become an increasingly common sight…
July 05, 2018

Managing High Water Levels in the Wet Season

in Environment by Production
Following direction from Gov. Rick Scott and an emergency order issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) on June 21 began implementing an array of new actions, in addition to…
May 31, 2018

What Are the Surviving Spouse's Rights in the Family Home?

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Normally a Florida resident is free to dispose of his or her property through a will as they see fit. But there are special rules that apply to a person's primary residence or “homestead.” The Florida Constitution actually restricts the “devise”–or transfer…
May 31, 2018

Great Florida Invasion: From Peppers to Pythons

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Over the centuries, many species of animal and plant life have been introduced to our local environment, some turned out to be beneficial, some....... not so much! From the first medieval pigs abandoned in Florida in 1521 through the invasion of the lionfish,…
April 13, 2018

Well Done Rick Scott: A Prudent Veto on Water Use

in Lee County & Florida by Production
It's an experiment on a vast scale, with Florida's hydrological future on the line. Florida's economic future depends heavily on the continued availability of fresh, clean, affordable drinking water. Any measure that could endanger the state's…
March 09, 2018

Daylight Saving Time For Ever?

in Lee County & Florida by Production
The legislature often is accused of wanting to turn the clock back on Florida, and in one instance, the charge literally is true. It would actually be a step forward. A bill that would keep daylight saving time year round passed through the House last month…
March 01, 2018

Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival March 10th & 11th

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Matanzas Bridge will close at 9am, for the The Shrimp Run 5k, presented by Cypress Lake High School Athletic Booster Club and Cypress Lake High School. The “Shrimp Run” has historically been one of the most popular races in Southwest Florida. and traffic…
March 01, 2018

#BoycottFlorida or #SupportFloridaTourism .... Which do you Like?

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Fort Myers Beach has become one of the top Spring Break destinations in the country, and businesses here say it's a big part of their annual revenue. But now a Parkland school shooting survivor, David Hogg, (one of the regular voices for Marjory Stoneman…
Tommy with his Wife Pam
February 26, 2018

Shell Factory’s Thommy Cronin Passes to the Eternal Stage

in Lee County & Florida by Production
Fort Myers icon Tom Cronin died last week. To the business community, he was brilliant. To his friends, he was a joker who would make you laugh at the drop of a hat especially if he thought you were feeling down. To North Fort Myers residents, he was the guy…
Across Lee County, across the state and across the country, school students staged walk-outs this week  to bring  more attention to the recent shooting and what can be done.
February 26, 2018

Measure Mandating Armed Security at Schools among Florida Senate Amendments to $25B Education Budget

in Lee County & Florida by Production
The Florida Senate Education Committee disassembled a massive $25.8 billion House omnibus education bill and then endorsed many of its most significant components one-by-one in individual Senate bills. The committee on Tuesday also introduced several new…
Feb 09, 2018 8083

SpaceX Inspires a New Generation of Exploration

Kennedy Space Center: Tuesday's SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket was clearly…
Jan 27, 2018 9539

Wildfire Prevention: Is Your Home Firewise?

Wildfires can cause major environmental, social and economic damages. The loss of timber,…
Jan 06, 2018 10405

How Florida Puts Veterans First

Veterans Florida, a state-created organization, helps Veterans make Florida home by…
Sen. Perry Thurston, (D) is opposed to new bill.
Dec 10, 2017 9216


Support is building across Florida for a stronger texting-while-driving law, but some…
Stephen Bittel
Dec 04, 2017 7328

Sex Scandals Wreaking Havoc on Florida Politics

The Florida Democratic Party chairman resigned Friday in shame. A Republican state…
Dec 04, 2017 943

Florida Ranks Near Top of Business Tax Climate Rankings

State officials in Florida have something to crow about: the Sunshine State ranks among…
Oct 28, 2017 8889

Governor Rick Scott Wants To Boost Spending On Environment By $220 Million

Gov. Rick Scott’s spending priorities for 2018 continue to take shape as he enters his…
Sep 09, 2017 2234

Hurricane Irma weakens Over Cuba to Cat 3: expected to strengthen again when over water!

Hurricane Irma weakened as it makes landfall into Cuba, expected to turn to the north and…
Sep 07, 2017 1116

IRMA Track Staying Low: Headed for Florida East Coast? West Coast?

Latest wind conditions in the Atlantic seem to be keeping the projected path of Hurricane…
Sep 06, 2017 12571

Wind Pattern Shift : Potentially Great News for Florida!

Wind patterns have made a major shift since last night in the Atlantic Ocean and could be…
Sep 05, 2017 1196

Surprise, Legal Pot Correlates With Rising Traffic Deaths

Marijuana advocates can no longer claim legalization is devoid of catastrophic results.…
Sep 05, 2017 916

Visit Florida Pays Out $441,000 In Bonuses

Florida’s tourism marketing agency — which came under fire for approving a secret $1…



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