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Monday, 16 October 2023 05:37


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Islam, according to the scriptures, was created by Mo­hamed in 610 AD. From its begin­ning to this week’s attack on Israel, Islam has been at war with the Infidels of the World or Unbeliev­ers, which is simply anybody who does not believe in Islam.

There are several branches to Islam such as the Sunni and Shi’a sects of Islam but… that is a source of argument since its formation … however…ANY believer whose faith is set forth in the Quran, is your enemy there is no denying that the majority of Muslims follow the beliefs written in the Quran.

These common beliefs are now and have ALWAYS been the most despicable and yet accepted beliefs of Islam and that is DEATH TO THE INFIDELS! Accept it or not…just open your eyes and ears and BELIEVE what you are seeing and hearing from Israel, what you saw in Iraq, what you saw on 9/11, what you saw at our Embassy’s, the USS Cole … and coming to a neighborhood hear you!

Read ANYTHING about the evolution of Islam, what the world has seen since Islam …it is not a religion… it is a deadly ideol­ogy.

The thing that is going to kill you, me, and America, is not believing your own eyes and ears… and unless you start believing what you are seeing…that part of Islam is at war with the World and is try­ing to kill ALL of us, not just all of Israel. Just listen to the Ayatollahs/leaders of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS!

Their word, instead of war…is Caliphate…which respects, no countries’ borders…OPEN BORDERS! Sound fami-liar?

Listen to what I am trying to get through to you about Is­lam… this attack on Israel is noth­ing new! Read the history of Is­lam…for example, led by its creator Mohamed, in the 600s AD, execut­ed, beheaded’ some 800 Jews after “sacking” Medina while Mohamed and his 11-year-old “wife”, that’s correct, his 11-year-old wife, sat in a coliseum and looked on!!

That “event” is what many Muslims, to this day, use as justi­fication to behead… the Hadith… which is one of the 3 parts of Islam… Mohamed’s actions. The other parts are his written word and his spoken word. What’s funny is Mohamed could not read, write, spell his own language nor add numbers! The Quran was written by numerous followers of Mo­hamed. ...not Mohamed.

Too bad Thomas Jefferson is not here to explain why he formed the United States Marines…please allow me…At Montezuma and Tripoli US merchant ships were being attacked stolen and crews captured into slavery or killed by 4 Muslim nations. When reasoning failed Jefferson created the US Ma­rines. That began the Barbary Wars and stopped the looting of ships! So, President Jefferson was an early day Trump, who “kicked ISISs” ass”!

Briefly, take a look at Eu­rope, what’s left of it…it is slowly but surely being taken over by Muslims. I say, “taken over” be­cause they do not simply want to assimilate, live, in your country, no matter which nation it is, they always want to, “fundamentally change”, that country into their Socialist, Muslim Nation. Look at France, look at Sweden…moving towards Islam.

Don’t look now, but what the hell do you think is happening in America?

If I told you that the leaders of several countries, ideologies, want to kill you… have openly stated that they want to kill you… in fact have not only accomplished, carried out that threat…they are openly doing it now in Israel! Would you be convinced that they are indeed our enemies?!

The attackers of Israel have openly thanked Iran for their help!

Iran, Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah and on and on…all Islam…proven attacks on the US.

Well lets’ see if we can put 1+1 together and come up with 2… shall we?

Which President of these United States was born Muslim but tried to hide his birthplace because he isn’t a natural born American? Hint, he tried to hide his birth records, created or had created a Certificate of Birth and passed it off as a Birth Certificate that was forensically proven counterfeit. He tried to hide his College FAF (Finical Aid Forms), which showed birthplace.

After his re-election he produced another “real birth certificate” which the best foren­sic lab in the world (the Vatican) said is counterfeit. During his life he has had 3 Social Security Cards, with his last one belonging to a Connecticut man who passed away right when this former President needed a Social Security card.

This card was originally issued in a Conn. SSA office. Coin­cidently where his aunt was em­ployed…and he, at 18, was living in Honolulu some 4,945 miles away. The kicker is, the Social Security Administration never reissues a SS number to anyone except the origi­nal card holder?!

The big problem he still fac­es, is most of those acts he com­mitted, are one form or another of fraud…like a counterfeit Birth Certificate is a felony…others are mail fraud or wire fraud.

Now here are the biggest is­sues of all…did this, not yet named president, Aid and Abet an enemy of the United States.

“Bowe Bergdahl was cap­tured after deserting his post on June 30, 2009. The circumstances under which Bergdahl went miss­ing and how he was captured by the Taliban have since become subjects of intense media scrutiny.

He was released on May 31, 2014, as part of a prisoner exchange for FIVE HIGH RANKING TAL­IBAN LEADERS who were being held at the at the high security prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Bergdahl was tried by gen­eral court martial on charges of de­sertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and on October 16, 2017, he entered a guilty plea before a military judge.

On November 3, 2017, he was sentenced dishonorable dis­charge, reduced in rank to private and fined $1,000 per month from his pay for ten months, with no prison time. Deserting your post while in combat or in a combat zone, is punishable by death, as is Treason. How was Bergdahl worth 2 cents let alone 5 Taliban killers, of US citizens?

According to the United States Foreign Affairs Committee on no less than 5 occasions this un-named president made cash payments to Iran for $1.7 billion dollars.

In 1986 the US State De­partment had declared Iran the Single Most State sponsor of Terror Attacks in the world! Did nobody tell the president?

On August 4, 2016, WNED-PBS published that “The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that in January, this same administration secretly airlifted $400 million in cash to Iran. The money was owed as part of a failed arms deal.

Recently, 85 billion dollars of extremely high-tech equipment, brand new, some top secret not even dispersed to our military, was abandoned in Afghanistan, left for Islam…the Taliban. Also, our Mili­tary base…Bagram Air Force Base …which is 400 miles from China and 500 miles from Iran…both enemies of the US! What? We don’t need a strategic Military base from our 2 most dangerous enemies in the world. What moron made those calls?

Okay, you probably know what un-named President did all those brilliant moves …but here’s the serious questions… are those countries enemies? Did he aid and abet our enemy?

Now who opened the southern border, who shut down our energy supplies? Who’s buying oil from our enemies? Who pulled our emergency reserves down to near zero, from 6 months’ worth to 17 days’ worth?

Who is doing what Cloward and Piven wrote on how to flip America into a Socialist Nation… by bankrupting our social pro­grams and spending every penny they can. In my opinion Obama is directing every move Biden makes …including the imbeciles he has running DOJ, Energy, Transpor­tation, our Military…none have ability to do their jobs …they do what their told by you know who… and it’s not Biden, my opinion! Do you believe Hussein Obama should be arrested and charged with Treason…and the evidence is overwhelming?

Folks I could go on for hours explaining how Hussein Obama and his Howdy Doody puppet Obiden was manipulated, and how Hussein will tell us he never spoke to Obiden ever in his life! Never even saw him before…but remember this …there is no statute of limitations for capital crimes like Treason and RICO can go to 11years!

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