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Monday, 30 May 2016 16:04

U.S. Wants Europe Filled with Muslim Migrants Says Hungary

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President Barack Obama and the United States favor illegal migration in Europe because they want to fill it up with Muslims, Janos Lazar, chief of staff for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday.

Lazar elaborated saying Hungarian-born American financier George Soros is a “standard-bearer” for Obama's European immigration policies. “Certain American groups" want Europe to be "diluted ... so Europe and America can cooperate without restraint," he emphatically added.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said he had not seen or heard Lazar's comments, but, once apprised, replied, "I'm not sure they're worthy of a response."

Lazar further pointed out that Soros has “long been a patron” of certain liberal segments of the American Democratic Party  who have pushed a one-world order agenda, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, currently the front-runner for the Democratic nominee in the upcoming U.S. presidential election cycle. Lazar added that Soros was a “die-hard Democratic Party supporter” who was "ready to step up" against Orban.

"Not so long ago while visiting Europe, President Obama clearly spoke out in favor of the importance of migration, settlement and even the forced settlement (of migrants)," Lazar said at a news conference. Obama and America "are following a very strong pro-migration, pro-illegal migration policy in the interests of having as many Muslims as possible in Europe."

Orban has said that the vast majority of Hungarians do not want immigration from outside Europe. He also elaborated saying that Hungary would solve its demographic problems and dwindling workforce with policies favoring higher subsidies for families with children.

As reported last month in The Sun Bay Paper, Hungary, along with several other European countries, is sponsoring a referendum planned for October against a plan by the European Union to resettle refugees and asylum seekers currently temporarily in Italy and Greece to other countries in the EU bloc.

Obama and the Clintons have been critical of Orban for what they have called “right wing authoritarianism” and have singled out the Hungarian crack down on preventing further resettlement of Muslim migrants. Obama has also said that Orban’s administration should give wider latitude to civic groups advocating for Roma or gay rights.

Orban has said some of these groups are "paid foreign activists," and that he does not put it past Soros to be behind these efforts in an attempt to prevent Hungary from maintaining its’ “national identity.” Orban cites a host of problems surfacing in the U.S. and other EU nations caused by overly liberal immigration policies that allow potential terrorists and economic migrants into wealthier Western nations.

A recent poll in Hungary shows that over 78% of Hungarians support Orban’s policies. Exit polling revealed that most citizens feel Muslims are “not integrating into Hungarian culture.”

Numerous recent news articles appearing in European newspapers have focused on the change of heart that is occurring in Europe saying that the “welcome mat for refugees has been withdrawn throughout Europe even in places where it was the strongest,” the articles also note the marked rise in support for political parties who “oppose immigration from the Middle East.”  

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