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Thursday, 23 July 2015 08:25

International Immigration

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While the liberal cry for illegal immigration tolerance continues unabated, other countries enforce their immigration laws. Hungary is building a fence to keep Muslim Serbs from illegally invading, Italy and Greece are contemplating laws to prevent the flood of illegal arrivals from Libya and other African Nations fleeing poverty and civil strife on the Dark Continent.

But it's not just the impoverished or war-torn Nations of the world that are sending immigrants into other countries uninvited. Recently, Philipine Immigration officials arrested over a 136 Chinese nationals for working in the country illegally.
They were apprehended in Pasay CIty, outside Manila, and face deportation for working in call centers or online gambling operations, according to Elaine Tan, an Immigration Bureau spokesperson.
Tan said the illegals "did not have the proper documents to show they could work legally in the Philipines". "They will be charged with violations of Philipine immigration laws and likely deported" according to the statement issued by the Bureau.

In a press release, the Immigration Bureau, through its press officer, Dana Mengote, said the Chinese would be held "for two weeks and the deported".
A records search of the Bureau's statistics revealed that over 220 foreigners, mostly Chinese, were detained last year for lacking work visa. Mengote said that an additional 58 were arrested in January of this year and that both of those numbers only represent "major operations against organized violators and doesn't take into account the occasional random apprehension of one or two illegals violating the right to work laws of the Philipines.

Going back to 2013, the Philipine government arrested 659 foreigners, including 80 who are suspected criminals and fugitives.
So, against the backdrop of a National debate in the United States over sanctuary cities and what we should do against criminal illegal aliens who repeatedly cross our borders, sometimes after numerous arrests and deportations, other countries on the world stage continue to face similar issues, with most using almost immediate deportation to address the matter.

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