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Thursday, 28 July 2016 11:48

Brexit Indicative Of Multiple Ills

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Oh the tension, as eyes of
the world were focused on the vote
in Great Britain to leave the European
While much has been made
about the stock market losses and
other financial fallout from the
“Brexit”, it is equally, if not more
important to see how the vote to
leave is reflecting a critical disconnect
by voters from their governments
in the Western democracies.
Right up to the moment
when the final tally of British voters
was made public, Western
media was hammering home the
point that the Brexit would fail;
that Great Britain would remain in
the European Union. If fact, the
handful of honest journalists left
who are allowed to report with accuracy,
suggested the mainstream
media intentionally glossed over
evidence that clearly showed the
British people were favoring splitting
from the rest of Europe.
When one realizes the
media is manipulating facts to suit
the agendas of multi-national corporate
interests; when readers
clearly see obvious bias; where the
‘tail wagging the dog’ is understood
to be the order of the day for
our supposedly “neutral” sources
of news, then one also begins unravelling
trust, that must exist, between
media and the people for
news reporting to function with integrity.
In effect, where media has
been a trusted source of information
for decades if not centuries, it
no longer is trusted nor believed.
This shift in the relationship
between “news” sources and
those who seek information can be
seen everywhere these days. There
are several well-known examples
that come readily to mind.
For example, for over a
year U.S. media - almost without
exception - hammered home that
Donald Trump was a flash in the
pan; that he was going to lose his
momentum; that it was impossible
for him to be the nominee. Yet he’s
now the leader of the Republican
pack. Was the media merely wrong,
or, like in the Brexit matter, just
keeping up the pressure to help the
cause of their owners?
Make no mistake about it,
the same people who profit from
the Euro zone are the ones who
own the very media reporting on
its desirability. They are the corner
man for the dog in the fight.
They also profit from the
destruction of native pride, by
breaking down the kaleidoscope of
current European cultures to dismantle
resistance to unchecked immigration
by the government (over
the will of the people) they are
paving the way for a one world
Fortunately, Western people,
justifiably proud of their own
cultures are seeing the mess others
have made in their own neck of the
woods, in places like the Middle
East and Africa, are pushing back
at the ballot box.
This is a movement likely
to continue to gain force. Yet, despite
all evidence to the contrary,
media continues to play the game
of deception.
Capitalism itself is losing
the support of many. A recent study
showed that people under 40 in the
U.S. no longer believe it is the best
form of government.
Granted – and I say this
with the greatest of sincerely – by
and large these same naysayers
have not articulated a viable alternative
ready to implement. Nevertheless,
the very strength of their
discontent does not bode well for
those currently holding the reins of
Once legitimacy is removed
and trust no longer present, the end
game is usually in play. Several
economic pundits have been suggesting
we are in the end game already.
By now, almost everyone is
aware that our economy has been
on life support for almost a decade.
Without reserve currency
status and its corresponding
“power to print money”, the dollar
would have fallen a long time ago.
Its value, just like the media, is
built on trust by the people in those
who are in control. In and of itself
the dollar is just paper and unlike
gold or food or any other commodity
that must be produced by toil,
paper currency has no true value
beyond that trust.
More and more people are
dropping out of the system. That is
why our labor participation rate is
the lowest it ever has been. Here
again, those in control use their
lapdogs the media, to try and make
the people believe we are in a general,
strong recovery. We are not
and have not been since the shell
game was revealed with the fall of
Lehman Brothers and the corresponding
near total collapse of the
fraudulent worldwide banking system.
Already we are being told
to brace for a recession. For many
the last recession has never ended,
it is now a permanent condition for
a lot of people.
It is hard to say with any
accuracy what the end result of
failing trust by the people will be
this time around. But if the past is
any indication, there is generally a
revolutionary fracture that precedes
any real change in the reins of
power. Now I am well aware that
some readers will accuse me of
writing conspiratorially. Some people
use the word to suggest those
who believe in conspiracies, look
to the boogeyman.
Get real, since the beginning
of time people have entered
into conspiracies and those who
believe there are none in play
today are either totally naïve or
they are part of the cabal working
night and day to keep you in the
dark. Just keep watching the predictions
of the media fail like they
did with Trump or the recent Brexit
and your eyes – if still shut – will
soon be open.

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