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Monday, 03 August 2015 09:33

Guy lands Monster Marlin Off Kona

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 Seeing this Giant Blue Marlin in the back of a truck certainly adds perspective to its size. Seeing this Giant Blue Marlin in the back of a truck certainly adds perspective to its size.

The second largest Blue Marling ever taken on rod and reel was just caught off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. by a man named Guy making the headline to this story a novel twist.

Guy Kitaoka, caught the 1,368-pound behemoth on an electric reel and said, "it took two men over an hour to land this fish from the time it was hooked."
Kitaoka also said "this fish is probably 25-30 years old judging from its size and appearance." "We were not sport fishing, and the fish was taken in to be eaten as Blue Marlin is a very prized delicacy in Hawaii", he added.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fish Watch is a "managed migratory species" and conservation is managed by US and international agencies. Blue Marlin is not an endangered species and is also not considered to be "overfished", though like many pelagic fish, it is a species of concern due to overfishing of other fish stocks.

Blue Marlin on the LineA wonderful photo of the second largest Blue Marlin ever caught on rod and reel, taken recently off Kona, Hawaii.by Waiopai Sport Fishing Charters.Only one larger Blue Marlin has ever been taken on a rod and reel and that specimen was also taken off Kona in 1982. It weighed eight pounds more than Guy's fish - a whopping 1,376 pounds. A rich nutrient base caused by upwelling and the larger ocean currents favored by migratory apex predator fish like Blue Marlin are found off the coast of Hawaii, particularly Kona, where they are closer to shore making catches of Marlin more frequent than many other places in world's oceans.

Thought Guy's Marlin is the second largest ever taken it did not qualify for any sport fishing records since it was taken on a commercial electric reel. Nevertheless, a lot of people were well fed when this fish was cleaned and served.

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