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Andy McCabe was the 1st Assistant to the FBI Director, James Comey and he ran the FBI when Comey wasn’t available and would/should have been cognizant of most everything FBI Director Comey knew, so he could step in, if needed. So let’s agree that he knew that the former Secretary of State was the “Subject” of an FBI criminal investigation, by definition. The FBI doesn’t do “matter” investigations, nor noncriminal (except background investigations on applicants, appointments), and by definition…an investigation always has subject(s) who are the individuals being investigated! AND HQ never investigates anything. The FBI Field Office in DC, WFO, covers all HQ leads! Without subjects, there is no case! We don’t investigate empty space, only people… some with empty space between their ears!

There are MANY “things” that McCabe said and did that would make a normal Citizen believe that McCabe violated several Federal Laws. I personally doubt that you will find ANY retired, informed, experienced Criminal FBI Agents who would believe that McCabe should NOT be charged for his crimes! For example, he said under oath that he leaked information to the press about current investigations and then lied about leaking under oath, to Congress…he said he was ordered to do that by Comey…Comey said ,”Oh boy, oh no”. So what to do? How about a Grand Jury investigation and a trial, that’s why we have such things and, oh yes, Laws, that one is against Perjury.
Allow me to go on….McCabe, according to him, was in charge of the Hillary Clinton investigations; then who made Headquarters (HQ) the Office of Origin (OO) and deleted her name from the Title as, “Subject”?

Remember, FBI Headquarters does not have an investigative staff, that’s why only FBI Field Offices are EVER named OO. That’s so very important because whoever did that was attempting to micro-manage the Clinton cases and distance/remove Clinton from criminal responsibility for her actions. In my opinion, that was Comey’s call, to micro-manage the cases…there’s no other plausible reason. That’s Obstruction of Justice in a pending Prosecutorial proceeding. The Field ALWAYS investigates and HQ ALWAYS second guesses. That’s what HQ does best!
Both the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and FBI Rules apply differently to Subjects and NON-Subjects…to treat a Subject as a Non subject demands different Rules and Laws. Non- subjects are not generally given their rights…subjects mostly are. If you screw up and DON’T tell a Subject their Rights, you could easily get the case thrown out for not giving a “Subject”, their rights, Due Process.. Did Strzok tell her, her rights? I’m sure …NOT! It’s okay, because she didn’t say anything incriminating …or did she…did she lie to Strzok? Is that lie admissible? Ask the expert Strzok or his boss McCabe. Shouldn’t we have Grand Jury testimony to see who will lie on that one? Or does the District of Columbia US Attorney not believe a conspiracy with overt acts to swing a Presidential election or over throw the Presidency, is important enough to thoroughly investigate and then INDICT? Also, when Hillary kept saying, “I am not the “subject” of an FBI investigation,” I knew something was amiss! She had to have inside information and I thought, from AG Lynch…wrong…it was ,in my opinion, FBI Comey, the snake.
Both or all 3 or 4 or however many there were trying to overthrow our government, must be, not important enough. We did spend $35 million on Mueller’s Special investigation, which proved the whole investigation was a fabrication to overthrow our Rule of Law.…why not a few million on an investigation, where there is evidence of corruption, to see which one; McCabe, Strzok, Comey lied under oath…they all did…but they DECLINE prosecution…?

McCabe and Strzok directed that investigation to intentionally disrupt/corrupt the prosecution and corrupt the evidence…were they directed by Comey or operating on their own? Mr Barr, you claim you know Comey well, which is it…I know and never met the man. Why isn’t a Grand Jury investigation working to get to the bottom or isn’t it important to find out who committed Conspiracy to commit Treason?

According to all FBI policy, nobody is allowed in the interview room of a subject (let there be no doubt, Hillary was the Subject) especially her Attorney(s), another potential Subject (Cheryl Mills) or a witness (Cheryl Mills). So who allowed that? Before any lawyer gets into an interview with his client there must be a proffer, immunity agreement and GJ testimony to what the client/subject will testify, no exceptions, unless you never did an interview before!
Who allowed her to get away with saying she was never trained on the handling of classified information? Are you suggesting neither Strzok, or McCabe or Comey knew that paragraph #2 in Hillary’s NDA clearly states, she had training!


McCabe ,Strzok and Comey and others worked together to open a fraudulent Russian Intel case against the President, using the Steele Dossier and used it to obtain a FISA wiretap on the President’s campaign, Carter Page and to get Page to flip against and testify against the President. Comey admitted he leaked info to get the Special Counsel, Mueller Appointed, why… to ILLEGALY remove the freaking President of the United States! What is wrong with you? Can’t you recognize a Conspiracy when it hits you in the head?

Or… are they all Obama holdovers? AG Barr, why in the world would you allow this to go to the DC Circuit? Have you not heard your boss talk about the Washington Swamp…what the hell do you think he’s talking about?

Right after Mr Trump won, I wrote several columns strongly recommending that he fire/replace EVERY single Obama appointee, without exception, , starting with DOJ. Eric Holder totally corrupted DOJ ,was a militant and in my opinion a Racist, he hates whites, lawman in particular ! I specifically recommended, that he fire Sally Yates! He didn’t listen and he has paid the price over and over and over… IT’S NOT TOO LATE Mr President. Fire all Obama DOJ appointee holdovers, starting with the Civil Rights Division…period!

So McCabe was in the middle of; an investigation that turned out to be a direct attempt to clear Hillary Clinton and prevent Trump from winning (directing a Presidential election) and if he won…getting an insurance policy to remove him; he was a driving force to illegally, wiretap US citizens and the Republican Party Campaign; He signed ,under oath, to a FISA warrant…he chose the FISA warrant as there is no requirement that there be a crime, no PC required…only prove that a US Citizen is a Foreign Agent…which he lied to do. That’s why the FISA LAW prohibits US Law enforcement from wiretapping Citizens…to prevent corrupt people like McCabe,from wiretapping innocent Americans!

McCabe also, himself, tampered with evidence, violated Chain of Custody Rules of Evidence and hid incriminating evidence found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.
So please tell us Mr Barr, what exactly does it take? They jailed Flynn, Stone, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and others for “passing gas on an elevator and lying about it” . McCabe is a guy who is guilty of Treason by any definition and the WDC USA declines? I thought you supervised DOJ…maybe it is time for you to pay closer attention to his tweets instead of whining about them!
How about, how and why Mrs Wiener, Huma Abedine, took a flash drive with State communications home and downloaded them to her ex-con, husband’s computer, and called the file, “Just In Case”?? Why isn’t Abedine under Indictment?

McCabe signed a FISA wiretap warrant before God and Country and swore , to the best of his ability, that the information contained therein is true and correct…”SO HELP ME GOD”.

If any of you believe McCabe didn’t know, didn’t have intent, you have no business being paid prosecutors…you belong on the other side and you are all a disgrace to this country!


I hate to say it, but I told you so. This was a no-brainer. Anyone with common sense could see it coming from 1,000 miles away. Mike Bloomberg is the Titanic-Hindenburg-"Poseidon Adventure" of the Democratic Party.

For weeks, I've said Bloomberg is the worst public speaker ever. He's boring, whiny, elitist, arrogant, stuck-up and thoroughly unlikeable. Plus, he's really, really short. But "Mini Mike" beat even my low expectations during the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

But give Bloomberg credit. He just set an all-time record. He's the first gambler in history to lose $350 million in one night in Vegas!

My observations after watching every minute of the debate:

I have a new nickname for Bloomberg. I think President Donald Trump will love it. From now on, call him "Nondisclosure Mike." That's the end of Bloomberg.

By the way, that was the worst debate performance ever. Can you imagine? Bloomberg didn't know his presidential rivals would ask about all his former female employees' lawsuits and their nondisclosure agreements? That question never came up in debate preparation?

And no one ever bothered to ensure he had a good response? A guy worth $65 billion didn't know it wouldn't be received well by liberal feminists if he answered that the nondisclosures are for "the women's protection." Really?

Wait; it gets better. Nondisclosure Mike also claimed that none of these women was harassed by him. They were just offended by "a joke." Oh, boy. Clueless Bloomberg doesn't understand that radical feminists think a sexist joke by a wealthy white male should be punishable by death.


Well, he does now.


Enough about Bloomberg. I didn't come to bury Bloomberg. He already did that himself. (The lines about Bloomberg just write themselves.)

The other biggest loser of the night was socialism -- not on that debate stage and not among that audience but among the rest of America. Democrats have painted themselves (and isolated themselves) on an island: Communist Island. They look like crazy people. I have the perfect island for them: Cuba. They'll feel right at home.

Then there's the Culinary Union Local 226. It was a big star of "the Night of 1,000 Losers," too. Everyone was focused on union members angry at the thought of losing their hard-fought health care benefits in a "Medicare for All" system. Welcome to my world.

When President Barack Obama wrecked the finances of millions of middle-class Americans and small-business owners, the union couldn't have cared less. When my rates went from $500 per month to $2,000 because of "Obamacare," the union couldn't have cared less. Labor leaders have proven to be the worst greedy, selfish hypocrites of all time.

Oh, and the big winner of the night? That's easy. President Trump.

Although we are still many years away from the artificial pancreas, technology does make it easier to live with diabetes. From apps that can help you make healthy food decisions to continuous glucose monitoring devices, science and technology are on your side. And the best part is that new advances are being made every day, pushing costs down. Here are a few of the best and most affordable technological breakthroughs that can help you bring your diabetes management into the digital age.

Smart Devices

Weight alone cannot help you see the big picture of your health, and a standard scale won’t give you anything other than a number. But, smart scales are different. These are devices that measure not only your weight but analyze body fat. Using a smart scale, you’ll know everything from your BMI to how much water you’re carrying around your waist.

Another connected tool that can be beneficial for diabetes patients is a fitness tracker. Your doctor has likely already discussed with you the importance of exercise. A wearable activity monitor can serve as a reminder to get up and go and motivation on the days you really don’t want to.

This type of technology, however, is not covered by insurance. That does not mean that you can’t afford the items you need to improve your health. You can use sites like Rakuten to find the best deals at big-box stores like Target. With a Target coupon code and cashback opportunities, you can save on everything from fitness trackers to heart rate monitors to smart refrigerators.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM)

Gone are the days when it was necessary to stick yourself in the finger every other hour just to survive. Today, systems like the Guardian Connect CGM, which is recommended by Diabetes Self-Management magazine online, take the guesswork – and the work – out of knowing your numbers. This system and many others like it keep a close watch on your glucose readings, which are stored on your mobile device via, in this case, the Sugar.IQ app, which is free.

The combination of a CGM and easy access to your readings, including timely alerts when your sugar levels get too high or too low, can help you manage your condition without interrupting your life. Fortunately, despite the lingering high prices of these devices, Medicare covers CGM for seniors and disabled people with the federally-funded insurance. Make sure to check with your provider if your preferred model is listed as a therapeutic CGM, which means that it is approved by the FDA and design with the express intent of helping individuals make decisions regarding their diabetes treatment.

Your smartphone

Another piece of technology that can help you take control of your diabetes without spending a dime is in your pocket right now. Your smartphone is a tool you cannot ignore. You may use your device to download apps, such as Runtasty. Android Police notes this app offers up healthy recipes for people with many different dietary restrictions. Use these meals as a starting point for your weekly grocery shopping excursion. You may find that you not only spend less money to fill your refrigerator but that you are also eating healthier without sacrificing taste.

As technology becomes integrated more and more into our lives, it only makes sense to use it for things that really matter. That includes taking care of your health. When you have diabetes, technology is a smart and accessible way to help manage your condition without draining your savings.

President Donald Trump’s $4.8 trillion budget proposal presented to Congress today boosts funds for the military and veterans and implements mandatory reforms for all agencies in an attempt to cut the deficit by $4.6 trillion over the next decade.

“Over the past 3 years, my Administration has worked tirelessly to restore America’s economic strength,” the president says in the 138-paged document’s introduction. “We have ended the war on American workers and stopped the assault on American industry, launching an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.

“We are growing faster than the experts thought possible. The unemployment rate is at 3.5 percent, the lowest it has been in 50 years. And more Americans are working today than at any point in our history.“

The budget emphasizes the administration’s emphasis on implementing better trade deals, requesting $740.5 billion for national defense, invests $5 billion toward combating the opioid epidemic, including $1.6 billion for State Opioid Response grants, ensures continued regulatory relief, and emphasizes energy independence.

Mandatory reforms agencywide include eliminating allocations to the Housing Trust Fund and Capital Magnet Fund, improving payment accuracy government-wide, reforming federal disability programs and improving payment integrity, and reforming medical liability.

Mandatory reforms are categorized by federal agency. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, for example, is tasked with eliminating in-kind international food aid, establishing fees for food safety and inspection services and forest service mineral program cost recovery, and reforming SNAP by reducing waste, fraud and abuse, among other directives.

The U.S. Department of Education is tasked with creating a single income-driven student loan repayment plan, eliminating account maintenance fee payments to guaranty agencies, eliminating public service loan forgiveness and subsidized student loans, reducing improper payments made through Pell Grants, and limiting graduate and parent student loans.

The budget addresses “unsustainable federal deficits and debt,” which it says, “are a serious threat to America’s prosperity.” Gross federal debt exceeds more than $23 trillion. In 2019, the deficit was $985 billion – the largest since the Great Recession – and will surpass $1 trillion this year.

“By 2021, the United States will be spending more money on paying for the debt than for the budgets of the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Justice, Homeland Security, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration combined,” the budget states.

The president has proposed decreasing deficits and the national debt by cutting spending in every budget he has submitted to the Congress, the White House claims.

The federal government’s overall financial condition worsened by $4.5 trillion in 2018, according to an analysis from government financial watchdog Truth In Accounting (TIA).

With assets of $3.84 trillion, the federal government’s unfunded liabilities and debt totals $108.94 trillion, leaving a debt burden of $105 trillion.
“Our elected officials have made repeated financial decisions that have left the federal government with a debt burden of $105 trillion, including unfunded Social Security and Medicare promises,” TIA states. “That equates to a $696,000 burden for every federal taxpayer.”

“This Administration’s Budgets have proposed more spending reductions than any other Administration in history,” the White House says. “This year’s Budget includes $4.4 trillion in savings – bringing deficits down each year, and putting the Federal Government on a path to a balanced budget in 15 years. This spending restraint includes targeted reductions and eliminations of low-value programs, and a number of policies to improve payment accuracy and eliminate wasteful spending in mandatory programs.”

“Unfortunately, the Congress continues to reject any efforts to restrain spending. Instead, they have greatly contributed to the continued ballooning of Federal debt and deficits, putting the nation’s fiscal future at risk,” the White House adds.

As a result, the budget implements another approach to “real spending restraint” by seeking to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse by agency spending patterns.

Bethany Blankley
The Center Square

Sunday, 02 February 2020 14:57

FM Beach Town Hall Meeting

FMB Neighbors;
Click link below to see this Thursday's agenda at the 9am Town Council Management & Planning Session. One link is just the agenda, the next link is the back up material for those who want it.
They'll be discussing "Branding" our Town, the Sheriff's Captain Matt Herterick will be there to discuss traffic and public safety, a presentation on design concepts for Time Square, Bay Oaks, & Bayside Park (I hope a Veteran's Memorial is in there), town lights on Estero Blvd, amendment to the code regarding fences, walls gates..., review of listed uses for Places of Worship & Religious facilitates, Comp Plan & LDC scope review, Minor structure in the EC zone, compliance policy discussion (doesn't say what kind of compliance)
At the last meeting they said they were adding the rewritten NEW Island wide Ordinance on Vacating Public Right of Ways etc to this Planning Session, it was added late so its not on the agenda, but an important topic island wide and especially for those living near beach and bay accesses, or who have right of ways in your neighborhood. 
Tracey Gore
(239) 849-3603

ADAM SCHIFF, ALEXA SCHIFF, ERIC CIARAMALLA, MICHAEL ATKINSON. JOHN CARLIN, NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER, all need to appear before a Federal Grand Jury to answer a few questions…as soon as the Impeachment process is over.

Adam Schiff, early on, stated under oath that he doesn’t know who the Whistle Blower is, that he never talked to him and he never met him. He also said that the Whistle Blower heard the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President and told a 2nd NSI employee who told a third party who reported his concerns. That is exactly what Adam Schiff said and it’s probably true!?

ACIG Mike Atkinson, reported he took Eric Ciaramalla’s compliant even though it was not in accordance with Whistle Blower Rules that the complainant be 1st hand …so Atkinson changed the form to be able to take a noncompliant, complaint. Why? DOJ refused the complaint because it didn’t follow the “direct evidence” Rule so Atkinson took either Ciaramalla or just his complaint to Congress possibly with NSD Director John Carlin’s help.

Eric is reportedly the boyfriend of Adam Schiff’s daughter, Alexa . If that is true then the following all falls in place, nice and neatly making a perfect RICO case and makes very good sense…and it is a criminal conspiracy, several RICO predicate crimes.

Let’s call #1 the Whistle Blower, #2 the relay person and Eric… Schiff’s informant. I believe that Person #1 listened first hand to the two Presidents phone call. If he didn’t, it makes the case even better because it is then Fraud all the way through!  Person #1 told #2 that he believed the call was illegal. At this point I believe we have #1 and #2 (Dumb and Dumber) trying to figure out what to do as I am certain that neither #1 ,#2 or Eric had any idea what Quid Pro Quo means. They (1 &2), consult with someone and go to Eric (Dumber Yet) .

Eric tells his story to Alexa Schiff, Adam’s daughter, who absolutely has no Secret- Classified Clearance and absolutely no business knowing what two Presidents discussed privately.

It’s a Felony for Eric to tell Alexa anything NSI, it’s a Felony for Eric to leak, it’s probably a Felony for #1 to tell #2 to tell Eric! Just because they all work for an Intelligence Agency , an oxymoron, doesn’t mean they can talk about what the President says at the water cooler.

Alexa then told her Daddy…Adam Schiff, another Felony. Most Congressmen have no Security Clearances, none. Some on special committees do. Schiff violated numerous conditions that his clearances are based upon, leaking being high on the list!

What we have is two or more people, working to the same goal; to overthrow, impeach and remove a Duly Elected President and overturn our Constitutional Republic by Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Espionage and other predicate crimes and interfere in a Presidential Election to place their choice in the oval office, without any Direct evidence of a crime, violating the President’s Constitutional Rights under the 6th and 14th Amendments. They did so through a pattern of Racketeering Activity with the common goal to remove and replace a duly elected President with someone of their choosing.

They did this for the financial benefit of retaining their high paying jobs.

Mr President…this is not a game nor the time to show any compassion…direct AG Barr and Director Wray to do a Grand Jury investigation. We all heard your Attorneys declare how illegal the Impeachment is… even their attorney, Mr Dershowitz, said their actions violated the law and the Constitution…what more do we need? There must be consequences or there will never be an end to their illegal acts.

Also, don’t let James Comey or Hillary go…get them charged.


gary small

J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED

Retired Extremely Dangerous

Saturday, 01 February 2020 20:12

FM Beach Town Hall Meeting On Monday Feb 3rd

Fort Myers Beach Neighbors;
Click link below to see this Monday's agenda at the Town Council meeting.
If any of these subjects concern you or your neighbors, come out and speak at public comment.
Please note they are rushing through an ordinance that would change the way we vacate OUR public property, it is basically a copy/paste from the City of Fort Myers - no rational or careful consideration or even discussion about why their ordinance should replace our current ordinance.
No mention of it on the agenda management.
The Dune Walkover Rehearing is also on the agenda and a number of other things. Check it out below.
(239) 849-3603


 (NOTE- No One has been identified as a Whistle Blower by any official source…by law, a Whistle Blower MUST have personal knowledge)

“ERIC CIARAMELLA the whistle-leaker coordinated with Adam Schiff, ICIG Atkinson and Vindman to give false, and misleading evidence to bring down a duly elected President. That is sedition. Remember ICIG had to first take the case to the DOJ, because it didn’t meet the whistle-blower criteria. The DOJ said it was not a legal complaint and was not actionable. ICIG Atkinson, who was council for FBI-NSD John Carlin who falsified evidence to get a FISA Warrant before Carlin came under scrutiny for his conduct, slithers over to the CIA to be ICIG. This snake ICIG Atkinson altered the Whistle-blower form, after the fact, allows the Whistle leaker to shop his story to congressman Schiff (who probably helped him write it) and we get the most politically motivated Schiff show in history. They both deserve a quick, public treason trial, a cigarette, a blindfold and, a long life in leaven worth, 6’x6′ cell, no possibility of parole. Adam Schift to follow.”

As much as I could, I verified some of this info and put credence to it because all the details line up with the many well known facts! You be the judge.

For example;

On Oct 4,2019- Real Clear Politics’ writers, wrote about the infamous 7-25,19 call between Pres Trump and Ukraine Pres Zelenskiy, that there were concerns about that call by an unnamed member of the intelligence community through a so-called “whistleblower complaint.” 

Remember, we all could read the transcript of that same call, which is the Best Evidence, under the Federal Rulers of Criminal Procedure. By way of explanation, the best Evidence, in this case, works like this;1-recording with testimony by personal knowledge of participant,2-transcript with testimony by person(s) with personal knowledge,3-testimony from memory of  person with knowledge 5- hearsay, for any reason, not admissible. 

“Now, concerns are being raised about whether the complaint, which is not based on first-hand knowledge (it’s all hearsay), should have even been considered, at all. What’s going on? “

At the time of the Trump-Zelenskiy call, the ICIG’s policy unequivocally required that, in order for a Whistle Blower Complaint, to be deemed credible, a complaint “must be based on first-hand knowledge”, and the Whistle Blower must have firsthand knowledge to fall under Whistle Blower protection..

Under federal law, a member of the intelligence community can file a whistleblower complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) with respect to an “urgent concern” relating to an intelligence activity under the authority of the director of national intelligence. If the ICIG deems the complaint credible, he reports it to the Director of National Intelligence, who in turn informs the Senate and House intelligence committees.(Enter Mr Schiff…my opinion)

This complaint was Hearsay from the beginning…no question about it and either 2nd, 3rd, or maybe 4th person removed.

“On Sept. 30, ICIG Michael Atkinson issued a news release acknowledging that, under the policy existing when he received this complaint, he could not have deemed it credible and reported it to the director of national intelligence. Instead, he admitted, he processed the complaint under a policy allowing second-hand information — a policy that “he” did not establish until after he received that complaint.”

Atkinson created this new policy to cover himself, and to discredit the President…my opinion!

According to research and a column written by Jeff Carlson for TheMarketsWork on 5-21-18;

 Before the NSC, John Carlin was Chief of Staff for then FBI Director Bob Mueller…remember him? Carlin was confirmed as Assistant Attorney General in spring 2014. He resigned under a cloud as Assistant Attorney General – and Head of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division (NSD) on 10-15-2016.Carlin announced his resignation one day after he filed the Governments 2016 Section 702 certifications.

“His filing would be subject to intense criticism from the FISA Court following disclosures made by NSA Director Rogers. Significant changes to the handling of raw FISA data would result.”

Section 702 of the FISA allows the government to conduct surveillance of Foreigners outside the US.

The NSD – with notice to the ODN to report any incidents of Agency noncompliance or misconduct to the FISA Court.

Again, John Carlin was head of the NSD.

The entire details of what happened is in Jeff Carlson’s excellent column in TheMarketsWork 5-21-18.

The bottom line , Carlin failed to notify the FISA Court of FISA abuses which according to the above sources, were taking place regularly during Carlin’s tenure…under OBAMA. He failed to report the results of the 1-7-16 Inspector General Report of FISA abuses to the Court in his 2016 Certification.

Also noteworthy is on 10-21-16- DOJ and the FBI received a FISA warrant authorizing the over- hear of US Citizen Carter Page. The FISA court was unaware of the 702 Disclosure violations.

It’s most probable that Carlin helped on the Page warrant and either knew or should have known it was “salacious and unverified” and flawed warrant!

Attorney General Barr must rapidly move forward, after the President is acquitted, as I believe he will be, and start indicting people.

Anyone can see that failing to bring elected officials to answer for crimes committed, by those who have been identified as corrupt, during Obama’s tenure, has embolden people in the House who have been plotting to overthrow our government since BEFORE this President was even elected.

Understand this… the certain members of the House of Representatives attempted to overthrow this President… they attempted to overthrow our Rule Of law. Did they follow our Rule of Law? That’s an attempt by the Speaker of the House and specific named members of the House who plotted, without due cause, to remove this President. There must be consequences! That is Espionage- Conspiracy to interfere with the ability of the President to faithfully carry out the duties of the President.

Bring all of them before a Federal Grand Jury staring with Eric Ciaramella, Schiff, Waters Tliab, Pelosi, et al, then when done with the House players call the Bidens, Poroshenco and Shokin, and move on to Hillary ,her staff and keep going,.

Why aren’t James Comey and McCabe and Strzok, etal, indicted Mr Barr?

There is PC right now, without any further investigation, to indict James Comey and you know it…so why are you not gathering GJ testimony. I arrested and convicted people with half the PC and evidence there is on Comey…

Mr President please don’t allow Barr to do to you what Sessions did. Had Sessions not recused himself and prosecuted those who needed to be prosecuted and nailed Hillary, you would NOT be in the position you have been in during your entire tenure! “If he got Hillary he can get anybody…we better not mess with him”…my opinion!

Replay Tliab’s famous “intent statement”, before even being sworn in. That’s criminal intent to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Couple that with Schiff, Pelosi ,Waters, Schumer, et al, statements and tell the American people there wasn’t a pre -determined intend to create a way to overthrow our Rule of Law.

I almost forgot to help out Nadler. Your Bank Robbery example on welcoming an eye witness after all the evidence has been entered shows your obvious lack of trial experience. A prosecutor never puts forth more witnesses that he needs to prove the case…never. Ask Mr Dershowtiz or any of “our” lawyers to explain why. They are all very trial savvy. You were wise to hide Hunter Biden and Eric Ciaramella.

gary small

J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED




The 3,000-square-foot exhibit, entitled The 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Vote, will open to the public on June 10 and feature nearly 100 artifacts from the era


                Philadelphia, PA - On June 10, the National Constitution Center will open The 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Votetracing the triumphs and struggles that led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The exhibit will feature some of the many women who transformed constitutional history—including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and Ida B. Wells—and will allow visitors to better understand the long fight for women’s suffrage.

                “The ratification of the 19th Amendment extended the Constitution’s promise of equal citizenship to women, underscoring the core values of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution,” said National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen. “The National Constitution Center is thrilled to open an exhibit that will inspire and educate visitors about the visionary women who worked to secure this landmark amendment, which prohibits discrimination in voting rights ‘on account of sex.’”

                The 3,000-square-foot exhibit will feature nearly 100 artifacts, including Lucretia Mott’s diary, a rare printing of the Declaration of Sentiments from the first women’s convention at Seneca Falls, a ballot box used to collect women’s votes in the late 1800s, a letter from jail written by a White House picketer, Pennsylvania’s ratification copy of the 19th Amendment, as well as various “Votes for Women” ephemera. A selected list of confirmed artifacts is featured below.

                Beginning in the 1840s, The 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Vote will trace the roots of the women’s rights movement in early reform work and the ultimate decision to pursue voting rights. It will highlight the constitutional arguments and historical context of the fight for suffrage over 70 years, as well as the tactics suffragists used to persuade state legislatures and the national government to recognize voting rights for women. To experience these tactics, visitors will be immersed in the large-scale parades and White House picketing that defined the final few years of the movement. The exhibit will also feature a media interactive that will enable visitors to explore the state-level campaigns for suffrage, as well as a separate interactive capturing the debates for and against a national women’s suffrage amendment. The story will culminate with the ratification of the 19th Amendment—where visitors will be able to view Pennsylvania’s own copy of the amendment—and trace its impact, including the push for equal rights that followed ratification in 1920.

                As part of the Drafting Table, a feature of the National Constitution Center’s Interactive ConstitutionThe 19th Amendment will also include a third media interactive allowing visitors to explore the creation and drafting of the 19th Amendment text and the key events that led to its eventual ratification. This interactive will also be incorporated into the Center’s online Interactive Constitution platform, which has received more than 30 million views since its launch and will ensure key content in the exhibit is accessible to classrooms across America.

                Building on the National Constitution Center’s newest permanent exhibit, Civil War and Reconstruction: The Battle for Freedom and EqualityThe 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Vote will explore the continuing quest to extend the equal liberty promised by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to African Americans and women. The exhibit will examine how the women’s rights movement grew alongside the anti-slavery movement and ultimately gained momentum during Reconstruction as part of the ongoing battle for freedom and equality for all. The 19th Amendment will also feature a one-actor theatrical performance based on the words of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, a key African American writer and activist who was integral to the 19th-century anti-slavery and suffrage movements.

                To assist in the development of The 19th Amendment, the National Constitution Center assembled a diverse panel of America’s leading scholars to serve as an advisory board. Scholars include Bettye Collier-Thomas, professor of history at Temple University; Gail Heriot, professor of law at the University of San Diego; Reva Siegel, Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Professor of Law at Yale Law School; and Lisa Tetrault, associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

                The exhibit has been supported by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation, Mauree Jane and Mark W. Perry, The McLean Contributionship, and SteegeThomson Communications. Additional exhibit details will be posted to when available.

                The 19th Amendment: How Women Won the Vote is a key component of the National Constitution Center’s Women and the Constitution initiative, a yearlong effort to convene America’s top women leaders and scholars to examine the historical and constitutional background of the 19th Amendment and the importance of equal citizenship for women today. The initiative will include a series of public programs, podcast episodes, and special events. The Center is also a proud partner of Vision2020’s Women 100, a celebration of American women in the year 2020, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.  


About the National Constitution Center

                The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia brings together people of all ages and perspectives, across America and around the world, to learn about, debate, and celebrate the greatest vision of human freedom in history, the U.S. Constitution. A private, nonprofit organization, the Center serves as America’s leading platform for constitutional education and debate, fulfilling its congressional charter “to disseminate information about the U.S. Constitution on a nonpartisan basis.” As the Museum of We the People, the Center brings the Constitution to life for visitors of all ages through interactive programs and exhibits. As America’s Town Hall, the Center brings the leading conservative and liberal thought leaders together to debate the Constitution on all media platforms. As a Headquarters for Civic Education, the Center delivers the best educational programs and online resources that inspire citizens and engage all Americans in learning about the U.S. Constitution. For more information, call 215-409-6700 or visit

Highlights from a confirmed list of artifacts follows.

Confirmed Artifacts


  • Declaration of Sentiments from the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls, 1848 (Anonymous Collection)
  • Lucretia Mott’s diary from the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London, 1840 (Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College)
  • Reproduction of the Petition for Universal Suffrage, 1866 (National Archives)
  • Ballot box used to collect women’s votes, ca. 1870-92 (Collection of Ronnie Lapinsky Sax)
  • “Vote YES on the woman suffrage amendment” poster, 1915 (On loan from The Galbraith Family 2012 Trust)
  • Letter from Philadelphia suffragist Dora Lewis—a White House picketer—written from jail, 1917 (The Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
  • American Red Cross armband, ca. 1917-18 (National WWI Museum and Memorial)
  • “As a War Measure” suffrage broadside, ca. 1918 (Frank Amari, Jr.)
  • Pennsylvania’s ratification copy of the 19th Amendment, 1920 (Pennsylvania State Archives)
  • Poll tax receipt, 1922 (National Constitution Center Collection)
  • Reproduction of the Voting Rights Act, 1965 (National Archives)

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The latest, lawless migrant caravan hurtling from Honduras to our southern border is as organic as AstroTurf.

The Central American trespassers now number between 2,500 and 4,000. Two weeks ago, slickly designed flyers disseminated on social media beckoned them to sign up for the latest journey and meet at a bus stop in San Pedro Sula. That village is caravan ground zero, where Honduras's destabilizing Libre Party and its former top legislator-turned-agitator Bartolo Fuentes, have brazenly spearheaded past caravan organizing campaigns since President Donald Trump took office.

On Monday, the throngs reached the Mexico-Guatemala border, where mobs of mostly young men threw rocks and sticks at police -- while sympathetic international "journalists" selectively captured and curated tired women and crying children on the trek with state-of-the-art cameras and livestreams.

Make no mistake: These are not desperate people suddenly seeking refuge from violence and harm. They are low-wage workers, pew-fillers and future ethnic-bloc voters being exploited by Big Business, the Vatican and the Democrat Party.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras may be the most recognizable name behind the caravans, but global Catholic elites play a central role in the coordination of this transnational human smuggling racket.

Trump-bashing, American sovereignty-trashing Pope Francis donated $500,000 nine months ago from his Peter's Pence fund to assist illegal immigrant caravan participants. The subsidies cover "27 projects in 16 dioceses and Mexican religious congregations" for "housing, food and basic necessities," as well as "migrant" assistance programs "run by seven dioceses and three religious congregations: the Scalabrinians, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Hermanas Josefinas," according to the Catholic News Service.

As I have reported on my investigations in "Open Borders Inc.," the Catholic "Underground Railroad" of migrant safe houses that extend across Central America, through Mexico, and up to and into the U.S. is a well-oiled machine. The United Nations' International Organization for Migration in Mexico has guaranteed supplies of medicine, hygiene products, construction materials, as well as therapy services and legal training, for caravan marchers who are housed at the Hermanos en el Camino shelter, along with the Catholic-run Hogar de la Misericordia shelter and Jesus el Buen Pastor del Pobre y el Migrante shelter. Funding comes not just from Catholic parishioners, but also U.S. tax dollars. The La 72 shelter in Tenosique is run by Franciscans. The El Caminante shelter in Palenque is overseen by Catholic nuns. The Scalabrinians operate Casa del Migrante in Tijuana and have managed an entire shelter ministry network since 1999.

On the southern border of Mexico in Chiapas, the city of Tapachula is the first entry point for Central Americans headed to the U.S. There, the Fray Matias de Cordova Human Rights Center provides "comprehensive support" to illegal immigrant travelers including legal consultations, monitoring of detention centers and "online resources, art and social activities, job training, and basic social services." The group has received nearly $200,000 from the liberal MacArthur Foundation.

Also in Tapachula, the Jesuit Refugee Service opens its churches and pastoral centers to provide shelter, monetary aid, voluntary aid and emergency assistance. Its team of lawyers, psychologists, social workers and Jesuit clergy spread from Tapachula to Comalapa and Mexico City. JRS staff served as sherpas for the 2018 caravan marchers and liaisons with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees.

Jaime Calderon Calderon, the Catholic bishop of Tapachula, Mexico, immediately pledged aid this month to the newest waves of border-jumpers and river-crossers, openly acknowledging that he received a heads-up from other bishops in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). But while Calderon and the bishops blame "violence" for the most recent invasion, homicide rates have either fluctuated or fallen significantly in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador since Barack Obama's executive amnesty programs (DACA and DAPA) were announced in 2012.

Migrants themselves refute the "fleeing violence" narrative: An International Organization for Migration poll of more than 3,200 Guatemalan households in 2016, highlighted by the Center for Immigration Studies' Kausha Luna, reported that 91% of migrants surveyed had moved to the U.S. for economic reasons (jobs, homes, income boosts) -- while only 0.3% blamed violence, 0.2% cited extortion and 0.2% attributed their decision to gangs.

It's all about the dinero. Central American workers, legal and illegal, sent back nearly $20 billion in remittances to their home countries in 2018, a tidy sum of which will end up back in Catholic collection plates. Remittances sent to El Salvador are now equal to 20% of its GDP; Guatemala, 11%; and Honduras, 18.8%. Meanwhile, the percentage of the population of Guatemala now living in the U.S. is close to 7%; for El Salvador, the percentage now stands at 22%; and for Honduras, we now have absorbed 9.2% of their people.

This is a deliberately orchestrated, relentlessly executed, slow-motion criminal invasion. If my fellow Catholics continue to aid and abet these illegal immigrant gravy trains without consequences, American sovereignty doesn't have a prayer.

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Michelle Malkin

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