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Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:18

Speak Italian in Ten Minutes - Hand gestures! Featured

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So you want to go to Italy but don't speak the language, well in this 10 minute video you will learn Italian sign language that will get you by.


two great insrutctional videos

watch this one first:


after watching that one, see how much you learned in this one, although it it speaking in italian, there is a great non speaking role play at the 35 second point,.... watch it and see if you understand the basic jist of the conversation.


after watchin it come back here to see the english translation of the role play and see how you did....

Man: it's late, I've  got to go.

Lady: where are you going?

Man: I am hungry, I am going to eat some spaghetti

Lady: Spaghetti? tasty/delicious

Man: Delicious very delicious

Lady: you're making my mouth water..(don't worry if you didn't get that one it was not in the first video)

Man: you want to go together?

Lady: sure

Man: Okay, lets go together!

Lady: YES!!!

Lady; wait a minute, I have to make a phone call

Man: Ok but make it quick (not in first video)

Man: guick one!

Man: end the call... literally "cut it"

Lady: just a minute

Man: what a bore (not in first video... Italian expression "Che Barba"... literally translates to  "what a beard."

Lady:just a minute, I'll smack you !

Man: what a pain... ( not in first video... Italian expression "Che Palle"... literally translates to "what balls"

Lady:just a minute, f*@& off

Man:F*@& to me? are you crazy?

Lady: okay I'm done

Man: finally, everything Okay?

Lady: actually .... so so

Man: what is it

Lady: I don't have any money

Man: no money ! oh a wise guy huh? ...........Wise guy gesture not in first film

Lady: Me, I'm an angel

Man: lets go

Lady: you and I are going to eat spaghetti?

Man: i'm eating spaghetti you can watch



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