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Thursday, 15 September 2016 15:10

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: The Real Zika SCARE Featured

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In the last issue I wrote about the Zika Virus
and how this relatively benign virus that 80% of people
that contract it, have no symptoms at all and 20% have
very minor flu-like symptoms has been turned into this
plague over the last two years.
And the reason for this is this Genetically Modified
mosquito that has been created by Oxitec Corporation
in England funded by The Gates Foundation, Bill
Gates and his foundation gave 20 million dollars to Oxitec
to develop this genetically modified mosquito.
The opposition to releasing this genetically
modified mosquito has been .... to quote the Fuccillo
Kia Guy... huge Caroline.... HUGE!
And for good reason, these genetically modified
mosquitoes have been modified by having been inserted
with protein fragments from the Herpes Virus
and the E coli bacteria just to me name a few.
Now Oxitec is just sitting around with their lab
off the coast of Florida Keys just waiting for the green
light for the FDA to allow them to release these genetically
modified mosquitoes, and you might ask why is
that horrifying? Because the built-in kill switch that is
supposed to keep these genetically modified mosquitoes
in check is flawed! please refer to last week's article
to read more about that or you can find it online as
well at our website www.sunbaypaper.com.
To top that off, back in January the MIT technology
review came out with a report saying that an increase
in Zika Virus cases could increase demand for
GM mosquitoes stating that interest in the idea of releasing
GM mosquitoes might accelerate if Zika or unexplained
cases of Microcephaly spring up in Florida.
And a month ago the "The Telegraph" an online
newspaper in England wrote a piece

titled "Millions of GM mosquitoes
could be released in Florida to combat
Zika virus" because Oxitec and
the Gates Foundation stand to make
loads of money if they are allowed
to release the GM Mosquitoes
So what are the chances that
it’s all a coincidence.... that after a
report from MIT says if we had
more cases of Zika Virus in Florida,
it might stir interest in releasing
a GM mosquito and then just a
few months later lo and behold
we have a whole new scare in
Florida .......well I myself don't
believe in coincidences.
Now the general idea behind
the genetically modified mosquito
is a good one, it was designed
in order to combat Malaria and
other mosquito borne diseases but
once the FDA has given its approval
for the release of this mosquito
well we really don't know
what will be released.
These genetically modified
mosquitoes the scary enough who's
to say that other genetically modified
mosquitoes won't be released,
with different characteristics. Another
concern is the possibility of
using these GM Mosquitoes specially
to vaccinate mass populations.
These are just some of the
discussions that are going on about
the use of GM mosquitoes.
That's why we have the
completely overblown, scaremongering
that is going on now with the
Zika virus, a benign virus since the
late forties that has suddenly become
nasty and we all need to be
afraid of.
That's why we have all
these people signing petitions saying
that they don't want
these mosquitoes released in their
just outside Florida Keys,
the residents there are threatening
to sue because they don't want to be
Lab Rats.
So there's basically turning
it into a scary scenario that we have
no other choice but to release these
GM mosquitoes in order to combat
this epidemic virus.
Best Oxitech chief executive
Hayden Perry attending a congress
hearing calling for the
Emergency use of the genetically
modified mosquitoes saying that
"The Zika threat is here and now
and there is local transmission in
Florida so that is why I urged Congress
to seriously considered emergency
So in the end the big
question is what's going to happen
when we actually get bitten by one
of these GM mosquitoes because I
see no way that there's not going to
be GM mosquitos reproducing in
their natural environment, it's going
to happen... They've set up the
whole design for it to happen. With
a pretty glaring flaw in the kill
switch which essentially assures
that it will. Dr. Joseph Mercola
states .03% of the mosquitoes released
are female even though
every effort is made to only release
males,just think about it, with millions
of mosquitoes being released
we're still talking about thousands
of female mosquitoes that can
bite... not to mention any that are
able to survive reproduction.
They really have no idea
what will happen, another way to
think about it is when did they ever
done anything with genetically
modified foods that hasn’t wreak
havoc on the environment. We’ve
seen dramatic increases in health
problems since GMO foods have
hit the market, we've seen superbugs,
we've seen super-weeds.....
they actually did not know what
was going to happen then and do
not know what will really happen
now with the release of these GM
Another point to ponder is:
Why haven't we seen any of these
cases of Zika ... I mean the people
who have this "Virus" ? Far as I can
tell no one that has it is really sick!
Have you seen otherwise? I haven't
seen any indication that there is any
concerns at all. Please if you have,
write us here at the
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
What they're telling us
doesn't make sense, again, I recommend
you do your own research
and don't just let this happen without
a fight.
Alfredo DiPasquale
Fort Myers

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