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Former President Obama lived a life of lies and deceit before becoming President and expanded his deceitful ways into very serious crimes, during his 8 years of his “mission’, in my opinion.

Obama “sealed”, classified, and other wise, hid Fast and Furious papers form purview, like he did his passport, his college FAF forms, his Social Security Numbers, and many other records, including those overflowing into the deceit used in the FISA courts!

I am certain there is no other reason for Obama to either Classify or use Executive Privilege to hide the facts from the Congress Intelligence Committee and the family of our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, other than to protect Eric Holder and/or himself from possible criminal charges for blatant criminal negligence or some other crimes.

The use by Obama of our FISA court for, what I believe was his “personal Black Ops” agency, to monitor his political foes, news reporters, those who were critical of him, and other personal reasons, seems to be overwhelming. Who else would…who else could have ordered Susanne Powers to unmask the identity of over 300 US citizens in Obama’s last year, 2016? Clapper, Brennan and Rice all say, under oath, that they know nothing about it. So who ordered the unmasking? Unmasking is not a minor deal, it is a major deal! The names of citizens discovered during a FISA over hear of foreigners, according to FISA Law, are to be deleted. Who ordered the unmasking and why? Congress and we the people, demand an answer!

Only the President can review the FISA court evidence and make the determination, if a crime probably was committed, who should investigate and then order the investigation. Only the President can declassify Documents that Agencies refuse to declassify! The President of the United States doesn’t “ask” the Attorney General or FBI Director to open or close an investigation; he tells them to do so! He may ask their opinion and then direct them to act…but the President “is” the boss…he doesn’t ask…he directs. That is what President Trump, in my opinion, must start doing or, in the very least, he should start reviewing evidence and see what the hell is going on! Declassify the records DOJ is withholding from Congress. It is Obama holdovers who are refusing to release…I’ll bet any money on that!

He should, in the very least, examine all the FISA papers regarding the Carter Page case and then if warranted, declassify all those documents, so Congress can do their job. If the President doesn’t want to take charge, for whatever reason, then allow Congress and “we the people” know if Obama abused the FISA court system and the Rights of Citizens, against illegal Search and Seizure!

J Gary DiLaura
Retired FBI Agent

Published in Politics

When I first heard Barack Obama’s name I wondered, “Is this guy a Muslim”? Now, most people with Italian names are Italian and Polish names mean Polish, maybe Czech , or Russian, Irish names are usually hung on Irishmen. That’s why I thought this guy would be a Muslim, Egyptian, Pakistani.

When I heard he was BORN Muslim (if your father is Muslim, under Islamic law, you are Muslim) I worried, not because I knew much about Islam but because, as an FBI Agent in NYC, I had dealings with several Muslims. I formed\my own opinion about people who wanted to be “in” America but not assimilate to be American. When Muslims started killing Americans here…then 19 Muslims killed 3,000 innocent American infidels, and then this guy, Obama, wouldn’t reveal documents that would reveal his lineage… I became VERY suspicious of who he really is!

My suspicions of Obama changed, probably long before any of you changed your opinions or maybe even, before you formed an opinion. But I started reading the Koran and other Islamic writings and knew before he was elected, that a Muslim cannot believe in the separation of Church and State! I remember vacationing in the South, one Winter, when I met a guy FROM Chicago and when we talked about Obama being elected, I asked him if he knew he’s a Muslim and this guy got irate, said he “quit” Islam, became a Christian and “who cares, we have religious freedom here”! Muslims can’t “quit” Islam. They are labeled as the worst infidels (kafers) and those are the ones we saw Beheaded in Iraq and Syria!

I knew we were in trouble when people from the new President’s own City, didn’t even know who he is so I dropped the political discussion. You cannot reason with anybody who doesn’t want the facts because they already have an opinion.
The proven facts NOW are the Certificate of Live Birth (posted on Whitehouse.gov on 4-27-11), that Obama tried to pass off as a Birth Certificate has now been proven beyond ANY doubt to be a counterfeit , fake, fraudulent government documents! They have found the “source document”, the smoking gun!!!

If you want to learn about the overwhelming evidence look at the press conference 12-14-16 by Sheriff Arpaio. Investigator Mike Zullo explains how Reed Hayes, noted Forensic Examiner, Document Examiners from Italy and other Forensic Examiners who have examined the Certificate of Birth have all agreed it is a fake, forcing Hawaii Officials to now say there is NO record of Barack H. Obama being born in Hawaii!!!

If all of that is true, what does it mean? Well… in the least, Obama conspired to and did pass Fraudulent Government Documents as originals to gain wealth (job as President)! But there are more problems to come for Barack Obama that George Soros can’t buy his way out of. If this is all true and I believe it is because “too many coincidences make a fact” , Indictments and Prosecution of Obama and others, for Treason and a litany of other very serious offenses against the United States of America, will follow!

It also goes a long way to prove Criminal Intent to overthrow our government (Espionage, Treason, etc) as that is what Islam is all about. See the Koran, Surah 8-12 ( and 100 more Surahs)...”I am with you; give firmness to the believers I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: you smite above their necks and smite their finger-tips off them”. Don’t try to convince ANYONE that the Christians book of Faith, the Bible preaches violence and so does other books of faith. There is only one “religion” that preaches and PRACTICES violence against Unbelievers and that is Islam! There are 37 Muslim countries with some 200 million Muslims following Sharia Law, beheading Infidels. If you haven’t seen it, go on You Tube…there’s thousands of beheadings! Name just one Christian Nation or any other non Muslim nation that practices beheading Unbelievers!

In my opinion, as a Criminal Investigator for over 28 years, the evidence is going to show that Barack Obama is a Muslim whose agenda is to overthrow our government by force and violence to become a tyrannical, Islamic nation. He was not born in the US but probably Kenya, has been bought and paid for by George Soros, the Saudi King and other OPEC Nations., and won’t stop until he succeeds or is convicted of a Capital Crime, like Treason!

The elements…he’s a Muslim, hid his beliefs, gave aid to our enemies by giving the Muslim Brotherhood F16 fighters, tanks, other weapons and gave Iran 1.7 billion dollars! Can you think of another ways he tried to weaken America and give aid to our enemies? I’ll bet you can!

J Gary DiLaura

Published in Politics
Friday, 28 April 2017 21:24

Trump Won't Toast With Reporters

All week, we will hear about President Donald Trump's first 100 days, which culminates Saturday.

Media have developed a pack narrative that says the first 100 days have been a display of dysfunction in which President Trump has barely achieved anything worthwhile.

Intelligent minds can agree to disagree about Trump's performance, but one accomplishment will defy dispute.

Trump finally put the White House correspondents' dinner in its rightful place. He will not attend and instead will hold a rally in Pennsylvania.

The dinners began in 1921, and 15 presidents have attended at least one since Calvin Coolidge showed up in 1924. No president has skipped a dinner since President Ronald Reagan, who could not attend while recovering from a gunshot wound in 1981.

The dinner has long been an embarrassment to much of the journalism profession. White House reporters show up in black tie to schmooze with a president they are supposed to cover with adversarial skepticism. They are to keep presidents in check, which becomes difficult after an evening of whooping it up.

Sprinkled among journalists are Hollywood celebrities. During the Obama years, the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian competed with starstruck reporters to get their pictures taken with the president.

Correspondents' dinners with Obama were love fests. It was so out of control in 2016 that CNN radio's Bob Garfield called it "repulsive."

"These are supposed to be the watchdogs, watchdogging those in power," Garfield said. "And they're sitting there passing one another dinner rolls with zero possibility of any journalism breaking out. It's a sham. If I'm gonna dine with a high official, my tape recorder is going to be switched on and my notebook is gonna be open."

The New York Post quoted a late-night TV news veteran saying: "It's too chummy there. The press and the people it covers shouldn't be hanging out after hours and rubbing shoulders."

Imagine the awkward nature of a dinner in which celebrities and reporters tried chumming it up with Trump. Hollywood and the majority of White House reporters despise Trump and have made this no secret. The Media Research Center, which surveys and tallies news coverage, found TV networks produced mostly positive coverage of Obama during his first 80 days.

Trump received coverage deemed a whopping 89 percent "negative."

"As President Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, he has received by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president," wrote the survey's analysts, Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella. Let's hope Trump's decision starts a new tradition in which presidents don't party with reporters. Presidents and reporters should respect one another and not take to the public stage to act like friends.

Published in Politics


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