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Thursday, 23 March 2017 22:52


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Hypothetically, let's say our country is worth 40 Trillion dollars today. That’s including everything, land, water, cities and everything else. The right half is green, hydrated, and productive, where most of us live. The left side is dry, barren, and not so productive, where 25% of the population live. The green lush right side of the USA is worth $25 trillion. The dry barren left half is worth $15 Trillion. What if we could actually transform the land on the left side increasing its value by $1 Trillion or more each year?

How can the dry barren desert become lush and productive? That’s simple, make it rain! You might think this isn’t possible, but there is a way. If we were to introduce large volumes of water into the hot dry dessert that water would quickly evaporate and form clouds. Those clouds would travel on established wind currents over the driest hottest zones making it rain.

For this to be effective billions of gallons of water would be needed. Think about the map of the USA, what lies on the other side of the deserts, California of course. But what’s after that? The ocean!!

Yes the ocean, limitless amounts of water only 30 miles away from the dessert lands that are below sea level. We have 550 square miles of dry desert land below sea level in this zone that could potentially be filled with this ocean water and quite easily by creating a sea level canal just using gravity.

This would also create the possibility for hydroelectricity that could supply 4 to 5 million homes and businesses as this water is sent to low lands to create new bodies of water that would rapidly evaporate thus creating rain in the dessert. Fresh water is becoming scarcer every year and desserts are expanding faster than ever. At the same time Sea level is rising faster than ever. This solution would address both issues.

Of course the sea water is not fresh water but it will evaporate. You might ask is this a problem? Well no not at all. There are already many bodies of dry salt lakes salt flats in this zone. We also have two large salt lakes. For instance the Salton Sea in California and the Great Salt Lake in Utah which is evaporating could be refilled. The water that evaporates would come down as clean fresh rain water and the salt is left behind in the process. This salt has value and can be sold at 20 dollars a ton today. 100 billion gallons of salt water contains ¼ cup of salt per gallon. That would be 25 billion pounds of salt a day. Worth millions daily. That salt would be easily harvested from the dessert ground to be sold to market. The salt sold money would also fund the project. Of course it's more complicated than that but the idea is simple.

This idea is radically simple yet hasn’t been thought to be a practical idea in the past. Today we have severe droughts in the west and the ground water in the central part of the country is drying up at an alarming rate. Without this ground water supplied for farming in the mid-west we will be facing a crop growing crisis that will affect us all. This crisis is real and inevitable unless we take drastic steps to fix it. We can make it rain! We can increase our crop growing potential in the west where there is an abundance of sun for growing but not enough water. The potential for habitable land growth and clean power sources are quite great.

Millions of trees could be planted in the near future providing oxygen and reducing carbon in the atmosphere. The possibilities are endless. If this idea were to be implemented. In time the new bodies of water created could also be used for water front property, recreation, and industry.

When this idea is developed it would create opportunity in the western part of the USA like never before imagined, increasing the value of the territory One trillion dollars or more each year.

Now is the time to consider out of the box solutions for problems that we face as a nation and globally. Droughts, rising sea levels, crop failures, deforestation from fires and tree harvesting are all issues we could address by bringing salt water into the desert.

We have all we need to fix these problems, we need to make it happen. Hopefully our next administration will see the potential and make it happen. Let’s make America Green, as we make America great again!

Pat Amedeo

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