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Friday March 31

Health Care Reform Calls for Simplicity

At last in control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, Republicans wisely put…

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Friday March 31

Colombia's Marijuana Trade

For decades, Colombia's rural poverty rate was so high that it provided the main fuel…

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Wednesday October 05

Op-ed: Sainthood for Mother Teresa exposes the delusion of religion

In canonizing MotherTeresa as a saint ("Pope declaresMother Teresa a saint," Sept. 5),the pope publicly…

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Thursday July 28

Hunting For Diamonds

On the semi-frozen surfaceof Faraday Lake in Canada’s subarctic,two diamond rigs aredrilling around the clock.…

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International News

April 30, 2018


in Lifestyle by Production
Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Cinco de Mayo 2018 occurs on Saturday, May 5. A relatively minor holiday in Mexico,…
March 18, 2018

E-cigs May Be Toxic for Teens, New Study Says

in General/Features by Production
This age group may think e-cigarettes are safe, but there's evidence that the devices contain cancer-causing ingredients. Teenagers who use e-cigarettes are ingesting many of the same carcinogens found in regular cigarettes, according to a study published…
March 18, 2018

New Research Study; Plastic Trash Killing Coral Reefs

in Outdoors by Production
While locally we worry about water quality, and complain about Red Tide and brownish water, the picture globally is much worse. Coral Reefs are dying across the world! The problem: Plastic Trash! A new study shows that billions of pieces of plastic pollution…
December 10, 2017

Speak Italian in Ten Minutes - Hand gestures!

in Lifestyle by Production
So you want to go to Italy but don't speak the language, well in this 10 minute video you will learn Italian sign language that will get you by. two great insrutctional videos watch this one first:…
August 19, 2017

Colin Kaepernick: History's Hero?

in Lifestyle by Production
The National Football League's preseason is underway, and national anthem-hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick still doesn't have an NFL job. One can easily identify the liberal journalists by their anguish over this so-called injustice. You can also identify…
Aug 12, 2017 615


WASHINGTON -- Something is not quite right about this summer's stories from Venezuela,…
Small, deep-water Alaska green sponge
Aug 09, 2017 576

Small, deep-water Alaska sponge has molecules that selectively target and kill pancreatic tumor cells

Compared to its dazzling deep-sea coral neighbors, the green Latrunculia austini sponge…
Aug 09, 2017 871

'Disruptor' Airlines Offer Bargains -- With Caveats

The headlines tell us that this has not been a good year for airline travelers -- tales…
Jul 16, 2017 657

New Discoveries: Cycles in Time

New discoveries have overturned 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to us, you…
Jun 26, 2017 633

ASK THE DOCTORS: Antipsychotics’ Side Effects Can Distress Dementia Patients

Dear Doctor: My mother is suffering from dementia and is increasingly difficult, but I'd…
Jun 26, 2017 3340

What do ice core samples tell us about global warming?
Jun 26, 2017 1970

Excessive Heat, a 'Silent Killer': Heat Exhaustion or Heatstroke? Know The Signs of Heat Illness.

If you plan on being out and about in summer, chances are you’ll be exposed to a lot of…
Cross-section of tooth showing laser removal of the dentine layer, in tan, for analysis of metal content.
Jun 20, 2017 850

Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals Exposure

Baby teeth from children with autism contain more toxic lead and less of the essential…
Jun 15, 2017 7431

Medical Advice To Live By

Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A:…
Jun 05, 2017 7409

You decide...! is CNN International Staging Fake News?

CNN International appears to be stagging a backdrop of persons — presumably Muslims,…
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrives in Copenhagen to attend a  ministerial with coalition countries to discuss the counter-Islamic  State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) campaign.
May 15, 2017 1380

Counter-ISIS Campaign to Intensify, Mattis Says

........................................... The U.S.-led coalition will accelerate its…
May 12, 2017 1484

Salt Stains on Leather Boots? Old Paint on Carpet? No Worries! (and Lots More)

Salt. It's mandatory in the human diet. But salt can be as destructive as it is necessary…


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