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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 09:54

There Is an Increasing Realization That a Handful of People Control the Vast Majority of Wealth, Resources and Power on Our Planet

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There is an increasing realization that a handful of people control the vast majority of wealth, resources and power on our planet. Note the word “realization” is used with focus here because very little has changed in the course of human history – a few have always a disproportionate share of everything – but increased literacy and easy access to facts and information on the Internet is now bringing the truth of this disparity home to the masses with a clarity not previously experienced.

Frustration is growing in Western society with each passing day. We are besieged by poor people from all over the globe. We know that there is no way to provide a Western middle class lifestyle to the billions that are barely scraping by. But we also know that in the countries where they live now, the gulf between the haves and the have-nots is vastly wider than it is in the democracies of the West.

Even in countries where famine and war is not the everyday norm, there is still no equity of opportunity. I’ve been to Thailand, for example; it’s a country with every modern convenience but poverty is everywhere and there are NO safety nets like we have here. No EBT cards, no Wick, no SSI, no Section 8 housing. If you are poor there, you either get help from family, work for peanuts or starve.

We published an article last week that proved the immigrants coming into the US from South and Central America come because they’ve been told by other who have migrated here before them that they can get “benefits.” In Europe, we’ve shown where the Syrians, Africans and other “asylum seekers” are mostly economic immigrants who go to places like Sweden where they can get cash and other assistance that equals more “free” money in one month than they could earn working hard back in the countries they left.

We all want to be known for our generosity and humanitarianism, but the very nature of resources make it impossible to provide a Western lifestyle to the billions of people on the globe with the current method of resource allocation and readily available energy supply.

Yes, it’s true we may discover a cheap, efficient way to harness the sun or even invent a new, novel way to reenergize our planet, but until that day we are looking at a very pronounced shortfall when it comes to enough to “go around.”

There will continue to be disproportionality in wealth and de facto control. The few will continue to rule over the many. It’s called the “cream rises to the top.” To be sure sometimes the “cream” is in the hands of someone who inherited their wealth but still someone connected to them usually earned it by rising up through bigger efforts, better grasp of knowledge, superior skills or a combination of these factors. And when inherited wealth gets into the hands of the incompetent society insists trustees, advisors or some form of competent fiduciary must administer the wealth. Power and control has by this point been removed from incompetence and put into the hands of the capable.

These capable are expected by their peers to be compassionate and humanitarian and by and large most do have these qualities. They provide jobs, give social benefits, create institutions where those with less can learn and be treated with medicine. They sponsor stadiums and concert halls and parks and other places where those with less can still enjoy their lives. This form of philanthropy is more pronounced in the Western nations and this is another reason so many seek our shores.

But when those who have not demonstrated the capacity to govern or compassion to give are given the means of production and largesse of the Earth, they can, and often do, squander it. For this reason we must maintain law and order. If those at the top are toppled, those at the bottom will be buried under the rubble of their destruction. This is what happens when Rome burns and the fiddling ends.

Most of us would welcome a world where all is fair, equitable and balanced. But sadly, this is not the case. There are many reasons why the few have far more than the many and all of them are ubiquitous and enduring. Time is unlikely to change the end result.

Carl Conley

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