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Thursday, 08 October 2015 13:54

The Time Has Come to Trust Our Heads and Hearts

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One of the biggest problems I see in American politics today, is the proliferation of "special interest" groups that put limited agendas over the greater public good.

News abound right now about the upcoming presidential elections. It's impossible to go a day without being immersed in "Trump 's Hair Looks Stupid," "Hillary's Emails are National Security Risk," or "Carson's an Islamophobe, says Ex."
To enhance ratings or improve Internet "hits" most Media has sunk to a new lows finding was to inflame the emotions of readers. One way they do this is to pander to "special interests."
The one that bothers me the most right now is how the media is creating racial conflict by writing stories that set us against one another. It's obvious to me that never before have so many stories been cast as "us against them."
Take one particular egregious example that matters a great deal to South Florida - setting up Latinos as a group that puts things Hispanic above things American.
The Media would have us believe nobody of Latin descent would ever vote for a candidate that wants to restrict immigration. This is just plain wrong - Latins are as diverse in their views as the rest of us. Some are very conservative; some are overly liberal but most are middle of the road family oriented people trying to get by in the world.
They certainly understand what illegal means. Law and order has always been a part of Spanish culture and while lawlessness in Mexico or Colombia related to gangs and drugs can be trotted out to show a lack of law and order, in general Latin people are conservative.
So why does the media set up this important voting block as all of one mind? The answer is easy; without conflict, news people feel lost. Controversy is their bread and butter.
We have talked to a number of Hispanic voters here in Lee county ,several from other areas of Florida and even a few from other States and countries. There is no "common consensus" on approval of illegal immigration.
Understandably, those with more entrenched economic interests look to the protection of their prosperity and businesses over social agendas of whether an immigrant is an illegal or an undocumented worker. Conversely, first generation labor class folks tend to take the view that the borders should be open.
With barely one foot in the country, they don't want to see increased enforcement or the borders closed as they probably have family they want to see join them in the U.S.
This divergence of views about immigration lies in economics more that race or at least it should. It is depressing to think that a group owing its prosperity and security to being in America would vote against the best interests of everyone to protect some narrow "special interest" that only serves to divide us.
This is one of the biggest dangers of uncontrolled influxes of people. When the group is too large or comes too fast the country has a hard time adapting and assimilating the newcomers into American culture; a culture that has thrived because we identify first as Americans and only secondarily as Irish, Italian or Mexican.
If the media succeeds in their divisive policies and manage to persuade people their special interests should come before the good of us all, then we are lost.
There is hope. Some people are pretty smart. Latinos for Trump; Gays for a Strong Military; Conservatives for the Environment.....the list is long of groups that support someone or something because its the right thing to do rather than putting their support where the propaganda tells them it should go.
Reading the comments sections of most news today makes me think this hope is growing. The disconnect between what media says and what folks believe is massive and growing.
It will be a glorious day for us all if we see common-sense and good judgement supersedes the narrow, divisive agendas of those who hold the keys to the printing presses and broadcast studios. The time has come to trust our heads and hearts and stop believing what those in control need you to believe to maintain that control.

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