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Thursday, 19 November 2015 10:22

The Paris terrorist bombing last week...

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The Paris terrorist bombings last week should underscore the need for a newspaper like the Sun Bay Paper. Though we have only been publishing a scant four months, our focus on problems with illegal immigration in the US and so-called asylum seeker migrants in Europe has never waned. And though we have been taking a non-politically correct view of the issues, our coverage has proved prophetic.

Our first issue contained an article that reported on Hungary’s decision to build a fence on its border to stem the massive flow of Middle Eastern and African migrants that were crossing over its border in a bid to reach Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel had promised them asylum and social benefits including cash payments.

While the world press was almost universally condemning Hungary’s leader, Viktor Orban, the Sun Bay, in an editorial, said that more Balkan nations would follow suit and seal their borders. We also praised Orban for his courage in defying the leftist call to be “humanitarian” and admit unlimited numbers of refugees even when the evidence pointed to facts suggesting many of those seeking entry in the EU were not “refugees” or “asylum seekers” under the definition of EU rules, but were economic migrants simply seeking better jobs and easy benefits.

Orban and other leaders like him were called “racist” and “far-right” and “Nationalist Nazis” by the mostly liberal press. We called him a patriot and still do. I believe the French people see him in a different light now!

Certainly our article several weeks ago on the cottage industry that had taken root in Turkey, supplying fraudulent Syrian passports and travel documents to the so-called asylum seekers, can now be viewed as spot-on reporting as it is clear at least one of the French bombers had documents obtained from these criminal forgers.

Whether we want to see it or not, we are locked into a battle of perceptions with serious underlying consequences. Most of the standing media has long ago sold out to special interests and they will not tell you the hard facts surrounding the ultra-left’s agenda to convince populaces that we are not only at war with radical Islam but we are also at war with them.

We are proud that even in the few short months we have been publishing we are already seeing irrefutable proof that our articles and position on major issues like immigration and press bias are in line with emerging facts.

Take another matter – the upcoming US presidential elections. While we are not endorsing anyone at this juncture, we have published several articles to help readers understand why some candidates might not be preferred to lead us. We showed where Clinton’s money comes from (obvious bias and pre-disposed agendas assured); we have reported on the phony jobs numbers used by both parties to advance partisan positions and we have shown repeatedly where the mainstream press “skews” articles and prints misleading headlines to sway public opinion to candidates pre-ordained by the same powers that own the very media doing the printing.

We also have given specifics when they have been advanced by a candidate clearly not favored by those who seek to retain power through their puppet leaders. The best example we can give here is Donald Trump. Very early on in his campaign he gave many specifics about what he would do if elected. He would renegotiate trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP that he sees as taking American jobs away (they have radically challenged our working class). He would secure the border and build a fence to contain illegal immigration. Just what many countries in Europe are now doing.

He would deport those who broke our laws and are currently in the US illegally. What a novel idea –enforcing the rule of law. (Isn’t that what the left insists common citizens do?)

Trump also said he did not favor letting the 10,000 Syrians into the country that Obama insists we should take since they might be terrorists and that the US did not properly vet the millions of illegals we allow to occupy our soil. Now, after the French bombers and massive evidence of fraudulently obtained entry documents we should all be seeing Trump as the sanest one in the bunch – someone who is genuinely looking out for American’s safety and welfare.

Yet, what do we see? We see the press doubling down by calling him a “buffoon” and saying his grasp of foreign policy is not as good as the career politicians the Press pushes on us. Really? The recent Democratic debates found all three candidates refusing to even acknowledge we are at war with radical Islam. The people know better but the Press continues to find ways to use propaganda to dissuade us from those who might really change things because they don’t really want big changes.

There are so many very clever manipulators working all around us to keep us in place. Some, like smaller press operations just unwittingly adopt the views of the news agencies like the Associated Press or Reuters. Others cite the few remaining large papers with reporting staffs like the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times or Wall Street Journal.

pic for editorial on news bias

There are also way too many online “news sources” that are anything but true news reporters. Sites like The Huffington Post, Salon, Vox and so many others are pushed in front of us on a daily basis featuring misleading headlines and radically skewed articles. While it may sound conspiratorial, there is a common agenda and it’s clearly not for the benefit of everyday folks.

We know that a voice in the wilderness is hard to hear over the din and cacophony used by those with power and the centralized position that comes from years of developing the propaganda machine that keeps the people in confusion. But we see great hope.

It seems more and more people are waking up to the falsehoods and tail wagging the dog methods used by modern Big Media. Less and less people trust the sources and to us this is a good thing.

For our part we will continue to print what we see as right regardless of its “political correctness.” Thank you for reading.

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