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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 16:23

Spring is definitely in the air!

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Spring is definitely in the air.  The snowbirds are going back north and our rains are returning.  But more importantly, those of us that live here year round will start catching up on all the fun that we tend to forget when the Season is upon us.  Hopefully we’ve saved a few dollars and are looking forward more to the relaxed pace of spring and summer and less to the frantic work load we all seem to carry in the winter.

We’ll finally be able to drive to our friend’s houses without arriving feeling like we’ve been on the New York Thruway.  And going out for lunch will once again mean that we don’t have to stay for dinner.

Restaurants we haven’t been to in four months will see our faces again and the Little League field will be a social gathering place.

The Gulf finally starts warming up enough that some of us will actually go swimming and the smells of backyard cook-outs will fill the air.

It’ll be nice to walk the Beach in the morning and catch a few moments of quiet.  Yeah I know, it also means we better get our air-conditioners running or at least move our boats away from the Mangroves.  (These mosquitoes aren’t called our state bird for nothing you know).

But before the summer arrives in full force we have the wonderful respite of spring.  This is a time of renewal.  When nature undergoes a metamorphosis and new life springs forth.

I’m hoping that everyone is able to gather in some sense of springs meaning to share in the transformation of our Town.  For even though winter visitors don’t get to directly experience the way our Spring arrives, Islanders feel the changing of our season just as profoundly as Northerners do when leaves fall and mark the passage of yet another season’.

With our Spring comes the rains and water, more than anything else defines our environment. We live near the River of Grass and the Ocean. Seeing water every day we tend to forget about its’ importance. A person can go weeks without eating, sleep on the ground, wear rags and essentially do without the things that most of us hold to be essential. However, when the water runs out a human being is dead in approximately three days and that makes H2O precious indeed.

It’s like many things around us, until they’re gone we don’t really notice how important they are. We get comfortable and that’s why I like it when Islanders start emerging from the cocoon of high season. It shakes me up a bit and reminds me that all things eventually go full circle.

Carl Conley, Ed.

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