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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:35

Media Failed But The People Prevailed

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When I opened the doors and published the first issue of The Sun Bay Paper 20 months ago, the Presidential election was already in full swing throughout the media. It has been a circus and now we are witnessing the tears of a clown from the mainstream American Media.
For the better part of two years the media has been trying to dupe and deceive the American people to protect the establishment and status quo. Last night their arrogance, hypocrisy, spin and outright lies became evident for every- one to see.
Not only were all the media "polls" wrong, they were egregiously so in some instances. And when stretching the facts alone wasn't working, the media resorted to character assassination. The so-called last minute "discovery" of sexist Trump audio tapes is the best example. The establishment has become so accustomed to using the media to drive the vote they couldn't see the forest for the trees; they couldn't see what so many everyday Americans saw - the sheer disgust with the career media and politicians who have been selling us out like hotdogs at a Saturday ballgame.
Well the jig is up. Never again (or not for a long, long time) will Americans trust or believe the media spin on politics particularly at the national level. We do have to watch carefully at the local level though for here the game is harder to see being closer to the vest.
Right here in Lee County all our print media said Trump couldn't win Florida and certainly not the Nation. All but The Sun Bay Paper. I - We - have steadfastly without reservation called for a Trump win and this is not my verbal assertion for if I had not committed our editorial view to the written word over the past 20 months, other local media would be trying to tell you we were just jumping on the bandwagon. But be assured that is what many who did not support this needed change in the Presidency are now going to try and convince you they did. They are going to try and "spin" it so you think they had some of it right. But they clearly did not so don't be deceived.
If there is one great lesson we, as voters, need to take away from this election it's that selective character assassination is one way the establishment has been holding on to power in a flagrant display of cronyism. It is my guess this lesson WILL trickle down to the State and Local level and soon.
It is not easy for me to take down print and broadcast media so hard. After all, I've published newspapers in Lee County for over 16 years and have been writing politics over 30 years. I value the written word, but my vantage point has led me to the inescapable conclusion that credibility has largely been lost and that is one of the biggest reasons newspapers have been in such decline. A good, honest paper can still thrive but the people have had it with the spin. The only thing keeping many of the larger papers alive has been their proven ability to manipulate elections and that has now ended.
You can expect a renewed decline in print media with only a few newspapers flourishing. We at The Sun Bay Paper believe readers know full well how truthful we've been with them and that they will show their support for that honesty and vision.
Political correctness has had it's day; it's wreaked it's havoc on the social fabric of our Nation and families. In some instances people have suffered tremendously because the dared to speak the truth and stand their ground on principle. They should be smiling now for the voters have spoken and a new era has just been inaugurated on the American political scene and for once, in a long time, I'm hopeful again.

Carl Conley

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