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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 14:43

Immigration - A National Angst

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Immigration is at the core of National angst these days. Today huge influxes of people fleeing their own countries are showing up on our door steps. Some have serious compelling concerns others simply seek what they perceive as a better life in the west.

And perception is often reality: life is generally better in the west. Food sources are secure, people aren’t fighting with each other over religious differences of relative insignificance and our water, streets and mind sets are relatively clean and functional.
It’s not that way is most of the places these people are fleeing. Disease abounds in much of Africa and the Dark Continent is now empting is bowels of poor, uneducated, untrained migrants who land in European shores literally by the boat loads every week. Just last week in The Sun Bay Paper ran article outlined the ongoing deal as of African and Arab migrants who drowned trying to cross from war torn Libya into Italy and this was just one story among many.
Interestingly enough was the fact that the people died at the hands of tried even savage counter parts. Sad but this –is typical- not content to usage. The relentless bloody internal struggles that keep their own countries embroiled in a quagmire of pooh; even when they “help” their fellows escape it’s often to a worse fate.
This is an essential, core flaw that seems to pervade so many of those fleeing their own lands. They bring an attitude of hatred and mistrust with them. The old adage says, you can go where you want but you’ll find yours left here at the end of your journey is particularly (efficacious) applicable when taking a hard look at only the west should be securing its borders and protecting our self-interests much, much better than we are.
There are some who would argue that we should embrace all those in need: that we are racist at worst or isolationists at best when we reject immigrants whether they are legal or not.
The last time the west wrestled totally with the issue of racial superiority it came under the rise to power of Hitler and national socialism and though his name and Nazi party has come to symbolize everything evil believe me Germany would not have risen so far, so fast nor had so many other nations empathize with its situation if other people of thought and influence had not agreed with some of national socialisms’ tenets.
Hitler advocated the superiority of Aryan blood. Read in the narrow context of his mid it had elements that were repulsive to many. Hitler was trapped in the angst of defeat. Germany had suffered at the end of WWI and angst he felt deeply due to his personal involvement in the war as a front line soldier.
There is however one belief he held deeply that did have validity- people in the west are better organized and pull together better for the common good. America prosperity is built upon American unity. European prosperity is similarly founded in some of its societies (countries) Asia is not far behind, indeed in a few select area it has obtained relative equality of prosperity and security- but- and this is a big But-most prosperous Asian Nations with one or two exceptions have not embraced the nation of social equality to the extent that the west has. The notion that all our people should be treated equally and have equaled accesses to prosperity under lays our greatness; it could also prove to be our undoing.
While it sounds good in theory the idea that we can embrace all the unwashed, afflicted people the planet and bring them to our level has long ago answered by Dickens in his social novel “Great Expectations”. It is virtually impossible for a class of people used to poor and violent to transcend into gentility and conformity with higher values overnight. Cultural transformation takes time and like diamonds must to be formed under pressure.
Europe thought may very bloody religious wars before Catholics and Protestants learned to accept one another and live together, unified for the common good. WWII extended the understanding of peaceful co-existence outside the different areas of religion to embrace the social equality referred to earlier in the commentary.
Now, give to end of that “great War” Europeans have moved forward. No matter how may hiccups like Bosnia or Chechnya surfaced to common prosperity.
America had to suffer its Civil war as well and we came through that struggle scared but unified. And while the North won and there were indignities helped on the South after the war, masses of soldiers and rebels did not enter towns and behead or cut off their prior enemies hands. That is because through our prior cultural and religious wars the West had grown beyond petty inhumanities, interracial and class warfare and emerged to be a bastion of prosperity. And it’s that prosperity the millions of illegal immigrants and migrants seek. The problems are that they bring with them the unresolved problems of their native lands. Here in lies the rub. The raw reason we should not let ma….
Now the voices are already being heard-“but our Country was built on immigration and the one’s coming now are just like we were when we arrived here.” Unfortunately this statement (what I call the liberal mantra are this subject) must be read in light of two facts that do not exist today.
One, when we encouraged immigration from European… into Ellis Island we were a huge Nation with vast land out west that needed settled. Simply put-we had room and plenty of water, resources and tasks to justify the influx.
Secondly and more importantly most of the immigrants ere European of Christian background all were ready, able and enthusiastically willing to integrate and assimilate into American culture. They ardently embraced Americanism. Most of those coming today do not. In fact, many arrive here and set to literally immediately to differentiate themselves from us.
They use our legal system- our entitlement programs and most importantly of all our individual sense of justice and fail plots against us.
Its time and noteworthy to provide equal opportunity to everyone. But in my opinion that opportunity will be misused and abused, till the recipient is not ready for it. Until the people of Africa, The Middle East, Latin and South American go through their own periods of turbulent internal struggles and achieve the same sense of acceptance, cultural unity and balance that the West has achieved through similar struggles, they need to stay put.
And guess what? When they get to that point in time, when they are blessed with the same lessons the West learned- they will no longer need to come here-it will be fine where they are. IMO

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