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Friday, 17 January 2020 07:48

Hilarious Democratic Debates

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To the Editor,­

Really enjoyed the debates! was actually enjoyable if you watched it a a comedy....LOL

Bernie Sanders: A blithering buffoon blubbering his case for socialism, corruption, and globalism. He has about worse odds of winning the election as me finding an ad-free Youtube video.

Elizabeth Warren: "Calm down! No need to get angry!" Uncle Leo from Seinfeld called--he wants his eyebrows back. Her odds are even worse.
About as likable as the Impossible Whopper...

Joe Biden: He’s the kind of guy that would lean in and sniff a person and not even have the common courtesy to introduce yourself. He’s got little girl issues and Trump will absolutely destroy him in the debates.

Pete Buttigieg: I already feel dirty just spelling his name. America wasn't built on soy. You are about as likable as a leaky gas pump.

The other two won’t be even around in a month! Vote Trump 2020!

Isabelle Detmer

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