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Tuesday, 14 November 2023 07:34

Florida Appreciates Ron, But Loves ‘The Don’ Because Only Trump Can Get the Job Done

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During an address at the Florida Republican Party’s Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, FL, on Saturday, former President Donald J. Trump made a sobering observation.

“And when you think of it, how important elections are, you’d have millions of people alive right now,” Trump said. “If the election wasn’t rigged, they’d be alive. Ukraine, Israel, The attack would have never been made. All these people would be alive.”

Almost immediately, the popular media pounced. “Trump’s claims of a rigged 2020 election have repeatedly been proven false,” they said, almost as a chorus in unison. Never mind that the world is in chaos. Never mind that we are now closer to armed nuclear conflict – Doomsday - under the Biden Administration than at any time in history. Never mind that Trump is 100% accurate about life and death in Gaza, Kiev, and elsewhere. The mainstream media’s focus was solely on Trump’s 2020 election claims.

I was a very successful investigator as an FBI Agent and passed on to other FBI Agents for almost 3 decades these words of wisdom … “too many coincidences make a fact”! That saying… a lot of hard work… helped me solve a lot of cases others couldn’t solve…I didn’t quit! And Donald Trump will never quit on America. Trump is right because too many coincidences make a fact.

Joe Biden “won” without campaigning, acquiring more votes than any President in history. He won without winning the States that every winner - whoever won…won. He received more votes than Obama. He did things that are mathematically not possible. In my opinion, there was major Fraud – simultaneously - in the final 6 States that were counted… States that after 80% of the votes were in with President Trump ahead by 500,000 votes, and the next 10% counted all went to Biden…changing the lead to a loss…all without any Republican observers.

That is just a coincidence?! Afraid not…that’s more than enough Probable cause to bring indictments to those who ordered the count stopped, and all Republican observers sent home…because of a fake water main break… while the surreptitious count that swung the election went forward, making the man who did no campaigning, President of the United States.

A retired US Border Patrol Agent and a friend forwarded this to me…written by an unknown source. I don’t usually publish unverified info, but these are desperate times created by the most unscrupulous team of Democrats that this country has ever seen…you be the Judge… “AT&T got a contract to do a forensic audit on Dominion voting machines, and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week. The former owner of the AT&T building in Nashville, William Kennard, is a board member for Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T. He also was Bill Clinton’s FCC chair and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU.  Dominion Voting is owned by Cerberus Capital Management…. Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs.  Joe Biden’s brother-in-law, Steven Owens, is the co-founder of Staple Street Execs along with William Kennard (mentioned above). Super Computer in TN was connected to the AT&T internet in NASHVILLE…. yesterday evening (date unknown) the Cumberland river cooling system was compromised due to internet outage and Supercomputer fried…..” If you don’t know, “Kraken” refers to a supercomputer former prosecutor Sidney Powell had been talking about before she was caught up in the sweeping Georgia indictment.

So, the explosion “just happened” to be at the AT&T location where they “just so happen” to control the cooling system for the supercomputer and house the dominion voting machines and drives for forensic audit…

Does it make sense now why no lives were lost? Does it make sense now why the FBI task lead couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence in the press conference? Does it make sense why the mayor was making light of the situation, almost laughing?

Too many coincidences make a fact.

I wrote a book about my decades of service…ACTION-FBI CRIME FIGHTING THE WAY IT WAS. And some of those stories are apt.

Many agents told me their professional dream was to arrest an IO Fugitive or Bank Robber. Most never did… Agents, particularly in the post-Comey FBI go a 25-year career and never fire a shot, never catch an IO Fugitive, or even dream about arresting a Bank Robber, a gunfight, or recovering stolen loads from the mob. I did it all. They asked me, “How do you do it…do you have a crystal ball?”

It’s through hard work and smarts. And a little luck never hurts. That’s how it was with my first IO (FBI’s Most Wanted) arrest.

In my first office, Charleston, SC, as a rookie, I helped a Marine deserter who I arrested. He was the only marine I arrested in over 200 deserter cases. Marines didn’t desert! I and two other Agents, Dennis, and Jim, worked together, arrested them over 14 months, and this one was as-signed to me. This young man was shot 4 times with an AK47 by a North Vietnam regular…4 entrance wounds in the front and 4 exit wounds in the back but no vitals, just a lot of blood loss. He charged the enemy after being hit, killing the female who shot him and two others before col-lapsing. While recovering back in the States, he needed to go home for a family emergency, and his Sergeant said no, as he had less than 2 weeks to go…so he left. I spoke to the right O ffi cer, asking him to look into it, and he did…getting his record cleared, all his metals, and an Honorable discharge.

The marine called me to pay me back. He gave me a name, an alias, and a robbery in the Bronx in October 1968. That tracked down to an IO fugitive who were the fugitives pictured in Post Offi ces and where the FBI’s Top 10 fugitives came from. These are dangerous and desper-ate men. Only experienced and strong Agents work…rookies are not allowed…As a result, I sent the info and IO number to NYO (New York O ffi ce), and my subject was ID’d…as the shooter of an NYPD Uniform O ffi cer who responded to the robbery that this IO fugitive pulled. The Officer died as a result of the gunfight. The Boss told me I could keep the case, and we took the bad guy into custody after a brief fight.

Soon thereafter, I arrested a Bank Robber 1 ½ hours after he robbed a bank in Myrtle Beach, SC, still armed with a shotgun and all the bank loot.

Then another Agent, Ray Gilbart, and I received leads on a kidnapping in Brooklyn, NY. Tondalaya Jones,a 5-year-old, was actually sold to a couple near Charleston. Working through the night, we locat-ed a house of interest, and I found her at 3 am. Upon fi nding her, she jumped into my arms and said repeatedly, “Please don’t let me go”…over and over. The most “rewarding” thing in my ACTION full career. Actually, while back at the office the phones started ringing off the hook as the word spread that we rescued Tondalaya Jones…the Top National News story, and I answered the first caller, who turned out to be Walter Cronkite!

I received a transfer to the New York Office and was rewarded… for my first office efforts… by going to the NYO Boss, John Malone’s squad, the John Gotti Crew Truck Hijack Squad…that’s where the action started.

On that squad, 4 days and out on a case, for the very first time, we hit a Gotti drop. It was a 3 story house in the Bronx. While in the front with a senior Agent, John, a truck pulled up and stopped. I told John I drove those trucks, and this was very suspicious. He said why? I responded it’s a 26-foot Ryder overloaded…look at the springs…and I don’t like the look on the driver’s face, and it has no business on this residential street. Get help. I’m going to stop him.

When I tried, he almost ran me down, and off we went. I still had the keys and gave chase, stopping him a few blocks away and exchanging shots as he escaped. Another Agent stopped me from chasing, telling me it was too dangerous to chase. I said, “You’re telling me?” He asked who shot “him then me.” You will see more action than you want! Don’t talk too much about the shooting.

On that truck was swag (stolen property) from 3 separate hijackings, valued at several hundreds of thousands, and I will get the recovery for Stats.

That was my first 14 months as an Agent: IO Fugitive, Solved Armed Robbery, Solved Police Killing, arrested Armed Bank Robber and Kidnap Victim Rescue.

That’s how most of my career went...there’s much more in the book.   ACTION...: FBI - CRIME FIGHTING THE WAY... by DiLaura, J Gary (

But the point of this retired agent’s “war stories” is this: results aren’t magical. In the same way that too many coincidences make a fact, continued work – hard and smart - produces results.

And that brings me to my point about President Trump. He said something else in Florida. Something much more disturbing than a rigged election, and his statements rang just as true. “I make you this promise as your president and nobody else can say it: I will restore peace through strength,” Trump said. “And yes, I am the only one that will prevent World War 3 — because we are very close to World War 3.”

We have many candidates this year, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who deserves recognition. He is a leader and a risk manager. His unprecedented decision to declare a State of Emergency fi ve days before Hurricane Ian hit last year saved countless lives and billions in property damage and devastation. We should all appreciate Ron. Hopefully, he will remain one of our leaders for many years to come. Politicians like Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, playing the “long game,” see it and have supported DeSantis.

But this time, the stakes are too high to play the long game. We have enemies, foreign and domestic, that have crept into the voids left by weakness. We have Communist China, Kleptocrat Russia, and Islamo-fascist Iran looking for ways to destabilize the globe, American interests, and the U.S. dollar. We have an open border where God knows how many criminals, terrorists, and enemies of America have crossed to commit crimes and set up operations. We have George Soros-back poli-ticians and prosecutors who ignore the rule of law and frustrate the work of professional law enforcement.

The point is that two things create results: hard and smart. President Trump is both. And he’s the only one, by a long shot.

While there are many candidates this year, there is only one choice. Donald J. Trump. His election would create a response from the Beijing-Moscow-Tehran Axis that would make the release of the Iranian hostages upon Reagan’s inauguration look like children getting spooked at a Halloween fright night. The world knows there are consequences for defying America with Trump at the helm. Deadly consequences.

The Florida Freedom Conference showed what rank and file voters - Floridian and American – all know. We appreciate Ron DeSantis. But we love Donald Trump because we love America. This was the popular consensus this weekend in Kissimmee, and it is the position of Sun Bay Paper.

J Gary Dilaura, FBI RET and Richard Luthmann

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