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Monday, 05 October 2015 11:42

Millions Are On the Move in the Largest Exodus of Human History Since World War II

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The real violence in the EU comes from the Muslim invaders who are angry that their demands for asylum and housing are not being met in a timely fashion. The real violence in the EU comes from the Muslim invaders who are angry that their demands for asylum and housing are not being met in a timely fashion.



There can be no doubt that the mass migration of people from impoverished, war-torn parts of our planet into more secure and prosperous Western nations is a global crisis. Millions are on the move in the largest exodus of humanity since World War II. Most are Muslim and most are single men.

There is also no doubt that two sides have emerged discussing the nuts and bolts of how the West should deal with these people.
One camp insists we should take in as many as we can in a show of humanitarian good-will. They argue from several perspectives to support their view. One is from the religious viewpoint of Christianity that goes something like this - The wealthier West has a Christian duty to help anyone in need.
The other pro-migrant group takes a more secular approach saying that in order to be humanitarian we have to take in those fleeing from "bad places."
Whether the reason is religious values or humanistic concerns, both these camps are wrong and the evidence is mounting and, at this juncture, is practically conclusive that the "migrants" we are taking in do not assimilate properly into Western societies and, indeed, are causing major problems for the countries that are letting them in.
Just this past week alone, there was a policeman stabbed three times in the stomach in Denmark trying to take an immigrant into custody for deportation processing. He was a Palestinian and had lied to get into Denmark and had been deported from the West in the past so he was also an illegal migrant not a genuine asylum seeker under EU rules.
The day before we published an Eritrean refugee stabbed a woman to death in an IKEA store in Sweden, long held to be one of the safest and friendliest countries in Europe and one that has been extending an open-arms to asylum seekers.
Even the most cursory look at world news will show that these people are not asylum seekers fleeing violence as much as they are seeking to get social benefits from what they perceive to be "easy picking."
Our soft touch and overly liberal view of the world is going to be our undoing. Even Germany, probably the leader in welcoming these so-called refugees is changing its mind after a recent investigation found that at least half of those seeking asylum lied about who they are and where they're from to gain admittance to Europe.
We are letting in liars, thieves, violent prone people from countries where they couldn't even live together with their fellows.
We are also letting in Muslims who, for the most part, do not respect our culture or laws. To be sure, there are moderate Muslims who can and do adapt but most of them are educated. Education has a tendency to secularize people or at least generate tolerance.
The West went through an exhaustive and dangerous period in our history where Catholics killed Protestants and other similar religious and ideological differences formed the reason for violence and massive social upheaval. World War II was the "war to end all wars" for the West; we learned how bad it can get if we do not learn to live together as people bound by law not religion or doctrines. Just ask any older Jewish person about what can happen when we fail to tolerate other faiths.
The mass of people living under Islam have not learned this lesson. They are still conflicted by ideology and badly so. What else would encourage a person to strap on a suicide vest and blow up men, women and children they don't even know shouting Allah Akbar.
Until the people in Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Libya and many other conflict zones learn to peacefully co-exist without wearing Muhammad on their sleeves as justification for atrocities, they should be kept out of the places where this lessons have made us a kinder, more tolerant society.
The people know we should keep them out. Just this week a village of 5000 people in Slovakia voted on whether they wanted to take in more Muslim refugees and the vote was 97% against.
The numbers are similar in most places no matter what the media dogs of Big Money tell us. They just want cheap labor and a larger consumer base to continue their agendas; they do not have the interest of everyday folks in their heart or plans.
We must resist the clever wordings and invidious attack on our culture. The impetus is coming from way up on high where they us those at the very bottom to squeeze us away from our common-sense, shared heritages and well-earned prosperity and security.
We frequently hear in America that we are a nation of immigrants. That's true, but those who came through Ellis Island - the Poles, Italians, Irish and Germans were all people of the West who did share a common culture and God. They were not the same as those coming from the Middle East and Africa today - that much is certain.

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