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Friday, 04 September 2015 10:42

State of Ohio's Marijuana Initiative

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Forward: Thanks for taking time to talk with me about the State of Ohio's marijuana initiative to free our citizens from the yoke of law enforcement and allow ailing people to access medical pot. Per our discussion, I have submitted my guest opinion for publication in The Sun Bay Paper. I do enjoy you online addition and hope you my writing enough to run it online so I can share it with fellow Buckeyes.

Guest Op-Ed
If Ohioan's experiences with Michigan's cannabis legalization are similar, then they will see the price of Legal Cannabis go UP exorbitantly.
While I support legalization, as opposed to criminalization, I do NOT support the unacceptable attempts to float the State's budget on the backs of such a small demographic. Reasonable taxation is one thing, but the rates at which they desire to tax this, naturally occurring, highly beneficial, substance is unconscionable.
Last summer we went out to Colorado and purchased a small amount of the legal stuff for the equivalent of $600.00 per ounce and it wasn't even the 'good stuff'!!! In the State where I currently reside, you can get an ounce, quite illegally, on the black market, for between $80.00 and $100.00 per ounce! I grant that they hit me with the higher price, due to being from out of State, but that merely highlights the attempts to profit from this endeavor and keep it only in the hands of the well to do.
I currently live in a State where simple possession is a crime, as is possession of paraphernalia, resulting, in the loss of one's driver's license and mandatory high risk insurance for three years, as well as several hundred dollars in fines, apiece, (as you cannot consume the product without papers, or a pipe, they get you on both counts) and a criminal record. Highlighting the State's desire to tax and gain the benefits thereof, instead of developing a reasonable structure around the highly beneficial substance, which I primarily use for medicinal purposes to relieve chronic pain and stress, in the evening only, at home behind closed doors. I am 100% disabled, on both SSDI and Workers' Compensation, as well as a 60% VA disability rating. It replaced a seven year fentanyl patch prescription and allows me to no longer be addicted to synthetic opiates, as well as to be a far more clear thinking individual. While this may sound counter intuitive, remember that I had to function 7/24s under the fentanyl, for 7 long years and only after about 10:pm, at home, on the cannabis, never operating a motor vehicle under the influence, as I was forced to do while being prescribed fentanyl.
I currently have a childhood lady friend who is suffering with brain cancer, at 59 years of age. I advised her to utilize cannabis, as Israeli scientists have proven that cannabis use shrinks and even kills certain types of brain cancers. They took the idea to her doctor who pooh poohed the idea, stating that there is no scientific evidence (in this country) to support the claims. There IS evidence, that the FDA refuses to accept, in other nations who have allowed positive research on the substance, instead on only research to further condemn it, as in the USA. But then medicine has never been about helping people, in this country, but only to enrich the participants in the medical system, doctors and pharmacists, etc., on the backs of the people's pain and suffering.

L. D'Betteto
Ashtabula, Ohio

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