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Thursday, 07 September 2023 21:51

OPINION: Democracy's Dusk and “New” COVID: Voices in the Silence

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In the America where we were raised, a subtle understanding rested: our voices whispered to the ears of those in the chambers of power. It was an imperfect dance, but one we trusted. When ill winds bore bad policies, fingers pointed to our ignorance. But when things got better, it was because the winds changed and carried our demands.

All the politicians I've seen said they knew the pulse of the country and would bend to it. That's how it's meant to be. A government, shaped by the very people it governs, standing firm within the law's embrace. Parties, in their essence, spar over whose vision truly echoes the nation’s heartbeat.

Yet, recent years have seen that trust crumble. Suddenly, half our workers became "nonessential,” our places of worship and learning slammed shut without our say. “Social distancing,” a phrase unknown to our tongues just years prior, ruled our lives without our consent. It felt like an abrupt overthrow; as if the shadows of puppet masters now played with our freedoms.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

This was a lockdown: a strike against our democratic spirit. A select group, donning the guise of science, tread upon our liberties. They used the media and the tech giants to amplify their doctrine and silence the dissenters.

I still reel from those days. The world dimmed, perhaps never to regain its full light. My belief in the onward march of progress, rooted in a uniquely American optimism, lay in ruins. The lockdowns were a betrayal, a forceful hand of control and decline.

Yet even now, that looming shadow persists. The mechanisms of control linger, and the architects of our confinement remain unrepentant. When will the people awaken from this trance of fear? How long till they see the deception and stand firm? My views, though they might echo loudly on the platforms I frequent, might just be an echo chamber, detached from the broader sentiment.

But, perhaps, there’s a spark. Institutions forced to retract mandates. Universities questioned for their rigidity. The looming numbers concerning vaccine adoption might soon tell a tale. And, despite the endless promotions from the pharmaceutical behemoths, many remain skeptical.

Then, a surprising turn: a media titan challenges the great Dr. Fauci. On live television, under the glaring lights of CNN, the doctor faced the music. And the maestro behind the confrontation? Simply a journalist, Michael Smerconish, driven by the voices of the public. It's not the masses that sway the course; it's the fiery minority that refuses to bow. Their knowledge, their spirit, their tenacity are the true forces.

With this realization, hope flickers again. Perhaps the next wave of constraints can be turned back. Not because the majority shouts, but because a fervent few stand resolute. The lessons were hard, and the price steep. But now, it's our turn to declare: Never again.



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