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Thursday, 28 July 2016 16:03


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We enjoyed the op-ed piece about entitlement programing and why it
doesn’t work as intended as well as the perspective on taking food
stamps and other benefits as a way of life. Maybe we’re harsh but we
feel the only thing keeping these people from getting out of poverty is
their own poor decision making. If you are already in poverty, how do
you think having more children that you can't afford is going to make
that situation even better? If that weren't bad enough, why would anyone
in their right mind have a child with a man who is on public assistance
himself, can't take care of himself, and is mentally ill? In what fantasy
world does anyone think that is going to work out well? With more states
taking a liberal view, it looks like those of us who are responsible, and
work hard, will have more of our tax money taken to support these people
who are nothing but a drain on society.
Lou and Sarah Parkinson

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