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Thursday, 29 October 2015 10:00

Note From a Midwesterner: The Detroit Dearborn Blues

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I lived in Dearborn, Michigan for 12 years in the early 1990s and it was then becoming quickly populated by Muslims crossing over from Canada.

When speaking with folks born and raised in Detroit their sadness about what had happened to the Motor City and surrounding suburbs was palpable. Blacks rioted, took over, and ruined Detroit in the 1960s. What was once referred to as "The Paris of The Midwest" quickly became the blight of the midwest. No more top-rated public schools, walking to the corner store for an ice cream soda, no more peaceful parade of vintage autos down Woodward Avenue. Instead, homes were abandoned to escape the onslaught of the rioters; people literally ran away and never returned, as there was nothing to return to. Storefronts and homes were boarded over and sprayed with graffiti. No one in their right mind went downtown any more.

Then came the Arabs into Dearborn. What was the home of Henry Ford, once a quintessential American town dedicated to work, church, and raising Christian families became a place where storefronts sport Islamic writing, women wearing black robes to the ground, and a place unsafe for any non-Arab to be. Articles appeared regularly in the newspaper and stories made the nightly TV news about Arab "fathers" performing honor killings on their daughters and wives for sullying the family name. When the police tried to arrest the murderers there was a riot. The Arab men fully expected to move to the US and continue Sharia law and Arab tradition of keeping their women in line to the point of murder.

Look up old photos of Detroit if you can find them. The downtown architecture was stunning and there were some of the most beautiful old churches in America. The green spaces, such as Belle Isle and Beau Blois Island, were fabulous areas where one could go and enjoy a weekend with family. The suburban areas, which ranged from fabulous upper-class enclaves such as Grosse Pointe and the island area of Grosse Isle, to the cookie-cutter bugalows of Dearborn and Warren were home places to millions of people now grown and looking back with horror at what has become of their once-proud hometown.

This is most likely the fate of every one of our American cities. Preppers think that moving out to the country and setting up barricades will save them. But what's the point? The country is already almost lost. And when gangs of thugs, deprived of their social services and welfare checks go ranging the countryside searching for drugs, food, water, etc., what kind of life is it to sit at the windows on watch, with a rifle in hand? Did any of us decent people ever envision something like this happening to our country? And those of us still fortunate enough to have jobs are paying taxes at the rate of about 30% to fund these endless handout programs just to keep the peace a bit longer.

It is all simply insane. And I know there are plenty of people out there to write back and tell me I'M the one who's insane, and paint a picture of "oh, it's not that bad". Or to accuse me of the old standby of being a racist. Really?

Nancy Williams

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