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Monday, 30 May 2016 16:18

My Letter

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SunBay,    I've been reading the letters to the Editor for some months now, and have been amazed and insulted by a few individuals who wrote in to claim that We, the citizens and residents of FMB are a bunch of ignorant,regressive throwback Neanderthals!!!  Because the MAJORITY of us ARE against the "Grand"Resort Monstrosity Building project.                    Hey, Excuse Me!!!  We the People have SPOKEN, sorry!!   We DID'NT want New York city overlooking Times Square,  We DID'NT want a huge population density increase on the Northend of the Island, We DID'NT want a Big seawall that would only serve a few and disrupt Mama Nature, and lastly, We DID'NT want ANOTHER Big construction project jamming up Estero Blvd like We already have with this 5yr."Refresh" project that's daily, already Clogging up our lives.          By the way, We Love Our Little Island the way it's been, and the way it is.....Call us regressive throwbacks if You will,but, We DON'T care, We DON'T have to, Hah!!!!           JD.Burdge/Artist/Musician/Cartoonist      

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