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Friday, 17 June 2016 15:24

In the Past two Weeks it Seems More Prominent Noses Have Been Tweaked

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In the past few weeks it seems some prominent noses have been tweaked. Because of changes in the wind, lines have been drawn in the sand (easy to do here) and gruff challenging words were spoken. It is well known there are monetary problems within the city but what puzzles most citizens are that none of the troubles ever seem be addressed.  Instead there are such statements as, ‘ we have no money’, we’ll check in to it, I can’t speak to that now, the coffers are good with 6 million in assets( whatever that means), and my two favorites, we change council members a lot, and money comes in and money goes out’. What on earth does that mean?

I would say that probably 75% plus of FMB residents and 100% of business owners know what it means to handle all sizes of budgets.  One buys, one receives (or uses), one gets a bill, and one pays the bill. Rocket science it is not…and if one is not a CPA but wants to know how the ‘state of the state’ is going, one has only to hire a  bookkeeper who shows up each week, or month with actual facts showing ‘money in, money out’, and ‘how much is left’!

Mr. Bobeck speaks truthfully about the city not having faith in all of its employees.  The proper channels to separate Mr. Stillwell were taken with many more people aware than what was stated, as shown by the speakers before the discussion of his removal.   He was aware of the action prior to the meeting and declined to resign….Having said that it is not the actual situation, but subtle insinuations of illegalities concerning Mr. Bobeck that cause a bad taste in one’s mouth.  Somebody had to make a move about the city not being tended to, and it fell upon his shoulders, as mayor. 

City councils come and go…..employees in all businesses come and go….that does and should not cause a company or city to be run poorly.  If the outrageous nonpayment situation had been addressed properly, bills paid properly, and employees taught to do their jobs properly, Mr. Stillwell might not have found himself being let go. If TDC money had not been improperly used to tear down docks…and taken from Mound House coffers, (against the rules), they might still have been standing.   And if the money inadvertently sent to FMB by FPL had been discussed and reimbursed properly (which is the honest thing to do), we would not today have to listen to the collective gasp whenever it is brought up.

We have many community situations to be addressed...Bay Oaks, storm water appeals, Lake O, TDC, and the budget.  This council is very capable of working together as a viable and indivisible unit. Their success is based only on their obligation to work together for the sake of the city they were sent to care for. They need staff to help them concerning rules and regulations and codes; they need city attorneys to be advised and ready for critical opinions; and they need to see how, when, and where the money flows, frequently. Downtown business and residential areas need to be listened to and for different reasons. (i.e. residents don’t need street cleaning, but downtown sure needs power-washed)

 Push on city council…make amends; agree to disagree even….as long as it is in the best interest of our town.

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