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Sunday, 16 August 2015 15:39

How's the country was going?

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You asked us how we thought the country was going and if we felt confidence in the system. I thought I'd answer you.

Every election year my husband and I debate on which candidate may be the lesser of the evils; no good choices, just forced to somehow pick a leader of our country out of a pile of crooks. I'll admit to reluctantly voting for Obama the first round; he sure was a trickster, huh? He speaks well, have to give him that; had us both fooled. Lesson learned, as he was probably the biggest liar of the bunch! We simply feel like victims every election year, having to choose in this way.

When Trump announced that he was running, we laughed and thought it was a good joke and kept waiting for the punch line. After watching Donald and listening to what he had to say (difficult because he can be ridiculous in his comments and extremely animated to a fault - I don't like him); all we could say was, "Wow, hope this guy is serious about running!" Every time I hear him speak, it hits home. The content, the passion and common sense - he could sit in conversation at our dinner table and fit in every time. He's addressing what he knows Americans are concerned about and sick and tired of. He's calling out the media and their detriment to this country. He's calling out the BS of the politicians and describing how they've wrecked this country. He's calling out the horrible policies or lack there of on illegal immigration. He doesn't want my money in his own pocket, he has his own and he's worked hard for it like we have. He isn't reading statements or following queue cards, he's speaking from his bare intellect and heart - and if anyone does this, they'll eventually stick a foot in the mouth; but Donald couldn't have achieved what he has without knowing people and how to talk and negotiate with them. We need him.

Like him or not, he's telling it like it is! I've never seen this and I love it! It's all we want - someone to be honest and stop treating "the people" like we're a bunch of idiots and like we're too dumb to see what's happening in our own country. Our current leaders have ignored the great words and even warnings handed to us from our forefathers and they've destroyed the dream. Trump is reminding us of those promises for America! He doesn't care who likes it or not and he doesn't back down! This is history folks... politics will never be the same whether he's the next president or not and we can thank Donald for that - the political crooks have had their bubbles busted and their BS handed back to them already.

No prior candidate has moved me on a personal level like Donald Trump (obviously, I know). I talk to people that can't get past his abrasive personality only to find out that they haven't listened to what he's saying. Stop and truly think about what we want for this country and for future then listen, listen, listen... if you love the USA,vote Trump 2016!

Michelle and Ray Cummngs

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