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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 10:30


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I was visiting my aunt in South Carolina last week, she is a devout
church goer. (I no longer attend but did with my aunt )
I not only used to attend church regularly, I worked within the church
and hated it, then and now. They would pass out a flyer telling you how
to vote for everything, leading up to and on the Sunday before election,
now, I’m sure they aren't the only ones to do that, we’re not even close to
the election and half the preaching last Sunday was about who to vote for
and that we need to convince our friends who to vote for.
WHAT A JOKE, I didn’t know it back then but do so now, this is illegal
and not what a church is supposed to do and it violates their tax free statis.
I fully support the taxing of all the church's profiting any money over expenses..
They do not deserve tax free statis any longer, all profits should be spent
on feeding the poor and providing shelter within our own country and
not just profiting.
And sorry, this especially applies to these mega churches that rack in
millions a year. They should be paying taxes!
Donna Mavrone

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