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Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:59

Closing Primaries Betrays the Public

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Commissioner Larry Kiker, has marginalized Lee County voters by using
an election loophole to prop up a write-in candidate to close the Primary
in the Lee County Commission District 3 race. Closing the primary fits
Kiker’s pattern of unethical behavior that has characterized his time in
Eli Zonana, a pre-arranged write-in candidate who has no intention of actually
running for office, and according to Florida law does not even
have to be a resident of the state, closes the primary to only registered
Republican voters. In this case eliminating Democrats and non-party affiliated
Mr. Kiker's strategy will fail because Republicans in Lee County are
well-aware that his election to the Lee County Commission in 2012 was
directly attributable to the generous financial support of U.S. Sugar. Not
surprisingly, Kiker has been noticeably silent on responding to the dirty
water crises impacting our tourism and real estate based economy and
our environment. Is the slimy green sludge fouling the shoreline on the
Florida east coast heading here? Time will tell. If so, will that prompt
him to slap the hand that feeds him?
Joe Miceli, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Ret.)

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