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Editorials From Sun Bay


We've been materially comfortable and abundant for so long, we sometimes fear or avoid the struggle necessary to advance ourselves.
Throughout history, great struggle has usually preceded any significant social change.

Since the Jews escaped into the wilderness from the horrors of ancient Egypt and roamed for decades, through the Enlightenment where Western man evolved from the torture chambers of the Inquisition and religious zeal, past the French and American revolutions liberating the common man from privilege and into the millions who died fighting the Nazi enslavement machine, change is marked by struggle.
Due to the industrial revolution with its burgeoning food and energy production, mankind, particularly in the modernized Western world and parts of Asia, has been insulated from the need to struggle. Couple this with the awesome destructive power of our nuclear military and we find ourselves cocooned into a complacency that is now being threatened by enduring outside forces. This complacency is the enemy within that threatens our society on many levels.
A lot of people are offended by what they see in the current presidential election campaign; they see a media that constantly lies, Super-PACs that try to buy our votes and a continuing line of career politician who represent themselves as our saviors when their past performance has been anything but a salvation.
There is also a lot of fear-mongering about the Republican front runner Donald Trump. His own party is fracturing and many say they won't support him if he wins the nomination. Why? There may be many reasons that have a degree of efficacy but the biggest is fear - a deep troublesome fear striking the hearts of an establishment that has led us around by our collective nose for so long.
When we first started publishing The Sun Bay Paper - in August of this year - I wrote that Donald Trump was here to stay. At that time, most media sources were telling you he'd be gone in a week or two, that he was a mere flash in the pan with no real viability as a candidate. Well, we all know that isn't true now, but this newspaper knew it then.
The American people, especially those who really do work for a living, are sick of losing their good jobs to offshore industry; they are tired of being invaded by lawbreakers and they are sick and tired of apologists for America. They want a strong leader who can tell it like it is.
Now many like to say Trump has offered no concrete plans to implement his idea. That is not true. He has said he would renegotiate bad trade deals - that is concrete. He has said he will secure the borders - that is definitive. He has said he will deport those here illegally - that's a firm commitment.
In reality, it is those trying to smear Trump who are the ones with no concrete plans - that's why they attack him to deflect us from their own lack of a plan. All the rest running - Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, Kasich -all except Carson - are just more of the same; political wolves in well-groomed suits. Only Trump offers a real alternative to the establishment.
I saw where more democrats than ever defected to vote for Trump in Massachusetts. There were a few other places this happened on Super Tuesday and it will be happening again.
It doesn't take a genius to see that the people -not Democrats or Republicans as most have lost faith in parties - want a change and they see Trump as the catalyst for that change. This election will harden the lines between those who want to be given stuff by a paternalistic government (or maybe maternalistic if Clinton has her way) and those who have the genuine pride of making it on their own - the true American can-do spirit that built this country.
The line is being drawn not so much by those who love Trump as it is by those who really dislike the rest, especially those being foisted on us the hardest by media and the established parties -Clinton and, and now that Bush is gone - Rubio. But make no mistake about it Cruz is a lifelong politician and cut mostly from the same cloth. Only Trump and Carson come from outside the Beltway.
Clinton may win, but it will be because of a liberal white crossover vote - not because she “commands minorities.”
I also know many Hispanic people. I speak pretty good Spanish myself and admire the Latin culture. Many of them - good Americans, living here legally and working hard for their families do not want to see their hard earned right to opportunity taken away by illegal immigrants whether from Guatemala or Syria or Nigeria or elsewhere. Many will also defy expectations and vote for Trump in greater numbers than expected. It may not be a majority but there will be sizeable numbers.
Then there are those telling us that without the black vote nobody can win. Really? Blacks are only 12% of the population. It is also a fact they vote their race when possible - Obama's elections proved that when over 90% of blacks voted for Obama. Now with Clinton getting the mantle of "liberal democrat" meaning she will continue open border, welfare and other public assistance she will no doubt get most of the black vote. But don't be surprised if there are inroads even here for as the general public wakes up some blacks are also waking up to the democratic policies and now seeing their giveaways as a different form of bondage.
Besides if whites were to vote in the same percentages and support a white candidate and that candidate were Trump they still have the numbers to sweep a candidate into office. The media tells us otherwise but whites still make up the majority of voters in the USA.
The take-away from what we are saying is that there has been a vast misrepresentation of facts and a ongoing near-fraudulent attempt by the establishment to get people to follow the path chosen for them and from what we have been seeing and reporting it is not working this time and that is refreshing.

Carl Conley, Publisher

March 30, 2017

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