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Carlos Santana comes to the Hertz Arena, Sunday September 19 in a Don't Miss This Show Event!... (my opinion)... He will be performing many of his classics and cuts from his mas- terful new album, Blessings and Mir- acles that will be released worldwide via BMG on October 15. The record’s dazzling first single, “Move,” which sees the music legend and guitar icon reteamed with Match- box 20 singer Rob Thomas, was re- leased to radio on August 18. Blessings and Miracles is one of the most ambitious, inspired and magical albums of Santana’s storied career, on which the legendary gui- tarist aims higher than ever. “The title of this album comes from my belief that we’re born with heavenly powers that allows us to create bless- ings and miracles,” Santana says. “The world programs you to be un- worthy of those gifts, but we have to utilize light, Back in its 16th year, The festival attracts independent film fans, filmmakers, and distributors and, Florida. Attendees come from all over the world to exchange ideas, make new contacts, The Annual Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival is a celebration of independent film that includes a sunset cruise on the Gulf of Mexico, film screenings, filmmakers' panels, and filmmakers' workshops, after parties, and an awards ceremony is back! Independent filmmakers, actors, directors, locals and visitors from across the globe look forward to celebrating and sharing their cre- ative cinematic storytelling at the 16th Annual Fort Myers Beach In- ternational Film Festival, and invite you to spend five fabulous days and nights on the Gulf beaches of Fort Myers Beach and enjoy some com- pelling and interesting films encom- passing a wide range of tastes. .... September 14 - 19 at the Beach The- ater, located at: From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 4 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com September 10, 2021 - September 23, 2021 Right... All Along Cont. pg 6 This Tuesday, new owners shocked the tenants at Campo Fe- lice with the announcement that it will no longer be a community for people 55 and over. After a $55 mil- lion sale of Campo Felice in down- town Fort Myers ,but they are com- mitted to making sure the property’s senior residents feel welcomed to stay. Fort Myers Community Will No Longer Be 55+ Monoclonal Antibody Treat- ments (MAB) for COVID-19 can prevent severe illness, hospitaliza- tion and death among any positive tested individuals. This treatment is now widely available in Florida. What Is Monoclonal Antibody Therapy & Who Is Eligible to Receive It? When the pandemic first began, no specific treatment for COVID-19 existed. Since that time, however, the FDA has granted Emer- gency Use Authorization (EUA) to several monoclonal antibody thera- pies as a treatment for COVID-19. With monoclonal antibody therapy, physicians now have a way to help prevent severe symptoms from developing in those who are high risk. This must be administered right after a Covid -19 positive test! More recently, the FDA extended the potential application of monoclonal antibody therapy for preventive use in those at risk due to a confirmed exposure to the virus. The authorization was based on the results of a large clinical trial that found the antibodies prevented symptoms in household contacts of people who recently tested positive. The FDA stressed that the therapy is not a substitute for vaccination, how- ever. How does monoclonal antibody therapy work? Monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy, also called monoclonal anti- body infusion treatment, is a way of treating COVID-19. The goal of this therapy is to help prevent hospital- izations, reduce viral loads and lessen symptom severity. This type of therapy relies on monoclonal antibodies. These are an- tibodies that are similar to the ones your body would naturally make in response to infection. However, monoclonal antibodies are mass-pro- duced in a laboratory Fort Myers Beach Film Festival is Back! Your voice is still needed to urge the U.S. Army Corps of Engi- neers to incorporate critical changes into LOSOM that will ensure the protection of the Caloosahatchee and our Florida west coast communities. The Army Corps of Engi- neers is currently in the process of developing a new regulation sched- ule for Lake Okeechobee, referred to as the Lake Okeechobee System Op- erating Manual (LOSOM). The new plan will guide how water in the lake is managed and the volume and duration of flows sent to the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie es- tuaries, and south to Email The U.S. Army Corps Your Concerns On Water Quality Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Treatments NowAvailable in Florida Santana Hertz Arena September 19th Cont. on pg. 18 Cont. pg 5 Cont. pg 16 Cont. pg 16 In Florida 9/11 20 Years Later Amid growing new concerns about the Taliban, there are many Tributes to 9-11 happening this weekend, too many to list them all here. Check out : www.news- press.com We Will Always Remember