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This beloved classic family musical comes alive once again! This most popular Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music musical, comes brilliantly to life in this ambitious, live-broadcast production directed and choreo- graphed by Amy Marie McCleary The spectacular Melissa Whitworth delivers a wonderful per- formance and incredible vocal talents as Maria, the high spirited, aspiring nun, who reluctantly becomes the governess for seven children living in the shadow of their stern widowed father, Captain Von Trapp, exception- ally played by Andrew Fehrenbacher. Along with her required du- ties, Maria brings love, music and excitement back into the children's lives, which eventually begins to have an effect on their father as Maria (aspiring nun) struggles be- tween her dedication to God and her growing feelings for Von Trapp. Back in the Abbey, Ariana Valdes portrays Mother Abbess leader of the Nuns, who was capti- vating with her powerful vocals. and wise council and warm connection with Maria. At this point, I would like to express my total appreciation to the Choreography for the play by McCleary, especially in respect to the children who moved and danced seamlessly across the stage. Although the show is a great depiction of family unity and love, it also has its place in history, as just when things are looking up, the rise of Nazism and the looming threat of war darkens their future forcing the family to escape to Switzerland. The Sound of Music Live is an enchanting experience, bringing back to life great iconic songs as: "The Sound of Music,""Do-Re-Mi," "My Favorite Things," " Sixteen going on Seventeen," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida’s 15 ports and $117 bil- lion maritime trade industry can save Christmas. “We have to make sure people can go Christmas shopping as normal. We have to make sure all the necessi- ties are there,” DeSantis told reporters as he toured Jacksonville’s JAXPORT seaport Tuesday amid reports of global supply chain bottlenecks and ships log-jammed outside California ports. “And if it's because ships are sitting off the coast somewhere else, and they can be rerouted here, and we can get all those shelves stocked, then we want to be a part of that solution,” DeSantis said. “We’re here. We have capacity.” DeSantis and Congressional Republicans have been critical, of the Biden administration’s handling of the supply chain pile-up. The governor said Florida has invested more than $1 billion in 70 port projects since 2019 and the Sunshine State From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 7 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com October 22, 2021 - November 4, 2021 Cont. pg. 17 Right... All Along Generous local musicians are donating their time and talents to raise funds that will help the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation (a 501c3 not-for-profit) to renovate the historic Bank of Everglades Building which will eventually be used as a Visitor Center with boutique offices and artists' studios. The Bank of Ever- glades building was built in 1927 for Barron Gift Collier who envisioned an iconic landmark building as the home for the Bank of Everglades. The Bank of Ever- glades remained in the building until 1962 when the business relocated to Immokalee. The building was then used as a room- ing house. In 1979, the building was purchased by Reba "Rusty" Rupsis who published the Everglades Echo newspaper in the building until 1990. After that, it was a Bed & Breakfast by several suc- ceeding owners until it closed in 2017. The building has remained vacant since that time. Everglades Society for Historic Preservation: Save The Historic Bank Building Festival! Reroute Container Ships To Florida Cont. pg 23 Cont. pg 10 The Biden administration will lift travel restrictions at the borders with Canada and Mexico starting in November for fully vac- cinated travelers, reopening the door of the United States to tourists and separated family members who had been sealed out of the country during the pan- demic. Those who provide proof of vaccination and are looking to visit families or friends or shop in the U.S. will be allowed to enter, senior administration officials said on Tuesday, just weeks after the administration said it would soon lift a similar sweeping restriction on foreigners looking to travel to the country from overseas. The lifting of the two bans will effectively mark the reopening of the United States to travelers and tourism, signaling a new phase in the recovery from the pandemic after the country closed its borders for nearly 19 months. But the new requirements also indicate that the country will be a welcoming desti- nation only for those who are vac- cinated. Unvaccinated travelers will continue to be banned from crossing the borders with Mexico or Canada, officials said. Those who were never banned from trav- eling across the land borders, in- cluding commercial drivers and students, will also need to show proof of vaccination when cross- ing starting in January — an effort to provide travelers like truckers time to adjust to the new rules, of- ficials said. The travel restrictions, im- plemented in March 2020 as the coronavirus spread throughout the United States, only applied to “nonessential travelers” — rela- tives looking to visit family or those looking to shop U.S. Will Open Canada and Mexico Borders For Fully Vaccinated Travelers Cont. pg 5