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Florida Hard Rock Sportsbook Faces Legal Challenge In yet another desperate at- tempt to sell the public on his failing multitrillion-dollar spending agenda, President Joe Biden released a slideshow Thursday that inadver- tently betrays how the modern Democratic Party views the fam- ily. And the news isn't good for fathers, mothers, children, communities, or the nation. In Biden's slideshow, we meet a cartoon "Linda" from Peoria, Illinois. Linda, we are told, is preg- nant with her son "Leo," but we are never told where exactly Leo's father is. We see one slide in which Linda and Leo bene- fit from Biden's direct payments to parents. We see another slide that shows the government helping Linda pay to put Leo in daycare. And we see another slide in which Leo is placed in government-run pre-K. But again, at no point do we see Linda or Leo with the father. It is as if he doesn't exist. Which is disappointing, be- cause in real life, decades of re- search have proven what anyone with an ounce of common sense has already known for centuries: Fathers matter. Not only are married fathers proven to help their own children achieve higher levels of education, get better jobs, and earn more in- come, but neighborhoods with more fathers in them have proven to have more upward social mobility than those neighbor- hoods dominated by single mothers. Neighbor- hoods with more fathers are also safer than neigh- borhoods without them. Families with fathers ap- pear to help estab- lish a climate of order that makes entire communi- ties less violent. That's right -- just the mere presence of more fathers in a neigh- borhood helps all children in the neighborhood. Biden's decision to leave fa- thers out of the sales pitch for his family policy wouldn't be so bad, except that the actual policies in his family policy make it less likely that fathers will be there for their chil- dren. For starters, his extended payments to parents would punish mothers such as Linda who want to marry the fathers of their children. According to the Tax Policy Center, a mother making $19,000 would lose almost $1,000 a year in pay- ments from the gov- Washington DC is organized crime, working for and with the war, oil, banking, pharmaceutical, insur- ance, tech and social media industries. Mussolini called this system fascism. As media distract us with DC in- trigues, Antifa, mass shooters and CIA-driven foreign war-sparking de- coys, the chieftains of industry laugh at our ignorance and pull celebrities’ puppet strings. As Trump scratches the sur- face of the Deep State, Washington DC and these industries run our lives. Only We the People can fix this; we must first repent, then begin to act tac- tically and make history by simply doing the chores. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is a new way of life: ratify the original first right in our Bill of Rights, remove Congress from Washington DC, re- store the citizen Grand Jury and con- stitutional Militia in each state, then take back all we have lost to DC or- ganized crime. After 60,000 hours’ R&D by 44 volunteers, TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the only full-spectrum solution; like no other organization. Not politics. Just We The People, enforcing the Constitution at last. Working from our homes and mobile devices, we can do what no other population, including that of Washington DC, can ever do. These essays work through the challenges and opportunities for today’s Ameri- can remnant, offering a clear path for- ward. www.tacticalcivics.com From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 8 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com November 5, 2021 - November 18, 2021 Cont. pg. 17 Right... All Along The U.S. Army Corps of En- gineers was scheduled to publish its recommended regulation plan for Lake Okeechobee this week, but an- nounced late last week it would not have the 10-year proposal ready be- fore Nov. 16. The delay is praised by those who don’t like the plan and criticized by those who do, a schism defined by geography – east v. west, north v. south – instead of partisan politics. After years of debate over where Lake Okeechobee discharges should flow, the Corps in July se- lected one of five proposals, Bal- anced Alternate Plan CC, to encode into its Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual (LOSOM) for the 730-square-mile impoundment. LOSOM was to be finalized in October and implemented by late 2022 after $2 billion in repairs to Herbert Army Corp’s Delays Lake O plan Fathers Belong in the Picture A New Way of Life Cont. pg 23 Sports betting is now legal online anywhere in the Sunshine State, at least until Friday when a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s 30-year pact with the Semi- nole Tribe of Florida is heard in Washington, D.C. The Seminole Tribe Mon- day launched its Hard Rock Sports- book, Florida’s first legalized sports betting operation. It was up when the New York Giants kicked off to the Kansas City Chiefs in their Monday Night Football con- test. The dawn of a new era – an estimated $7 billion is already spent by state residents betting via digital sportsbooks; one analyst projects Florida’s sports wagering market could top $12 billion annu- ally – began without notice other than a “Game On, Florida” link on Seminole websites offering the Hard Rock Sportsbook digital app for download. How long it will stay online has oddsmakers rubbing chins. No Casinos’ President John Sowin- ski, who leads a powerful group that’s stymied gaming expansion in Florida since 1978, is betting the plug will be pulled on Hard Rock Sportsbook Friday. No Casinos in September filed a 40-page lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., claim- ing the Florida-Seminole pact is “a clear violation” of federal law and Florida’s Constitution. The suit will be heard Friday. “I’m very confident we’ll win on the merits,” Sowinski told Florida Phoenix. “I look forward to Friday.” Cont to pg 12