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Readers of this paper know that our content has been focused with issues that threaten the everyday American. Although we have conservative views, we have never held back on pointing out injustice in this world, regardless of po- litical affiliation. Unfortunately the recent chaotic events of last summer, followed by election irregularities, and the January 6 mob insurrection at the US Capitol building have left 'we the people' even more di- vided.........Intentionally! The term fake news is now levied against any who dare to look outside the lines of mainstream corporate news. Sadly, there are many who do go too far, without properly documenting or substantiating their allegations. We are On Thursday night, August 22, 2019, the Fort Myers Miracle, the local minor league baseball team from the Minnesota Twins organization, completed a three-game sweep of the Charlotte Stone Crabs with a 5 to 2 victory. Little did any of us fans dream as we headed to our cars that it would be 628 days and almost 90 weeks before Fort Myers would host its next home game, or the monumental changes that would engulf our society, minor league baseball, and the Miracle! Hurricane Dorian On that late August evening, Fort Myers was the defending 2018 Florida State League (FSL) Champions. They were set to defend their title, as they won the 2019 1st Half FSL championship to already qualify for the play- offs that would begin in under two weeks. While on the sea- son’s final roadtrip, however, monster Hurricane Dorian was ravaging the Caribbean, seem- ingly on her way to a major Florida landfall. Out of caution, the FSL cancelled the remainder of the regular season as well as the playoffs, a fact made even sadder when Dorian stalled at the last moment, then veered north, sparing the Sunshine State all together. Mighty Mussels & The Pandemic After a 28-year run, the Miracle officially came to an end in December 2019! And....No, ....the Fort Myers franchise, the Single A affili- ate of the Minnesota Twins, did not fall victim to the major league owners’ ill-con- ceived plan to eliminate 42 minor league baseball teams. The end of the Miracle, rather, came at the birth to the NEW Fort Myers Mighty Mussels, the team’s freshly- minted moniker, along with its new mascot, “Mussel Man,” and logo portraying “Mussel Man” calling his homerun shot! ala Babe Ruth Style These changes came through Andrew Kaufmann, CEO and Owner of Zawyer Sports, who became the prin- cipal owner of the Fort Myers franchise prior to the 2019 season. “We are so ex- cited by the Mighty Mus- sels,” Kaufmann said. “We made the decision to change our name because the name ‘Miracle’ came with the team when it relocated here from Miami in 1992 TV shows and movies often feature “super women” who can flawlessly handle all of life’s chal- lenges. The pressures of work and family responsibil- ities are no obstacles for characters like Lois Lane, Murphy Brown, Carol Brady and Clair Huxtable. Viewers cannot help but be impressed with these strong female leads. How- ever, we rarely see how these “super women” are helping themselves. May is Women’s Health Month, an annual re- minder for women – even “super women” – to priori- tize their own health and wellness. Finding a little “me time” can be difficult, but it’s essential. Below are four ways women can balance their health and wellness with careers, family and other life responsibilities: Lead a Healthy Lifestyle The American Heart Association lists four simple areas of focus to enhance your lifestyle: mental health and well-being, sleep, stress man- agement and quit smoking. Women are always on the go. Yet, it’s important to pause every once in a while. A few minutes of deep breathing increases oxygen levels in the blood, which in- creases energy levels, boosts immunity and reduces blood pressure. Oxygen is also proven to improve stress management, reduce anxiety and clear the mind. Commit to an Exercise Routine Any exercise routine, whether it’s informal or under the supervision of a medical professional, should include three components: • Strength training: Resist- ance training using weights, bands or heavy objects to en- hance muscle function. From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.31 Take us home with you! TheSunBayPaper.com May 7, 2021 - May 20, 2021 Cont. pg 14 Cont. pg. 5 Cont. pg. 6 The 2021 Nautical Expo event at the Lee Civic Center will be held on May 15 and 16. The expo will have Salt and freshwater fishing seminars sponsored by MirrOlure and will be held on the hour from local guides including bass fish- ing expert, Captain Mark King, from Lake Okee- chobee. You will also find Southwest Florida’s most popular boats and fishing skiffs, kayaks, nautical ex- hibits, coastal gadgets, jewelry, outdoor sports- wear, as well as fly-tying demonstrations, outdoor furniture, exotic nautical wood, and metal art as they browse the indoor and out- door coastal market. On stage Saturday at 11 am and 1 pm will be the very first “Miss Nauti- cal Mile” pageant hosted by Miss Global United States. The “Go-Swim” models along with Interna- tional Mermaid, Faith Lynn, will be on display in an eight-foot clamshell with her 250-pound silicone tail. Their exhibitors are at max capacity in the 50,000 square foot air-con- ditioned building, and plenty more vendors will be outdoors surrounding what is being called a “Food Truck Bonanza” where multiple food trucks will be on-site both days serving $5 portions so at- tendees can try a bit of everything. Open from 9 am to 5 pm, on Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, at: 11831 Bayshore Rd, North Fort Myers, General admission is $12, and to encourage boating and fishing in our youth, kids under eighteen are free. A Time For Purple Nautical Expo 2021 At Lee Civic Center Mussel Up! Fort Myers, Minor League Baseball Returns For Home Opener: May 11 Finding Balance: Women’s Health Month