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It’s that time of year when we celebrate our local Shrimpers! What began as a blessing of the shrimp boats 60 years ago has grown to a major beach-front celebration of shrimp in this Good Ol’ Florida shrimpin’ town. The blessing of the fleet is a decades-old tradition performed in hopes of ensuring our shrimpers on the Gulf return home safely with plenty of pink gold with them — shrimp. This year the blessing of the fleet will be held after the festival, but the Shrimp Festival will be held on March 12th and 13th, look for further info here about the blessing of the fleet or on our website, as soon as we know, we’ll publish it. The guest of honor……… FRESH Gulf of Mexico shrimp! We have a whole festival to celebrate them! The Fort Myers Beach Lions have been boiling and serving delicious, pink Gulf shrimp to festival attendees for over sixty years! The secrets of perfectly cooked ‘peel and eat’ shrimp have been passed from boil master to boil master through the years, as well as the secret recipe for Lions delicious cocktail sauce. The Lions serve more than a thousand pounds of shrimp, fresh from local boats, at each year’s festival. Each $15 shrimp dinner is a half-pound of steaming pink shrimp served with secret-recipe Lions cocktail sauce and cole slaw. making the Shrimp Boil one of the main attractions of this annual festival. Lions toil and boil for Come join the fun for Mardi Gras Festival on March 5th in Centennial Park at 2000 W 1st St, Ft Myers! You do not want to miss out, get your tickets now! Help welcome the 2022 Mardi Gras Festival to Fort Myers this Saturday from 12 PM – 9PM! Enjoy live entertainment, authentic New Orleans styled meals, and great atmosphere all day long! Make sure to save the date! Mardi Gras calls for a lot of scrumptious food and bright colorful costumes. With all things green, purple, and gold. Have a blast at the extravagant Mardi Gras Parades, witness huge floats and a mass of people at the street parties in Fort Myers. The festival is not all parades and costume, you will find some of the greatest events ranging from paint parties to Mardi Gras walking tours. Get into the madness of Mardi Gras 2022 in Fort Myers and have a time of your life. Tickets · www.eventbrite.com/e/mardigras-festival-tickets-215836852837 From Island to Bay, News on the Level Volume 7 Issue 21 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 Right... All Along Cont. pg 6 Fort Myers Beach Lions Club 64th Annual Shrimp Festival Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com MARDI GRAS CELEBRATIONS IN FORT MYERS March 12th and 13th Starring the world’s greatest award-winning magicians, this 21st century magic show is unlike anything you have seen before – filled with modern illusions and arts of deception, performed live on stage. Watch closely as you experience things that just can’t be done … or can they? Audiences will be held at the edge of their seats by the jaw-dropping grand illusions, and laugh out loud at the hysterical comedy magic as performers from around the world combine fantasy, fervor, and flair with magic created in front of their very eyes.Masters of Illusion is appearing live in Fort Myers at Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, this Sunday, March 6th! Located at 13350 FSW Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33919 at the intersection of Cypress Lake Drive and Summerlin Road. Masters of Illusion astounds even the most jaded with its fast-paced sleight of hand experts, escape artists, comedy magicians, illusionists and more! The magic show is based on the multi-award winning television series, Master of Illusion which ran for nine seasons and had 104 episodes. The Masters of Illusion is an Excitementing !Spectacle! Suspensful! Funny! and Energtic! Masters of Illusion feature headlining illusionists, comedy magicians, colorful birds, and beautiful dancers. If you like magic, this show is a MUST! Masters of Illusion Our Prayers are With Ukraine

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 If you want to help save elephants from extinction, the easiest thing to do is to never, ever buy ivory products. Even if the ivory item is marketed as “antique,” the reality is the majority of ivory is less than three years old. You should also only purchase coffee with bags stamped with the Forest Stewardship Council mark of approval. This ensures that not only is the coffee grown with fair trade practices in mind, but also it is done without destroying natural wildlife habitats critical for elephant survival. Sure, it makes sense to store milk, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. But have you thought about storing things like oil and flour? Products that have oil in them are temperamental and can easily go rancid when left in warm conditions or when sunlight regularly beams onto the jar or container. Canola, safflower and olive oil should be stored in the refrigerator to help them stay fresh longer. And whole-grain flours (which still have trace oils and bran in the flour) also do better when stored in a cool, dark place like the refrigerator. One of the biggest energy hogs in your home is running air conditioning all day long. There are some easy tips you can use to help keep your house cool during the summer months. The easiest? Use white blinds on your sunniest windows. The white color is reflective and helps reduce solar heat gain inside your home. It’s so effective, it can reduce heat by as much as 45%. This one purchase and action can pay for itself in a very short period of time. White Blinds Are you trying to kick the plastic water bottle habit? It can be hard when you travel, which is why the bare-bones (but useful) website WaterAtAirports.com was created. It’s a list of airports all over the world that have refillable water stations. The forum is moderated and curated by green-minded jetsetters and tells you exactly at which terminals, gates and locations you can find water stations. Just bring your empty reusable water bottle through security and you can stay hydrated on the go. Plastic H2O Habit Just one manufacturer of disposable pens sells close to 9 billion of them every single year. Plastic pens are nearly impossible to recycle, and the majority end up in landfills. If you have a collection of dried-up plastic pens, you can send them to an artist called The Pen Guy who uses them to make large-scale collages that vary from abstract to whimsical patterns. He takes a wide variety of writing implements, including ballpoint and felt-tip pens, regular and dry-erase markers, and mechanical pencils. To learn how to donate, just visit his website at penguyart.com. Pen to Art Do you place fresh eggs in the special compartment in your refrigerator that holds them nice and snug? It might be time to break that habit. Eggshells are porous, which means they slowly dry out and lose their freshness. Leaving eggs in their container helps them stay fresher longer, since they aren’t exposed to chilled open air. Bonus tip: You can coat eggs with a little vegetable oil to make them less porous. This will add days of freshness to your eggs. Danny Seo Egg Storage Many of us use a small space heater when it’s a particularly cold day outside. Space heaters are a smart choice: They are energy-efficient, since they heat up a single room or space, and they have also gotten safer over time. But even as space heaters have improved, precautions should be taken when using them. If you need an extension cord, for example, don’t use just any extension cord. It’s important to use a heavy-duty kind (marked with “14 gauge wire”), which is the same variety you would use outdoors. This will ensure the power is properly grounded so your heater operates safely. Space Heaters Room in the Fridg Elephants & Ivory

According to a report on 1/9/17 by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA): “Nearly all of the utility-scale power plants in the United States that were retired from 2008 through 2017 were fueled by fossil fuels. Of the total retired capacity, coal power plants and natural gas steam turbines accounted for the highest percentages, 47% and 26%, respectively. Most of the planned closings through 2020 will also be coal plants and natural gas steam turbines, based on information reported to EIA.” What President was in power during the above time period, from 2008 to Jan 2016…Barack Hussein Obama!? Who said, “I will CLOSE all clean, coal, power plants”, as part of his campaign pledge? Barack Hussein Obama…that’s who, without any way to replace that power production, Obama weaponized the EPA after his Democrat House and Democrat Senate voted “NO” to Cap and Trade? Cap and Trade is a “tax” to allow fossil fuel Plants to emit more Carbon Dioxide, for a fee, nothing to do with Climate Change! For example, if your “permit” allows you to burn 5 cords of firewood this year …if you pay $100 more for each cord you burn over the 5, you may burn more! That is Cap and Trade! By the way…anybody notice there is no more Global Warming BS …it’s all “Climate Change” now, which is more insane, more BS, but more non descriptive, than ‘Warming’ ever was. We blew a hole in that BS and we are destroying the Climate Change Horse crap too! President Trump reversed the fossil fuel “ban” imposed by Obama and won every court case they filed! The irony of all this is that there is NO evidence that reducing CO2 will stop, impact, influence, have any effect whatsoever on ANYTHING , let alone, “Climate Change”, Global warming or Global Cooling, or slow down the planet Earth’s orbit or stop Sun spots or the impact of meteors with the Planet Earth, or make it freaking rain tomorrow! BUT, reducing our fossil fuel supply, for no good reason sure as hell drove up the price at the pump…didn’t it? God gave us an abundance of fossil fuel to use wisely and we are. You CANNOT replace FOSSIL fuels with unreliable-bull solar or wind power. Ask Texas! We MUST have a reliable source of fuel for the Grid and that’s hydro, nuclear, and …yes Dorothy… fossil fuel! Use Solar and Wind at your cabin off Grid! ANY “Scientist” who disagrees with that will also tell you that there is a tooth fairy, a Land of Oz and chickens have lips, Dorothy! Simply put, THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, WHAT SO EVER,THAT MAN CAN DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE WHAT MOTHER NATURE DOES!!! AND don’t try to say Mother Nature has nothing to do with it…CO2 and its uses… because either she or God himself, came up with photosynthesis… that’s how the oxygen you breathe is created! I do hope you know that!? Anyone who reports, implies, writes, tells you that scientists know how CO2 impacts anything Mother Nature does, is full of the stuff that comes out the end of the horse… that they are! If someone says that science does know…ask them to explain why/how does all the “excess Carbon Dioxide”, that is created on earth…mysteriously, fall into the Oceans…why? And who decides what’s “excess”? Obama, and his press are such scoundrels that they blame Republicans and President Trump for everything they do. With the above being so true, if you Google, “How many fossil fuel plants did Obama close from 2008 to 2016”…what comes up is, “Trump closed 50 fossil fuel plants in 2018??!! Trump closed ZERO…not a single power plant during any part of his term. Obama did that as a big part of his planned Muslim, Islamic, Socialist “fundamental change “that he promised………. Why? ………. to weaken America! To prove to you what I say… I have been telling you that the left is so desperate that they are about to try to pull off a take-over...a coupe… before the Nov, 2022 elections. Ain’t that some shi#? They are going to TRY to finish destroying your Constitutional Republic and make America a Commie country! I’ve said it recently and I will say it again! Here’s what I believe the Democraps, are up to… they will create Chaos, like you cannot imagine…then pull a take-over of the country. When it happens, you will then see what they have been up to for the past several decades…and it is nothing short of TREASON! Biden has no idea what this will do to this country…he’s doesn’t know if he is walking or on horseback! 1.They will shut down the internet… then take MAJOR, steps to change our financial system from currency to digital coin and take as much of our currency, dollars, as they can, by wiping out our bank accounts and then force us to prove what we had. They will then control, through the Fed, how much you/we have and can spend and retain! 2.They will shut down the Electric Grid to punish us, if we protest, they’ll blame “ALL” they did, on the Republican Radical Right…huh… The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 The Right Side And The Eagle Falls... NEVER! Cont. pg 17

The term "gerrymander" derives from Elbridge Gerry, a Founding Father and vice president who, as governor of Massachusetts, approved an oddly drawn state senate district to benefit his DemocraticRepublican Party over the Federalist Party. Both parties do it. Both parties complain when the other party does it to them. Consider recent GOP "gerrymandering" efforts. Former President Barack Obama accused Republicans of "passing laws designed to prevent American citizens from exercising their right to vote. And drawing congressional maps that drown out the voice of ordinary people." Obama added: "Rather than argue, based on ideas, they are trying to tilt the playing field. And they aren't even waiting for election day to do it. Their plan is to control state legislatures and congressional delegations before a single vote is cast. That is not how democracy is supposed to work." Former Obama attorney general and self-described Obama "wingman" Eric Holder also denounced the Republican maneuvers. Holder called for "fair line drawing" while blasting Republicans who "gamed" the system. Obama and Holder assume or hope we suffer from memory loss. Holder's former boss not only benefited from gerrymandering, but one could argue that without it, there would have been no President Obama. In 1999, Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama lost badly in the primary election for Chicago's South Side seat in the U.S. House to fellow Democrat and incumbent Rep. Bobby Rush. According to ProPublica, "Two years later, with the Democrats in control of Illinois redistricting, Obama was apparently able to reshape his state senate district to his own specifications, which included drawing in wealthy supporters from Chicago's Gold Coast." Chicago Democrat John Corrigan, who worked on the redistricting, called it "a radical change." Obama's new district was, according to The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza, "wealthier, whiter, more Jewish, less bluecollar and better educated." Lizza wrote: "Corrigan remembers two things about the district that he and Obama drew. First, it retained Obama's Hyde Park base — he had managed to beat Rush in Hyde Park — then swooped upward along the lakefront and toward downtown. By the end of the final redistricting process, his new district bore little resemblance to his old one. Rather than jutting far to the west, like a long thin dagger, into a swath of poor black neighborhoods of bungalow homes, Obama's map now shot north, encompassing about half of the Loop, whose southern portion was beginning to be transformed by developers like Tony Rezko, and stretched far up Michigan Avenue and into the Gold Coast, covering much of the city's economic heart, its main retail thoroughfares, and its finest museums, parks, skyscrapers, and lakefront apartment buildings." Because this new district The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 Cont to pg 6 GOP Gerrymandering is Racist..... Obama-mandering is Just Politics ?? If you want to reduce gun violence, New York City Mayor Eric Adams thinks, you need to go after guns. His plan relies heavily on disrupting gun trafficking, seizing guns and arresting people for illegal gun possession. This strategy is unlikely to work. Worse, the focus on gun possession arrests, if it fails to distinguish between people who pose a real threat to public safety and people who carry guns for self-protection, will compound the injustice of systematically denying city dwellers their Second Amendment rights. "It is estimated that as many as 2 million illegal guns were in circulation in New York City in 1993," the Justice Department reports. Last year, the New York Police Department seized about 6,000 guns; even at that unusually high rate, three decades of seizures would not have made much of a difference. Given that reality, attempts to disrupt the supply of guns are not a very promising approach either. For crime guns in New York, the average time between initial sale and confiscation is nearly 12 years. Philadelphia, like New York, has recently seen sharp increases in homicides. But law enforcement officials in that city are rightly skeptical that gun seizures or supply-side measures are an effective way to tackle the problem. Between 1999 and 2020, according to a January report from a committee that includes local police officials and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, nearly 13 million guns were legally sold in Pennsylvania, an average of more than 1,600 a day. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies seized an average of 22 guns per day. "With so many guns available," Krasner says in the report, "a law enforcement strategy prioritizing seizing guns locally does little to reduce the supply of guns." And if that strategy "entails increasing numbers of car and pedestrian stops," he warns, it "has the potential to be counterproductive by alienating the very communities that it is designed to help." As in New York, the Philadelphia report notes, "most guns used and/or recovered are those purchased a long time ago, indicating that attempts to limit the future supply of guns now will not impact the current gun violence crisis." The report's analysis of 100 shootings confirms other research finding that criminals typically obtain guns through illegal transfers or theft, sources that would not be affected by new restrictions on sales, such as expanded background checks. Data from Baltimore, another city where homicides have risen in recent years, likewise casts doubt on the effectiveness of Adams' strategy. Based on 31 years of homicide and gun-seizure data, a Battleground Baltimore report published last week concludes that "seizing 'illegal' guns does not reduce violent crime, although gun seizures and gun possession arrests remain metrics frequently cited by police." Arresting people for illegal gun possession is not just ineffective; it is frequently unjust. Krasner says gun possession arrests "must be targeted to distinguish between drivers of gun violence who possess firearms illegally and otherwise law-abiding people who are not involved in gun violence." When "people do not feel protected by the police," Krasner notes, they may "view the risk of being caught by police with an illegal gun as outweighed by the risk of being caught on the street without one." Before he was elected, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressed a similar concern. "We need to recognize that not every person charged with possessing an illegal gun in New York City is a driver of violence," Bragg said on his campaign website. "My dad had an illegal gun not because he liked guns or because he was 'dangerous'; he had a gun because of crime in the neighborhood." Bragg has since retreated from that stance, echoing Adams' determination to vigorously prosecute people who carry guns without the government's permission. But law enforcement agencies cannot redeem their failure to protect public safety by locking up people who respond to that failure by exercising the constitutional right to armed self-defense. Jacob Sullum Gun Possession Arrests Are Frequently Unjust

Cont from pg 1 FMB Annual Shrimp Festival Here's the Shocking Reason Why Putin is Invading Ukraine The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 There are so many complex reasons for Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. And so many outcomes yet to be determined — sadly, all of them bad for the USA. First, let me tell you a personal story that explains the psychology of Putin. I grew up the only white Jewish kid attending an almost all-black middle school and then a 90% black high school. Needless to say, I was the favorite target of bullies. I know liberals haven't a clue about this, but whoever is in the minority in life gets tortured, intimidated and unfortunately, gets their as** kicked. A lot. That's a fact of life. Therefore, I got tortured, intimidated and beaten up on a daily basis. The bullies at my school stole my lunch, beat me in the bathrooms and chased me home after school. Most weak kids never change. I'm one of the lucky ones. A tough gang member took pity on me and taught me how to fight and defend myself. After a summer of brutal hand-to-hand combat training with my newfound tough friend, I vowed to never be intimidated again. I showed up at school ready to defend myself. The first 3 bullies who picked on me got a rude awakening. I knocked the first out; knocked the entire top row of the second bully's teeth out; and slugged the third one so hard, he was out of school for a week with a torn stomach muscle. The weakling (me) defeated the bullies. I was a real-life "Karate Kid." No bully ever touched me again. As a matter of fact, many of those tough guys and bullies became my buddies. I gained their respect. The lesson is "peace through strength." Only by being tougher than the other guy can you avoid conflict. That perfectly describes former President Donald J. Trump. I can picture Trump telling Putin, "If you attack Ukraine, we will bomb Russia to oblivion. Don't try me." And Putin never did. Putin behaved while Trump was president. But Putin knows Biden is a feeble old man with dementia. Putin knows he can walk all over him. That's first and foremost what this is all about: intimidation. Putin is a bully. He will try to get away with as much as he can while flexing his muscles and humiliating Biden. Putin wants to show the world that Russia is the world power now. And America is a paper tiger. Putin wants to show the world he is the big man on campus, with the big stick. And of course, Putin also wants to pillage the abundant natural resources of Ukraine — especially the oil and gas reserves. After all, it's always about the Benjamins. But there's also a shocking bonus to all of this that no one else is talking about. I believe Putin is sick and tired of hearing Biden and America's politicians lecture him about "Russia's corruption." Putin knows Biden is filthy and dirty. Putin knows the Biden crime family has taken kickbacks and payoffs all over the world. He knows Biden is "the Big Guy" who expects a piece of every deal. Biden lecturing others about corruption is like the Mafia lecturing about extortion. Putin knows the center of Biden's corruption was in Ukraine. Biden and his family intimidated, extorted and assaulted Ukraine. A little birdie tells me this is the big bonus for Putin after he invades and conquers Ukraine. He will capture and torture everyone involved in shady deals with Biden in order to unearth the secrets of Biden's filthy corruption. Then Putin has two juicy options. Behind door No. 1: Expose Biden's massive crime wave in Ukraine, shock the world, make Biden step down, embarrass and demoralize the United States and paralyze America's government. This makes Russia the new big, bad sheriff in town. Behind door No. 2: Putin can blackmail Biden and hold his secrets over his head in order to get whatever Putin wants. Suddenly Biden is Putin's flunky: the same relationship China already has with Biden. China has the goods on Biden. They clearly own Biden lock, stock and barrel. Now it's Putin's turn. Lastly, one more bad thing that will almost certainly come out of this. Just like my high school days, when bullies sense weakness, they immediately attack. China is watching closely. If Putin takes Ukraine, outplays and humiliates Biden, China will absolutely invade Taiwan. We are watching history unfold. Tragically, all of it is bad for America. Don't you wish Trump were back in the White House? Unfortunately, tragically, this is proof that rigged elections produce bad consequences. Wayne Allyn Root March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 GOP Gerrymandering is Racist..... Obama-mandering is Just Politics ?? helped Obama gain influential contacts and financial resources, Lizza said Obama's gerrymandering "may have been the most important event in Obama's early political life." Gerrymandering was not the only hard-boiled tactic employed by the young, ambitious politician. Obama engaged in what Democrats today would call "voter suppression" to win his state senate seat in the first place. To qualify to run, Illinois state Senate candidates must obtain a specific number of valid signatures on a petition. Obama challenged the legitimacy of the signatures on the petitions of his three rivals, including the incumbent, resulting in their disqualification. Will Burns, then a young volunteer for Obama, said, "(Petition-challenging is) one of the first things you do whenever you're in the middle of a primary race, especially in primaries in Chicago, because if you don't have signatures to get on the ballot, you save yourself a lot of time and effort from having to raise money and have a full-blown campaign effort against an incumbent." This is exactly what team Obama did. According to a CNN article about Obama's first race: "If names were printed instead of signed in cursive writing, they were declared invalid. If signatures were good but the person gathering the signatures wasn't properly registered, those petitions also were thrown out." Obama ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket. One of the candidates targeted and eliminated, Gha-is Askia, said, "It wasn't honorable. I wouldn't have done it." But today, about gerrymandering and alleged Republican "voter suppression," Obama now says, "That is not how democracy is supposed to work." But that is certainly how democracy worked in Chicago. Larry Elder Cont. from pg 5 two days, and their “pink Gold” is available from 10AM until 6PM. Saturday starts with a 5K road race, followed by the Shrimp beach parade which takes about 2 hours, the parade is followed by another race……… one to Lynn Hall Park to beat the huge line at the Lions Shrimp Boil……… (at the foot of Matanzas Bridge, just north of the FMB fishing pier,) One, halfpound of steaming shrimp is served on every plate, accompanied by sauce and slaw. If you don’t get to the front of the line, they will be serving until 6pm on both days. While they are there, Festival goers also take the opportunity to browse a huge selection of other eating local foods, local crafts and vendors who have make this event one of the best beach festivals in the South and a mecca for tens of thousands of visitors each year. Enjoy LIVE music , pick up a collectable official Shrimp Festival tee shirt, hat or tank top, and don’t forget the crowning of the next Shrimp Festival Queen at 1pm. What better way to spend a Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon than enjoying shrimp at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, while you’re there, remember you are at, take a moment to walk the shore, take in the beautiful view and dip your toes into the sparkling Gulf waters! More info: fortmyersbeachshrimpfestival.com

Massage therapy is known to help with all sorts of back pain and stiffness. It can also help resolve these symptoms in the neck. There are many types of this therapy to choose from, but the most common that help resolve a stiff neck are therapeutic, scientific and sports massage. These various techniques are typically applied to the neck as well as the shoulders and back. This therapy is the most common type of massage in the United States. After reading your intake form the licensed therapy provider assess your aches and painful areas and custom tailors a massage specifically for you. Using all massage techniques massage strokes run along the direction of blood flow to the heart. The main goal of this type of massage is to relieve pain) and to get rid of compensation tension throughout the entire body. These methods use deeper pressure, when necessary, to reach all layers of the muscles and connective tissues. The neck is a sensitive area. It is important to choose the right therapist so that you avoid any added pain that can come from incorrectly applied techniques. Neck and shoulder pain is the second most common complaint when clients come in for massage. Massage therapy has been proven to help with neck pain and stiffness, but muscle memory governs how our bodies work, so in order to get rid of chronic pain, multiple massages are required to change ingrained muscle patterns, usually 3 massages, done close together (3 or 4 days apart) in order to interrupt the cycle your body is already in. If you are experiencing neck pain, talk to your friends and see what experience they have had with local therapist, also check reviews on line to see what people are saying about local massage therapy providers, seek a therapist that has reviews talking about getting relief from old painful areas. Massage therapy can help reduce pain and stiffness, but other things can help too. Chiropractic Care when combined with massage often can be beneficial, lifestyle changes like reducing stress and changing your posture are two of the best steps you can take to prevent pain and muscle tension. Stretching regularly and sitting with your head in a neutral position. Exercising, sleeping well, and eating a healthy diet can help keep all your muscles in good health. If you are looking for a relaxing way to release tension and pain, massage therapy might be right for you. Armando’s Day Spa is well known in this area and offers a variety of services for massage and skin care, located at 2101 Estero Blvd on Fort Myers Beach. in the same location and family owned for over 21 years, check out their reviews online and see what others are saying about them.. You can reach them at: 239-483-1200, go to: www.armandosdayspa.com or search “Best Massage” on the web Dear Doctor: I've been taking thyroid medication for several years, and my doctor says my blood tests are where they should be, but my face feels like sandpaper, my nails are brittle, and I'm losing so much hair that I can see my scalp. Could there be some underlying problem my physician is missing? Dear Reader: Hair loss can be a distressing symptom, made all the more so when its cause is a mystery. Your thyroid hormone levels are an obvious place to start, because both low and high thyroid levels can lead to hair and nail changes. Symptoms of high thyroid levels include hair loss, skin that is unusually smooth and warm, and nails that soften and loosen from the nail bed. The remaining hair becomes thinner, softer and does not hold a wave. Symptoms of low thyroid levels also include hair loss, including in the armpits and genital area, but the hair in this scenario is dull, coarse and fragile. As for the nails, they tend to be delicate, thin and have multiple grooves. That said, if your physician has done a complete panel of thyroid tests and the results have been normal, then most likely the function of your thyroid gland is not the cause of the brittle nails nor the hair loss. That doesn't mean the thyroid isn't a factor. Autoimmune thyroid disease can lead to hair loss, both patchy and more diffuse, as well as inflammatory conditions of the skin. Such disease isn't always reflected in thyroid hormone levels. Checking anti-thyroid antibodies in the blood can identify autoimmune thyroid disease, and point you and your doctor in a clearer direction. Hair loss also can be caused by androgenic alopecia, linked to an excess of androgens, a type of male hormone. These hormones are present in both men and women, but they're higher than normal in some women, such as those with congenital adrenal hyperplasia or polycystic ovarian disease, which is relatively common. Simply checking levels of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) can either rule out androgenic alopecia or suggest that it be explored further. Another potential cause is medication. Some medications can lead to hair loss, so if your symptoms seem coincidental to starting a new medication, there might be an association. Biotin deficiency, which is rare, can also cause hair loss and inflammation of the facial skin. But if you have a normal diet and eat eggs, you have a low likelihood of this condition. Nonetheless, it's something to rule out. Iron deficiency also can lead to both brittle nails and hair loss. This doesn't explain the skin manifestations that you have, but if you are looking at other possibilities, checking the iron level of the blood should be part of the workup. Any major illness can lead to hair loss and nail changes, and psychological stress can lead to hair loss. So, if there have been major stressors in your life, either physical or psychological, consider that a potential culprit. In summary, if your thyroid levels are normal, it would be wise to check your thyroid antibodies, androgens and iron levels -- and your level of stress. Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.. Massage Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain ASK THE DOCTORS Hair Loss Could Be Multiple Causes Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? Call Bobby at: 239-267-4000 Low Tide High Tide Tide Chart License # 20205 239-463-1200 Fri, Mar 4 Tide Set One 01:53 AM 2.23 ft 08:29 AM -0.03 ft Tide Set Two 02:28 PM 1.90 ft 08:37 PM 0.20 ft Sat, Mar 5 Tide Set One 02:39 AM 1.97 ft 08:49 AM 0.26 ft Tide Set Two 02:43 PM 2.10 ft 09:24 PM 0.07 ft Sun, Mar 6 Tide Set One 03:27 AM 1.71 ft 09:07 AM 0.52 ft Tide Set Two 03:03 PM 2.23 ft 10:14 PM -0.07 ft Mon, Mar 7 Tide Set One 04:23 AM 1.44 ft 09:23 AM 0.75 ft Tide Set Two 03:27 PM 2.33 ft 11:08 PM -0.10 ft Tue, Mar 8 Tide Set One 05:38 AM 1.21 ft 09:33 AM 0.98 ft Tide Set Two 03:56 PM 2.36 ft ----- --- Wed, Mar 9 Tide Set One 04:31 PM 2.33 ft 12:13 AM -0.13 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- --- Thu, Mar 10 Tide Set One 05:18 PM 2.26 ft 01:30 AM -0.13 ft Tide Set Two ----- --- ----- ---

The stock market took a plunge. Gas pump prices are edging upward by the hour. Whether Americans like it or not, the war in Ukraine is going to affect us in profound and unpleasant ways. Citizens and politicians in this country can help shorten the duration by suspending the political sniping and uniting behind President Joe Biden's efforts to keep the United States out of a shooting war with Russia while making President Vladimir Putin suffer maximum consequences for his aggression. The preceding sentence will strike many of our readers as laughable coming from a newspaper that has devoted years complimenting the policies of former President Donald Trump. But Trump never had to face a situation like this. we supporters will argue that his tough policies were what deterred Putin from ever attempting such a move on Trump's watch. There are very strong facts about Trump's record that back that argument. But those are political arguments for another time. Right now, the world is at a level of crisis not seen since the Cuban missile crisis of 1961, if not the Sept. 1, 1939, German invasion of Poland, when World War II started. Putin stated Tuesday that he was acting to defend two Russianspeaking eastern regions of Ukraine that, he asserted, were proclaiming their independence. It appeared that Russia's incursion would be limited to that eastern region, much like Putin's illegal seizure and annexation of Crimea in 2014. But if that were true, why did Putin launch attacks across all of Ukraine deploy ground troops to Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, 200 miles to the northwest? Why is there a 40 mile caravan of military vehicles headed to surround Kyiv as we go to press? Every justification Putin claimed was based on lies. People are asking… If he goes unchallenged, why should he stop at Ukraine? True to his megalomaniacal form, Putin has made clear his intention to restore Russia's former glory through territorial expansion. But further aggression towards a NATO country would be met with military force… So we are hearing, are we ready for that? In an Associated Press/ NORC poll, only 26% of respondents supported a greater U.S. role in Ukraine. As if this rapidly escalating crisis would magically resolve itself if the United States just stood back and watched. The poll was conducted Feb. 18 to 21, before fighting had begun and Putin's words amounted to little more than bluster. Does it change their minds seeing for themselves the missile explosions, tanks and troops deploying across Ukraine, and frightened civilians taking shelter in subways -- exactly as Britons did to escape Hitler's air raids and rocket attacks in World War II? The poll also showed that only 23% of Americans trusted U.S. intelligence reports about the Russian military buildup and forecasts of Putin's intentions to invade. On Thursday, every single one of the warnings the Biden administration issued, based on declassified intelligence, turned out to be true. Go figure. A big reason Biden declassified the intelligence was to let Putin know he could not rely on the element of surprise, perhaps to make Putin rethink the wisdom of invading. Unfortunately, the tactic didn’t even stall Putin's plans. So now comes the hard part: imposing and sustaining international sanctions so severe they would put a stranglehold on Russia's economy, crashing the ruble and denying Moscow's ability to sell oil, access foreign bank accounts or conduct foreign financial transactions. Russian billionaires, some of whom are helping launder money that Putin has stolen from his own people, will be cut off from their international accounts. One billionaire oligarch reportedly saw his net worth drop by 30% on Wednesday alone. But all the sanctions imposed mean nothing as long as we and the world continue to give Russia…. Millions of dollars daily …. For their oil! That's why gasoline prices are going up and the stock market is plunging. Biden needs to immediately restart the Keystone Pipeline and remove all obstacles he put in place on all fossil fuels, day one of his presidency! Even Democrats are now seeing that Biden is to blame for these domestic repercussions caused by his actions as Trumpers are touting the low gas prices we Americans enjoyed during his presidency, reminding everyone that Biden’s policies have raised the price of fossil fuel products long prior to this Russian invasion, when you hit us in the pocket book/wallet … we all notice! Republicans might well argue that Biden and the Democrats don't deserve a magnanimous gesture of national unity, given the way Democrats savaged President George W. Bush during the Iraq War….but…. We conservatives are much more likely to display the national unity we all demonstrated after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, when Democrats and Republicans joined together as one…. Does it really require a major catastrophe to unite us? And why is it always our side that goes along when, given the chance, the other side fights tooth and nail? Putin's action is not the same as the direct attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, but it is a direct challenge to global stability unwitnessed since World War II. What matters most right now is for Putin to encounter an unshakable wall of unified American (and whole world) resolve, with all of us, joining together in declaring, that "this aggression will not stand." Let us all just put the political posturing on hold for a while, heck I’d love to see it put away for good but I’m not that naive. If ever there was a need for national unity, and for America to speak with one voice in opposition to Putin's aggression, this is that moment. The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 Letters To The Editor Editorial PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION: http://www.sunbaypaper.com The Sun Bay Paper To the Editor. Hi Bobby and Jennifer, It was very nice to meet you at the Island View Friday night. We had an exciting night watching our son’s friend get engaged. And of course our meal was wonderful, too, as you know. I’m sending you several pictures and you can use what you want. Derek Schultz & Xandra Young were taking sunset pictures with friends, Kris Heller & Mattie Boswell…..or so Xandra thought! When Derek dropped to one knee she was totally surprised, but did not hesitate to answer with a resounding YES!! As an added surprise, her friend Kaylee flew in and suddenly appeared on the beach to join the celebration. Lori and Kent Heller Ed. Note: Thanks for including us in their “moment” ...... see page 9 To the Editor. Stop lying about global warming and climate change. It's real. Start believing science and not mythology and that stupid bastard, Trump. Wake up to reality, A..holes. Thomas Smith Ed. Note: thanks for your letter Tom, Love us or Hate us...... as long as you’re reading us! see page 13, but it might raise your lood pressure! Quote of the Week Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, to long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who Love, time is eternity. -Henery Van Dyke To the Editor. I'm outraged. .. only 28 pages in your paper. I'll have to lock myself in a safe space and read it again. All this information has reduced me to being a victim of the left. I'll have to find a therapist... and can't wait for the next issue. Sonya Hatton Ed. 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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022 Ukraine Matters !! Ukraine is the largest European country located entirely in Europe. It’s approximately the size of Texas with a population approximating 40 million. Following its tragic history, Ukraine ended up as part of the Soviet Union soon after WWII. Following the USSR’s demise in 1990, Ukraine gained independence. Cleary, President Putin’s ambition is to slowly reassemble the Soviet Union. In 2008, during Bush’s administration, Putin seized two provinces of Georgia. During the Obama Administration in 2014, he annexed Crimea and effectively seized Luhansk and Donetsk, all part of Ukraine. And now, all of Ukraine is under siege. Russia’s attack on Ukraine puts the rest of Europe in a difficult energy dilemma. Europe, and particularly Germany, need significant fossil fuel sources to supply the energy requirements not yet met by green and nuclear energy sources. They’ve had to rely on Russian oil and gas to meet those shortages. Germany even certified a Russian pipeline through their country to help meet these European needs. Immediately upon taking office, Biden cancelled U.S. pipeline development and reduced availability of drilling contracts on public lands. After discontinuing construction of an important U.S. pipeline, Biden acquiesced to the new European pipeline from Russia through Germany. The U.S. no longer enjoys the national security and economic advantages of energy independence Trump’s policies established. Incredibly, the U.S. is now buying large quantities of oil and gas from Russia because our producers are blocked from adequately expanding to meet the energy demand. These purchases are helping fund Russia’s invasion. Inspired by heroic leadership from Ukraine’s President Zelensky, and the resolve of the Ukrainian people, slowly but surely international initiatives for significant Russian sanctions have been developing. These include isolating their banking system and suspending their use of the “Swift” financial messaging system. The EU is contemplating how to support Ukraine and consider it for membership. Switzerland is stepping out of its traditional neutrality by endorsing EU’s economic sanctions against Russia, stating “neutrality is not indifference.” And Germany bravely intends to decertify the much-needed Russian pipeline. The U.S. should be leading these efforts to isolate Putin and make Russia pay a high physical and economic price for its actions. We should aggressively supply whatever Ukraine needs in defensive equipment and weapons. The most important initiative the U.S. should take is to declare a wartime energy protocol. We have the opportunity and ability to make a significant improvement to the energy emergency Russia’s actions have imposed on the world. Although it wouldn’t happen quickly, the U.S. had adequate energy reserves and resources to provide the necessary energy during and after this emergency. The President should authorize an “operation warp speed” for providing oil and gas for the U.S., Europe, and eventually others dependent on Russian fossil fuels. Proclaiming that project would lift the morale of the Ukraine freedom fighters, all of Europe, and the world markets. President Biden’s SOTU address was a missed opportunity for making such an announcement. The destruction in Ukraine is senseless and sadly, very permanent. We see doctors and nurses crying while trying to revive a child dying from wounds of civilian attacks. Only a murdering thug; a selfish dictator; a brilliant, but evil, wartime terrorist could do this. We dare not diminish the ability of this cunning, evil genius based on his favorable standing with the devil, or we will pay an awful price. We are seeing something terrible……something awful…… yet something wonderful shines through. We see the spirit of Ukrainians who are being decimated without justification other than the evil tyrant Putin’s greed for power, conquest, and control. Ukraine’s President has proven himself a worthy commander-inchief. Ukrainians are fighting for their family, friends, and country. Compare that to Russian soldiers merely doing a job. They were sent to kill brave people against whom they hold no grievance. No wonder Ukrainians are frustrating the less motivated Russian military. Let’s emulate the lesson from the Ukrainians’ fight for national survival. And we should celebrate their brave President Zelensky’s leadership. We must emphatically proclaim that Ukraine and its people’s lives matter. We clearly have an opportunity to ensure our European friends of a friendly source of energy. Recalling Reagan’s famous speech, “Biden’s time for choosing” has arrived. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke Fort Myers Do Pets Have a Positive Effect on Your Brain Health? Owning a pet, like a dog or cat, especially for five years or longer, may be linked to slower cognitive decline in older adults, according to a preliminary study released today, February 23, 2022 "Prior studies have suggested that the human-animal bond may have health benefits like decreasing blood pressure and stress," said study author Tiffany Braley, MD, MS, of the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. "Our results suggest pet ownership may also be protective against cognitive decline." The study looked at cognitive data from 1,369 older adults with an average age of 65 who had normal cognitive skills at the start of the study. A total of 53% owned pets, and 32% were long-term pet owners, defined as those who owned pets for five years or more. Of study participants, 88% were white, 7% were Black, 2% were Hispanic and 3% were of another ethnicity or race. Researchers used data from the Health and Retirement Study, a large study of Medicare beneficiaries. In that study, people were given multiple cognitive tests. Researchers used those cognitive tests to develop a composite cognitive score for each person, ranging from zero to 27. The composite score included common tests of subtraction, numeric counting and word recall. Researchers then used participants' composite cognitive scores and estimated the associations between years of pet ownership and cognitive function. Over six years, cognitive scores decreased at a slower rate in pet owners. This difference was strongest among long-term pet owners. Taking into account other factors known to affect cognitive function, the study showed that long-term pet owners, on average, had a cognitive composite score that was 1.2 points higher at six years compared to nonpet owners. The researchers also found that the cognitive benefits associated with longer pet ownership were stronger for Black adults, college-educated adults and men. Braley says more research is needed to further explore the possible reasons for these associations. "As stress can negatively affect cognitive function, the potential stress-buffering effects of pet ownership could provide a plausible reason for our findings," said Braley. "A companion animal can also increase physical activity, which could benefit cognitive health. That said, more research is needed to confirm our results and identify underlying mechanisms for this association." A limitation of the study was that length of pet ownership was assessed only at one time point, so information regarding ongoing pet ownership was unavailable. American Academy of Neurology

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill this week that at least 35 organizations asked him to veto. Now health-care providers have liability protection from being sued by patients and family members over COVID-19-related injuries, deaths and refusal to try available treatment. The new law provides liability protection to health-care providers that follow “governmentissued health standards” that “include the CDC's COVID-19 guidelines, which many say aren't working,” the groups wrote in a letter to DeSantis. “Some medical professionals have stated that these CDC protocols have led to unnecessary medicines, ventilation and deaths.” Shawn McBride, director of The American Freedom Information Institute, Inc. who led the 35-group coalition asking DeSantis to veto the bill, told The Center Square that while DeSantis “signed a bill that may allow CDC protocols to continue in some hospitals, we’ve laid the foundation to help more folks get to medical freedom.” On the one hand, DeSantis signing the bill was a loss, but on the other hand, a win, because their voices were heard, he says. “The sad news is that - as we warned - hospitals could choose to keep using CDC and other protocols and still get liability protection,” he added, “So there is still work to do.” On the same day DeSantis signed the bill, the Florida Department of Health issued new guidelines allowing for more treatments to be made available. DeSantis and State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo announced the new guidance without mentioning the bill he signed into law. The guidelines, DeSantis claims, push back on “unscientific corporate masking, reducing isolation for all Floridians including those in schools and daycares, and recommending that physicians should exercise their individual clinical judgement and expertise based on their patients’ needs and preferences.” They also “are empowering health care practitioners to follow science, not Fauci’s status quo,” he added. They address corporate mask policies, advise health-care practitioners and facilities to reevaluate status quo protocols “in favor of scientifically based treatment options to benefit patients,” update school and daycare guidance to limit the student and child isolation timeframe, and reduce the overall isolation period for Floridians who test positive for COVID-19. “The state of Florida has widespread natural and vaccine-induced immunity,” Dr. Ladapo said. “Evidence suggests that most secondary transmission occurs early on. Our state will continue to make decisions for Floridians rooted in sound science, not fear, whether they are working or in school.” The announcement was also made as the CDC revised its mask requirement policy. “Despite a lack of evidence that masks, and particularly cloth face coverings, prevent the transmission of COVID-19, many corporations have continued to require their employees to wear masks at work, regardless of the situation,” DeSantis’ office said. Florida’s new masking guidance advises against wearing facial coverings in a community setting, adding that there “is not strong evidence that masks reduce the transmission of respiratory illness.” For Floridians overall, instead of quarantining for two weeks as was previously suggested by the CDC, the Florida guidance suggests an overall 5-day isolation period for those who test positive for COVID19 – for both adults and children. “It doesn’t rely on the use of masks as a mitigation technique among the general public, as the use of masks has been shown to be ineffective in preventing transmission,” the governor’s office says. This guidance “recognizes that the CDC’s guidance is vastly out of date and has forced Floridians to miss work and school even when it is safe to return.” The guidance states that all employees at a corporation shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask while at work. It also updates the school and daycare guidance by reducing the isolation period to 5 days. Parents still maintain the right to determine if their child should wear a mask, which remains strictly optional. Previous guidance, DeSantis’ office says, was “outdated, unscientific guidelines that hurt working families and keep kids out of school.” The guidance states that healthy children in daycare don’t need to quarantine. Children in daycare who test positive for COVID19 can return after five days, with no test required. It also reiterates that children attending daycare never be forced to wear a mask, and that mask wearing is only a decision to be made by the parent. Additional guidance advises health-care practitioners and facilities to reevaluate “status quo protocols” in favor of scientifically based treatment options to benefit patients. This guidance states that they be given “the flexibility to treat patients with off-label prescriptions if they determine it may help them,” and if the patient wants to try them and gives informed consent. Bethany Blankley The Center Square DeSantis Signs Bill Blocking Families and Patients From Being Able to Sue Health-Care Providers Over Covid-Related Injuries and Deaths Also Issues New Florida COVID-Related Guidance The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 March 4, 2022 - March 10, 2022