Volume 7 Issue 24_Sun Bay Paper

The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 March 25, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Technically, metal wire hangers are recyclable, but they should not be put in your recycling bin for one reason: They tangle and can cause huge problems at the recycling facility. These flexible wire hangers get tumbled with other recyclable metals and can twist and wrap themselves around the mechanical parts at the factory. This can cause a stoppage, or worse, can hurt someone who works there. Instead, reuse the hangers or take them back to the dry cleaner or store where you got them. Natural plants that have a high level of fragrant oil are not only pleasant to have outside, but they are also terrific natural deterrents to keep wasps, mosquitoes and other pesky insects away. Consider planting herbs like spearmint, thyme and peppermint, and plants like citronella, eucalyptus and wormwood. They all look beautiful, some are edible, and they are all prolific growers that can serve double duty: beautifying and deterring at the same time. After you unpack your belongings in your new home, bundle up all of your packing supplies, like cardboard boxes, leftover tape and bubble wrap. Then ask a local real estate agent if they have any clients who are about to move. They can offer your items for free to their clients, who will then reuse them for their move. It’s a simple way to help another family and to make sure your packing supplies stay out of the landfill. Packing Supplies Many recipes call for preheating an oven to roast, bake or broil whatever you’re making to perfection. But unless you’re making baked goods like breads or pastries, preheating your oven before you begin cooking is just wasting energy. A few minutes before you’re ready to toss your casserole or other dish into the oven, turn it on. It’ll get hot enough to get the dish started, and you won’t be wasting so much energy waiting for your oven to get to the desired temperature. No Preheat Yes, houseplants need light to survive and thrive inside your home, but think twice about placing your plants near windows. While placing a plant by a window with lots of sunlight seems like a good idea, it also can trick birds into thinking there's a place to perch. As the birds fly to inspect your houseplant, the inevitable will happen: They'll fly right into the window. To prevent collisions, keep plants slightly away from windows; this will help give needed light to plants and keep our feathered friends from hurting themselves. Think Twice Have you ever heard of leaving your dryer lint outdoors so birds can pick it up and use it to feather their nests? This is really a no-go tip when it comes to helping our feathered friends, because dryer lint contains chemical detergents and synthetic fibers that can irritate birds and their chicks. Instead, if you have untreated dried grass, hair clumps (also undyed and untreated) or just twigs and moss, those are the best things to leave out to help the birds. NO-GO 4 Birds When creating the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, it’s possible to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the wedding gown -- something that is worn only for a few hours, just once in your lifetime. Get more dress for your money by thinking "once wed." The online store OnceWed.com has a marketplace featuring almost-new wedding gowns being re-sold at a fraction of the price. Dresses from in-demand designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuiller can be found at up to 90% off their original retail price. Use the money you saved to honeymoon at a five-star eco-resort after the wedding. Wedding Dresses Natural Deterrents Wire Hanger Mess