Volume 6 Issue 24_Sun Bay Paper

Bill Semmer and Joanne Semmer and San Carlos Island residents have won their appeal to the Bay Harbor Marina project. We heard late yester- day afternoon as we were about to go to press with this current paper. The Semmers, have homes near the Main Street development, they have op- posed the project at numer- ous hearings. but the marina and housing project gained approval from the Lee County Board of County Commissioners in June last summer, by a vote of 4-1. “We feel the Citizens of the San Carlos Island Community did not get a fair and just decision at the June 17th County Commissioners meeting regarding the land use change for (the) Bay Harbour Marina Village project,” Ms. Semmer stated. The citizens weren't even given the proposed set- tlement document, which was discussed Florida’s proposed "Combating Public Disorder Act" is one step away from House approval and transfer to the Senate, where the controversial “anti-mob” bill is likely to be adopted and signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis before the 2021 legislative session ad- journs in May. House Bill 1, spon- sored by Rep. Juan Fernan- dez-Barquin, R-Miami, passed through the House Justice Appropriations Sub- committee Wednesday in a 10-5 partisan Florida lawmakers will con- sider legislation restricting the inter- actions of state entities, largely state universities and medical research centers, with foreign governments, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on the eve of the Legislature convening its 60-day session Tuesday in Talla- hassee. The governor said state law- makers during the 2021 session must take precautions against at- tempts by foreign governments, most notably China, to infiltrate agencies and universities to steal trade secrets. “The Chinese Communist Party’s mass infiltration and theft of American research is well-docu- mented, resulting in numerous ar- rests at college campuses across the country just within the last couple of years,” DeSantis said Monday. From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.24 Take us home with you! TheSunBayPaper.com Mar 5, 2021 - Mar. 11, 2021 Cont. pg 19 Cont. pg 5 Cont. pg 8 Most of this meeting was consumed by the First reading and public hearing of 21-02 Myerside Rezoning from residential to com- mercial, which would change the current zone and grant numerous deviations from the Land Develop- ment Code to facilitate a zoning up- grade. The requested variance would allow the property to be used as a hotel, resort, multifamily/sin- gle-family dwelling, retail store, restaurant with Beer and Wine con- sumption and amplified music, within 500 feet of Beach Elemen- tary School.. But first lets jump to open public comment. Lou Fabian spoke about electric bikes, he likes to bike ride and has an electric bike that allows him to exercise easier.... He agreed that electric bikes should not be al- lowed on sidewalks. He then spoke about how a atlethically fit rider could pedal a regular bike at danger- ously excessive speeds where older folks use an electric bike to still be able to enjoy riding at casual speeds... he suggested/requested that electric bikes be allowed on the beach and for the town to regulate the speed not the power source of bike riding on the beach. Terry Persaud, owner of Sunset Beach Tropical Grill spoke in reference to the refusal of Town Hall to grant a beach chair license transfer that was on the property when he purchased it but he wasn't allowed to transfer the chair license as an adjacent business was allowed to do so. He requested town coun- cil/hall grant him his outdoor seat- ing license or he would be forced to take legal action. Next came Proclamations. Proclamation 1: Miss Monaham brought this proclamation forward, read by Vice Mayor Rexanne Hosafros, March is Women's His- tory month, The Town of Fort Myers Beach has Proclaimed March 2021 as "Believing in Girls Month" Proclamation 2: Read by Mayor Ray Murph: The Town of Fort Myers Beach Proclaimed March 2021 as "Problem Gambling Awareness Month" Recognition: Lee county Sherriff's office outreach center and the Golf Course Humane Society held a Park at the beach last week and will have one the first Friday of every month, they are looking for anyone to help out or sponsor the event going forward. Recognition: An all around pat on the back for all previously and currently involved the work on Estero Island roadwork Public Hearings: A) 5730 Estero Blvd vari- ance202000091: To allow the con- struction of a garage and a pool in front of principal structure located at 5730 Estero Blvd. The applicant is stating there is insufficient room to the side and rear of the property to allow said construction and comply current set- backs. Staff findings recommend ap- proval with conditions for variance for the LDC 34-1174B to allow structure to be closer to the street easement than the principal build- ing. LPA recommended removal of the Fine for the violation of the set- back. Town Council approved the variance unanimously! next item: B) First reading and public hearing of 21-02 Myerside CDP Rezoning. Bay Harbor Marina Appeal Florida Bills Target Chinese ‘Mass Infil- tration And Theft Of American Research’ Florida ‘Anti-Mob’ Bill Racing Through House Fort Myers Beach Town Hall Meeting on March 1st: Cont. pg. 13 Police react after a demonstrator threw back a tear gas canister during a demonstration next to the city of Miami Police Department on Saturday, May 30, 2020, downtown in Miami.