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The PRO Act, which passes House could elimi- nate most forms of inde- pendent contracting, gig work and freelancing – po- tentially impacting as many as 59 million freelance workers who represent 36 percent of the total U.S. workforce. In 2020, the free- lance community accounted for $1.2 trillion in earnings, according to a report pub- lished by UpWork. The stated goal of the bill is to unionize work- ers, and to require employers to hire part-time, contract or freelance workers as full- time employees in order to provide them with a range of benefits they may not other- wise have. “A sizable share of workers in the United States remain outside the tradi- tional employment structure and consequently lack many of the protections and bene- fits that come with being a traditional employee,” the Brookings Institution reports. Proponents of the bill argue freelancers/ independant con- tractors should be required to become full-time employees who receive benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation. A revised version of Florida’s proposed Combat- ing Public Disorder Act passed its last committee Wednesday, sending the controversial measure to the House floor. The House Judiciary Committee advanced House Bill 1 in a 15-5 vote after a provision allowing citizens to challenge local law-en- forcement budget cuts was scaled back to Estero Historical Society, ECCL and Estero Chamber are sponsoring a $1000 scholarship each to Estero High School seniors. Estero seniors who would like to submit entries are to write a two-page essay on the History of Estero, the Governance of Estero and the Business. This can be done as a single project covering the three topics or as seperate essays for each topic making the student eligible for all three awards. Submissions have to be in by April 7,2021 and given to Ms. Terrill Hensley, Estero High College and Career Counselor. Entries should have a cover letter providing Name, Address, College you plan to attend and in- tended Major. This information will be held by Ms. Hensley. Submissions will be judged on their merits alone with no refer- ence to the student's name given to the judging panel. Scholarships will be awarded in early May 2021. From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.25 Take us home with you! TheSunBayPaper.com Mar 12, 2021 - Mar. 18, 2021 Cont. pg 10 Cont. pg 5 I had the opportunity to speak with Franco Russo of Two Meatballs Restaurant in Fort Myers and we got to talking about his dad.....Alfredo Russo.... It surprised me to learn Franco was Alfredo's son, just never made the connection I guess. I met Alfredo back in 2001, while working at the Island Sand Paper, met him at Junkanoos getting him to advertise in the "new" Beach paper.... and over the next 15 years we got to get to know each other better, I am proud to say I had the opportunity to know Alfredo. Whether at Junkanoos, the Fresh Catch or “The Ship” restaurant on Route 41in Bonita Springs: modeled after a 16th century Spanish Galleon and later, The Sunset Beach Grill and The Playmore Tiki Bar...... Alfredo, has left his mark on South West Florida! He had a heart of gold, he was well loved and respected on Fort Myers Beach. One of his fa- vorite quotes was... "In shallow men, the fish of little thoughts cause much commotion. In oceanic minds, the whales of inspiration make hardly a ruffle.” - -Yukteswar Giri Freelance Writers And Independent Contractors Worry About “PRO Act” Three Scholarships Available For Estero High School Seniors Florida House Set To Adopt Controversial Combating Public Disorder Legislature That’s Italian Cont. pg. 13 Last summer, as police brutality demonstrations erupted in violence in cities nationwide, Gov. Ron DeSantis called for a crack- down on violent protests.