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From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.34 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com June 18, 2021 - July 1, 2021 RIP: Bill Maurer 239-267-4000 Town Council’s meeting on Monday, June 7, was the last one until Au- gust while approving the agenda, the matter of the an- nual performance evaluation of the Town Manager, was again brought before coun- cil by councilor Jim Atter- holt which was discussed in the last town council meet- ing to be moved forward to this meeting and yet it is still not on the agenda, this is covered in the Town's policies and procedures manual which requires town council to perform such an evaluation prior to May 31, now moved to next meeting. During public comment: Hedi Youngworth? asking for town council to put priorities in order, keep- ing our residents and visi- tors safe, asking for community policing. Pete Dordermar? a resident of Denora, who is attempting to install a re- taining wall on what would include some town property, he applied for a petition to vacate the property in 2018 that was denied, his sea wall would be creating a ‘terrace’ which would intercept runoff of moderate to steep slopes... he says he has a very steep slope and said wall would be a benefit to the town as well. Bill .... ? General Manager of Pink Shell Re- sort and Marina who re- ceived a code violation for straws and requested clarifi- cation and also spoke briefly about not wanting the mooring field in the north end of the island. Robert Howel also spoke about the straws talked about 'Phade' straws and during testing that they do biodegrade when in water. The Sherriff’s Department asked for the space to the right of Matan- zas Bridge for a temporary outreach center, other possi- ble locations were dis- cussed...... Several actions fo- cused on budget, the annual audit, and special events as well as recognition of for- mer Town Councilor and Mayor Dan Hughes. In addition to serv- ing as Town Councilor and Mayor, Dan was on the Town’s first Local Planning Agency and was the chair- person of the Audit Com- mittee. (He resigned as the chairperson at the June meeting of the committee.) Dan has been instrumental in the development of the Town since its beginning in 1995. The Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget is under- way. Staff recommended a millage rate of .9500 but cautioned Councilors that in some cases recurring rev- enue would not fully sup- port recurring expenses. Town Councilors approved a preliminary millage rate of .9900 up from last year’s rate of .9500. As budget develop- ment progresses through the next few months, the mill- age rate could be lowered to .9500 but not increased. Town Councilors also approved the inclusion of the five-year Capital Im- provement Plan into the Fis- cal Year 2021-22 budget with the addition of place- holders for the Mooring Field upland services facil- ity and expansion, the Bay- side Park dock, and the Estero Boulevard Lighting Project. The other projects included are intersection improvements at Old San Carlos and Estero Boule- vards, stormwater improve- ments, William (Bill) W. Maurer born 11/9/1952, passed on 6/15/2021. Bill and his sister Carlene were the owners/operators of the Beach Bowl for 18 and ½ years. He and his sister ran the Beach Bowl in such a way that anyone that entered was treated like family. He was always there, from the time he opened the doors, until the time it closed. He developed a Youth League and mentored many children, not only with bowling but with advice for the paths in life. He was a loving giving man and will be remembered by many, many people. It is truly a great loss, not only for his family, but large groups of people that loved him dearly. He was a great giver, he always helped children Researchers at the University of Helsinki and the Beatson Institute for Can- cer Research in Glasgow have discovered how mutated cells promote their chances to form cancer. Typically, the accumulation of harmful cells is prevented by active compe- tition between multiple stem cells in intestinal glands, called crypts. "The functioning of intestinal stem cells relies on growth factors, named Wnts, produced by the surrounding environment. Intestinal can- cers typically originate from stem cells where mutations allow growth independent of these factors. When we re- moved a gene called Notum, which renders Wnts inactive, from mutated stem cells, the number of precancerous ade- nomas in the intestine was greatly reduced. We found that mutated cells use this gene to block environmental factors critical to normal stem cells gaining advantage in competition," says Postdoc- toral Researcher Nalle Pentinmikko. The research group of Assistant Professor Pekka Katajisto at the Institute of Biotechnology of the Univer- sity of Helsinki had already previously discovered that the same gene, also called an 'ageing gene', is expressed in normal tissue when we age, reducing the Cont. pg. 9 It is hard to believe, but the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels, the Low A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, are already more than one-quar- ter through their 2021 sea- son! John Vittas is in his first year announcing Mighty Mussels baseball, though he is certainly not new to the Southwest Florida sports scene. The Wayne, New Jer- sey native, who is a 2015 University of Maryland grad- uate, is in his 6th season as a baseball play-by-play broad- caster, including 2017 through 2019 as the lead voice of the former Charlotte Stone Crabs, earning the 2019 Florida State League Broadcaster of The Year. Cont. pg 8 One Quarter Way Through Season, Mussels Broadcaster Vittas Talks Baseball Cancer Cells Fight For Their Footing By Using An Aging Gene Cont. pg 14 Last FM BeachTown Council Meeting until August Florida State League Broadcaster of the Year Winner: John Vittas Now with our Home Team The Mighty Mussels Cont. pg. 12