Volume 7 Issue 1_Sun Bay Paper

The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 July 30, 2021 - Agust 12, 2021 During hot summer months, many utility companies promote the idea of using major appliances at night. These are things like your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. The reasoning? The electrical grid is running at peak mode during the day due to the demands of air condition- ing units. When you add the elec- tricity usage of major appliances on top of that, it can lead to electrical blackouts. But doing household chores like washing clothes and dishes at night also comes with a savings. In addition to utility com- panies charging less for power at night, your home won’t be as im- pacted by the heat your appliances give off when in use. At night, the air is cooler and your home is, too, so you won’t feel the heat as much. Many people freeze bottled water and sports drinks so they have cold beverages on hot summer days. As it melts, you have a cold drink that can last for hours. But experts rec- ommend against this for one reason: The plastic bottles are not designed to be frozen. The chemicals in dis- posable plastic bottles can leach into the beverage if you subject the plastic to extreme temperatures like freezing or boiling. Stop buying plastic water bottles...You should be drinking filtered tap water from a chemical-free reusable bottle to freeze your drink, or you can wrap an ice pack around a bottled drink to keep it cold. Many communities now accept plastics for recycling that are marked with symbols ranging from No. 1 to No. 7. In the past, it was usually just No. 1 and No. 2 (milk jugs and detergent bottles), but all sorts are now recyclable, depending on your curbside program. Beyond plastic food packaging, there are other items that are on that recycla- ble list, including plastic CD cases, drinking cups, food takeout contain- ers and non-styrofoam egg cartons. As always, they should be clean and clearly marked for recycling, and you need to be sure your commu- nity takes all recyclable plastics before placing them in the bin. Evening Chores ReUsable Bottles Plastics When it comes to workout clothes, one caveat of getting a good sweat on is that the fabric can hold onto both moisture and odor. Chlorine bleach is one way to freshen clothes, but many fabrics aren’t de- signed for bleach, and it’s not the greenest option either. After you wash your workout clothes, con- sider hanging them out to dry on a very hot, bright day. A dry, hot day can do wonders to deodorize cloth- ing; the sun’s natural UV rays and ozone can kill odor-causing bacte- ria. SW Florida WARNING...If the day is even slightly humid, the technique won’t work; in fact, it can just encourage additional bacterial growth on the clothing instead. Hang Drying Many people have asked me: Is it OK to take down an abandoned bird’s nest? Generally, the answer is no. First, in many states it’s illegal to remove a nest, depending on the species of bird and what stage of use it’s in. It’s often hard to know the status for sure; your removal could be breaking the law. For your personal health, a bird’s nest is nothing like a decorative craft store one; it’s often loaded with para- sites, bacteria and mites that can be harmful to humans. Even if a nest is absolutely abandoned, birds are notorious recyclers; it’ll get torn apart and the pieces will be used by other birds for new nests. Nesting After you’ve enjoyed a fresh ba- nana, what do you do with the peel? You can add it to your compost bin or boil it to make banana-peel tea, but why not try banana-peel fertil- izer spray? Bananas are loaded with nutrients like calcium, potassium, phosphorous and sulfur, which plants love. To make it, dry the peels in a hot, sunny place until they are completely dry and brittle. Pulverize the peel in a blender or food processor, and add the powder to a spray bottle with water. Spray it at the base of your plants to give them an all-natural boost. All Natural Boost One easy way to make healthy snacks at home is to use a dehydra- tor to transform fresh fruits and veggies into delicious treats. But in- vesting in a dehydrating machine can cost hundreds of dollars -- ex- cessive if you don’t plan on dehy- drating every day. Some recommend using your oven as a dehydrator; But this uses a ton of energy and adds heat to a home -- not to mention the safety hazard. I use my refrigerator, just place items spread apart on a tray and in a few days, viola... dehydrated. Danny Seo Your Dehydrator Betty Kai, a Fort Myers Beach local, was recently awarded the Sunny 106.3FMAward for Most Outstanding Woman in SWFL. 12 contestants from the area were honored and Betty re- ceived her award from the radio station last month at Drag Queen Bingo for charity at Nauti Parrot Dock bar, working as a hostess at one of her many jobs. Betty Kai was born outside of Chicago in 1927. Betty is a mother of 3 and raised her family in Wisconsin from 1965 to 1990 and in that time was a paralegal and owned and operated her own bar. Betty has been in Fort Myers Beach for 30 years and coined the name Sunset Betty at the historic Jimmy B's Restaurant right on FMB. Currently she is a Hostess at Nauti Parrot Dock Bar, Bartender at Hurricane Tinas, Assistant Man- ager at Bel Air Beach Club and an Ordained Minister who officiates weddings on the beach. Family and Friends who at- tended the award ceremony stated, “I was lucky enough to have her officiate our wedding on FMB 23 years ago! What a great award for a special lady!” and “Love you (Betty) Boop, and no one deserves this more than you!”. Anyone who has had the chance to meet Betty Kai have known her to have an incredible amount of energy for a person of any age, a positive attitude, a fun loving personality, and her love of going out and seeing live music at her favorite venues. We congratulate and celebrate one of our very own for receiving this award and living a life that continues to touch and brighten so many lives in our community. Long Time Local Honored