Volume 6 Issue 36_Sun Bay Paper

Sunday, July 25th, our local Moose Lodge 964, located at 19090 San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, just before the bridge to FM Beach, is having a 1/2 way to Christ- mas Party/Fundraiser on July 25th to raise money to benefit the children of Golisano Children's Hospital and they need our help in sending 1000 Tommy Moose Plush Toys to the hospital... The Tommy Moose toys are about 15 inches long and made with a very plush, very soft faux fur. Won't you help support this wonderful effort? Let's see how many we can send this year to make up for missing last year! To make it even easier for all to participate, you don't have to be a member because this event will be open to the public and all will be able to partake of food, drinks and all the activities. They will be holding a large month long 50/50 raffle which will be drawn that night. The party starts at 4:00pm Sunday the 25th, and feature many silent auction items. We will have entertainment by Danny Albani, Frank Torino, Dusk Duo, Alex Herron, Van, Dominic, Bernie Hyland, Jack Thomson Bag Pipes, Marty Keane and more, The fundraiser is being hosted by DJ Jim Anderson who will provide all the equipment. To make this event a huge suc- cess, they are in need of other Auction/Raffle items .... if you are associated with a hotel that would like to donate a hotel stay or any other businesses that would like to donate items or gift cards to be auctioned off, please contact Ed or Char Connor at the Moose Office: 239-463-2221 Also, if you would like to donate financially to this cause, every dollar helps! From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.36 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com July 16, 2021 - July 29, 2021 239-267-4000 Right... All Along On July 8, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis took off from Cape Canaveral with a six-member crew and returned on July 21. It was the 135th and final mission of the U.S. space shuttle program and its termination devastated Florida’s aerospace industry. At the height of the 1980-2011 shuttle program, Kennedy Space Center had 17,000 employees mostly working for private contrac- tors. At least 7,000 jobs dis- appeared when the shuttle program ended – as did the estimated $1.2 billion it pumped into the state’s econ- omy. Ten years later, how- ever, Florida’s aerospace in- dustry has rebounded mostly driven by private develop- ment. According to Space Florida, the state’s public- private space development agency, as of 2019, more than 17,100 commercial companies employed at least 130,000 in high-tech, high- wage jobs within Florida’s $20 billion aerospace indus- try. It’s 1959, and Rydell High School’s senior class is in rare form. The too-cool- for-school “Burger Palace Boys” are stealing hub-caps and acting tough and their gum-snapping, chain-smok- ing “Pink Ladies” are look- ing hot in bobby sox and pedal pushers. The 1950s high school dream is about to ex- plode in this rollicking mu- sical that is both an homage to the idealism of the fifties and a satire of high school- ers’ age-old desire to be re- bellious, provocative and cool. At the heart of the story is the romance be- tween hot-rodding gang-ster Danny Zuko and the sweet new girl in town, Sandy Dumbrowski. They had a se- cret romance in summer, but now back in the context of school, peer-pressure and cliques make their love a bit more complicated. Sandy attempts to navigate the tricky Rydell High School social waters and catch Danny’s attention again, but Danny is chiefly concerned with maintaining his coolest-guy reputation. In the end, the Pink Ladies help Sandy figure out how to win back the leader of his Greaser Boys the T- Birds as the whole gang sings and dances around Danny and Sandy’s ro- mance,through such hit songs as "Summer Nights", "We Go Together”, "Beauty School Dropout", "Moon- ing", "Greased Lightnin" and Cont. pg 17 Cont. pg 12 Florida Opening Shuttle Runway To Commercial Spacecraft A Patriotic Christmas Party Grease Is The Word! Demonstrations in support of Cubans protest- ing against the island na- tion’s 62-year-old communist regime are boil- ing onto Florida streets with lawmakers from both parties out-doing each other in lauding the revolt. Most notably, during a Tuesday roundtable with Cuban exiles in Miami, Gov. Ron DeSantis called on Florida internet providers to "see what are the options" are in beaming broadcasts into Cuba via satellite. The Cuban government has blocked internet access, claiming what is evolving into the largest anti-commu- nist protests there in decades is being stoked by American media. “They don’t want the truth to be out, they don’t want people to be able to communicate,” DeSantis said. “And so, one of the things I think we should be able to do with our private companies, or with the United States, is to provide some of that internet via satellite. We have compa- nies on the Space Coast that launch these things.” The protests in Cuba began Sunday. By Monday, demonstrations were being staged across Florida with Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s crowds larger than the day before – and inadvertently running smack into the state’s new anti-riot law. When Florida law- makers adopted House Bill 1, the 61-page Combating Public Disorder Act, their guiding reference was last summer’s police brutality protests. Demonstrations Backing Cuba Protests Unlikely First Test For Florida Anti-Riot Law Cont. pg 24