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Joseph Peter Coviello, 65 of Cape Coral, Florida passed away on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. He was born on February 8, 1955 in Glen Cove, New York to Peter Coviello and Isabell Labbate Coviello . Coviello leaves behind his wife, Diane, and their two grown sons, Ross and Alex, who are United States merchant marines. He presided over Ross’s wedding in December and was serving as president of the United States Merchant Marines Florida par- ent association. Originally from Long Island, New York, and a Cape Coral resident since 2000, Coviello worked as a human resources consultant for various businesses and attended every new business and building ribbon cutting he could and constantly promoted the city he served Cape Coral is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and Coviello was in part responsible. The Cape grew from about 183,000 people in November 2017, when he first won election, to about 200,000 in 2020. “During a very disruptive point in the city’s history, he brought calm,” said Joe Mazurkiewicz, who served as Cape Coral mayor from 1983 to 1993 and gave Coviello advice during his 2017 campaign. “He brought decorum and openness to city council meetings when it was very much needed. He did a very professional job as mayor, specifically running meetings. He was a great ambassador for the city. He was everywhere. There was hardly an event that he wasn’t there, and with his wife, more times than not.” Out of respect for Coviello, city staff declined to comment Wednesday, said city public information specialist Mau- reen Buice. “We ask that you please re- spect the privacy of his family while they mourn their loss,” the release said. “His passing was due to an unex- pected medical incident. Any further details will be announced as they be- come available.” The mayor pro tem council member John Gunter will serve as in- terim mayor until the council decides how it wants to proceed, From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.17 Take us home with you! TheSunBayPaper.com Jan. 15, 2021 - Jan. 21, 2021 Cont. pg 17 While the iconic Mound House on Fort Myers Beach traces its history back over 2,000 years to the an- cient Calusa Indians, the first-ever publication about the museum complex is brand new! Noted author Patrick McKeown recently released “The Mound House: The Crown Jewel of Fort Myers Beach!” McKeown is Profes- sor Emeritus in the Manage- ment Information Systems (MIS) Department in the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia, of which he was the found- ing department head. He au- thored or coauthored over 30 textbooks in management science, computer science, and management informa- tion systems. Pat retired in 2003 to Fort Myers Beach to enjoy fishing, biking, read- ing and becoming a Mound House Docent. Married to Carolyn for over 50 years, they have a son, daughter, and two grandchildren. While he wrote many text- books, this is Pat’s first his- torical foray. “While Carolyn and I moved to Fort Myers Beach in 2003,” he recalled, “we had just minimal knowl- edge about the Mound House. About three years ago, however, we took the Mound Key boat tour, then went through the Mound House underground archeo- logical exhibit, and I found it all so fascinating that I ap- plied to Preemption has been a percolating issue in Florida since 2011, when the Republican-controlled Leg- islature inserted political penalties into the state’s 1987 preemption law ban- ning municipalities from adopting their own gun laws. The 2019 legislative session generated nearly 50 preemption bills, producing laws that prohibit local gov- ernments from banning front-yard gardens, from collecting fees from commu- nications providers for using public rights-of-way, and award attorney fees and damages to residents who win lawsuits against local governments for taking ac- tions that exceed their con- stitutional authority. During the 2020 ses- sion, Florida lawmakers pondered more than three dozen preemption bills. Among those adopted: • The Florida Drug and Cos- metic Act, which prohibits local governments from reg- ulating over-the- counter proprietary drugs or cosmetics. The bill was a re- sponse to Key West’s now-defunct ban on sun screens contain- ing oxybenzone and octinoxate. • The Occupational Freedom & Opportu- nity Act, which re- duces or eliminates regulatory require- ments imposed by 18 state boards that license 440,000 Floridians working in a swath of professions, in- cluding barbers, Realtors, certified public accountants, engineers and auctioneers. • Senate Bill 1066, which blocks local governments from increasing impact fees on pending building permits, requires each local govern- ment to create an impact fee review board The agenda for Town Council’s first meeting of 2021 on Monday, January 11, included discussion about the proposed expansion of Publix Supermarket and an ongoing commercial planned develop- ment project by Matanzas Inn, among many other items. Ollie Current of Hair Etc spoke on behalf of the children on Fort Myers Beach, Bay Oaks and bringing soccer back to the beach and other things for the children to do. Jane Plumber spoke on behalf of a property on the south side of Tropical Shores Way purchased in 1995, refer- encing easements of the canal behind the property. Catherine Wallace from Donora Blvd. spoke ask- ing if the town council can do anything to help get the Covid-19 vaccine. Mayor Ray Murphy said he talked with the county commissioner chairman Kevin Ruane, saying he would be getting back in touch, stating that hopefully we have some coming but no specifics, also discussed with Father Adams at Church of Ascension who offered his lo- cation as a possible site to dis- perse shots, also possible sites may be Firehouses as well. Also mentioned that shots would be home delivered in future to "legitimate shut-ins" ... people who are not able to go to a site to get shots. Yulia Deptier asked about performer permits in Times Square, bringing atten- tion to background checks be- cause she knows one performer has 2 arrests in his past and town guidelines mention arrests. Council member Bill Veech recognized the Kiwanis Club. for all they do. Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello, Passes Suddenly At 65 FM Beach Town Council’s First Meeting of 2021 Revived Vacation Rental Bill Signals Renewed Florida Preemption Push “Crown Jewel” First-Ever Mound House Book Pat McKeown Cont. pg 5 Cont. pg. 14 Cont. pg. 8