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From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 7 Issue 11 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 Right... All Along He's Back and This Time... Has 200 Live Shows With Him Florida is the Second-Freest State in U.S. Cont. on pg. 10 If you're thinking 'I haven't seen Jerry Nolan' well, you're not alone (if you're thinking who's Jerry Nolan... keep reading) Now with SW Florida coming alive again, and the Pandemic hopefully coming to its end (we can wish, can't we?) Where are we going to go this year to see great Tribute shows, eat Gourmet Food and dance our shoes off? .....Well.... Jerry Nolan, Long time personality on Fort Myers Beach for almost 2 decades, has resurfaced after being 'MIA' for a while, we caught up with Jerry to see what he has in store for our area this upcoming season. After Surviving Covid Pneumonia, which had him in ICU for weeks and almost took him from us, but fortunately for us and his family, his number wasn't up and he soon made a full recovery, he decided to take it a little easier and go semi-retired, but music is in his blood, so due to his love of music and those live Tribute shows he has been entertaining us with for the past 7-8 years, he started searching for a Venue that could provide him with the space for live shows, ability to Cont. pg 6 Included in the Democrats’ Build Back Better Act currently before the U.S. Senate is a proposal to allocate $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service to hire nearly 87,000 additional agents – a plan opposed by a majority of voters recently polled. The BBBA proposal also comes after numerous reports show years of examples of agency problems costing taxpayer money. According to a new HarrisX poll, 58% of likely voters said they think increased enforcement would impact middle class taxpayers the most; 23% said it would only impact the wealthy. They’re inclination appears to be accurate, according to the House version of the bill. Half of the expected 1.2 million new audits would target households earning less than $75,000. The majority of the proposed funding – $44.9 billion – would go toward IRS enforcement compared to $1.93 billion to help taxpayers with services like pre-filing assistance and education, filing and account services, and taxpayer advocacy. While large corporations employ a staff of lawyers and accountants who help lower their tax responsibilities, most small businesses don’t. Because the IRS already audits large corporations, new agents would likely focus on small businesses that depend on cash transactions, CNBC reports. Only a state with the motto “Live Free or Die” is freer than the Sunshine State. That’s according to the nonprofit CATO Institute’s annual Freedom in the 50 States report, which compares states based on different aspects of autonomy and choice in key policy areas. The report uses hundreds of variables to gauge states on fiscal, regulatory and personal terms. Overall, Florida came in second to New Hampshire in the 2021 ranking that used 2019 data to compare states. The CATO Institute bills itself as a libertarian public policy think tank that promotes limited government, free markets and peace. It highlighted the state’s lack of a personal income tax and warm weather as the pied-pipers of not just well-heeled retirees but also business professionals looking to make the most of their labor. “Florida does especially well on economic freedom, and even more so on fiscal policy. Indeed, it is our top state on both,” the report said. “Regulatory policy is improved but mediocre compared with the fiscal side.” Florida’s freedom metrics lagged due to heavy incarceration rates, onerous occupational licensing requirements, state-level health insurance mandates, and the cost of gun control laws on owners and dealers. To make the state freer, CATO suggests Florida decentralize taxing and spending powers from counties to municipalities, reform its occupational licensing system to remove barriers of entry into careers, and enact criminal justice reforms. While New Hampshire was this year’s freest state, nearby New York came in last. Cole Lauterbach The Center Square Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Plan to Hire IRS Agents to Audit Americans

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 Pre-moistened makeup remover wipes are all the rage for their convenience to take off even the most bulletproof makeup. But with that ease of use comes an environmental price. Despite feeling like cloth fabric, they are actually made from knit plastic fibers, making them non-biodegradable. The alternative is to use a makeup balm and cotton or reusable wipes to remove makeup, which the pros agree is better for your skin: Wipes tug, tear and don't remove all the makeup completely. A balm is gentler and more effective for your skin, and better for the planet. Do you want to kill germs on surfaces naturally? Try this DIY disinfecting spray. Fill a spray bottle with five parts water (distilled water is preferred, but you can use tap), one part white vinegar, one part vodka (this is the disinfecting powerhouse) and a few drops of essential oil, if you'd like a scent. Spray whatever surface you want disinfected and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away with a towel. This is great for all rooms of the house and will help keep your home healthy and happy. Did you squeeze a bunch of lemons? Don't throw them away when they can still be used to help freshen up one of the hardest-toclean kitchen appliances: your microwave. Just toss the squeezed lemons into a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with water, then run it in the microwave for five minutes. The lemony steam helps disinfect, loosens grime and makes cleaning the inside of the microwave easier. Just take a towel and wipe the inside after the five minutes are up. Better for Your Skin Vodka is Good Lemons... It seems innocent enough: tossing out food deer love to eat to help them survive during the harsh winter months. But the problem is, feeding them something that is not part of their routine diet can make them sick or even kill them. Deer graze and eat what is available to them, so when they come across an ample new food supply -- like dried corn -- their stomachs aren't adjusted to digest it. If they eat too much, they can get something called "acidosis," which causes them to severely bloat. If you want to help, remove brush and leave your garden untrimmed so deer can graze from those sources of wild feed. Be Kind to the Deer When you're on vacation at a distant exotic destination, remember this one rule: Just because it's for sale doesn't mean it's legal to bring back to the United States. The World Wildlife Fund warns travelers that it's illegal to purchase items made from many animal skins and byproducts. Things to avoid include any furs and feathers, turtle shell (usually combs and jewelry), ivory, Asian medicines (made from rhino horns and tiger bones), and even wool shawls and scarves called "Shahtoosh," which is woven from endangered Tibetan chiru antelope. When in doubt, just don't buy it. Just Don’t Buy It Are you sick or is someone ill with a cold or flu in your household? To help prevent the spread of germs, it's important to disinfect household items that can harbor viruses on their surfaces. The top items include your phone, which is typically in constant contact, because cold and flu viruses can last for days on the screens. Other common items include remote controls, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and towels, which should be cleaned in hot water. Wipe down door handles and computer keyboards, and wash all bedding once the sick person feels better. Cold & Flu Season Sure, not using any gift wrap to wrap presents is the greenest option, but it's not the most festive. If you do want to use gift wrap, avoid papers that have a shiny finish, glitter, metallic embellishments or deep texture. Generally, shiny and foillike papers are not recyclable and need to be thrown away. Instead, look for kraft paper gift wrap, which has a matte finish and is often printed with festive patterns. These are not only recyclable, but are often made with recycled paper, too. Gift Wrap

FIGHT BACK! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN EVERY SINGLE ELECTION…ACCROSS THE BOARD…until we win back America’s Constitution. You will lose every right you have, not just the 2nd, “the Right to keep and bear arms” and not just the 4th, “the Right against illegal Search and Seizure”…ALL OF THEM! If you think I’m full of crap…consider this…just ONE of the illegal Bills in the 6 Trillion Dollar “Build Back Better BS” Bills, that the Democraps want, are sections that give the IRS, access to your Bank Accounts (financial information) if you spend over $600.00 at one time, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT! First of all, they lied about how much spending there is in these bills. They are telling us it’s “only” 1.5 Trillion…like HELL!! If you add up all the spending, the useless unconscionable, illegal spending…the “3” Bills add up to over 6 Trillion dollars…and that WILL bankrupt America! In my opinion, that is Obama’s plan…the Cloward -Piven Plan of 8 steps to Socialism and the destruction of America, all coming to fruition through Obiden! No wonder Pelosi is still saying, “Just sign them now and read them later”? One of the many hidden parts of these bills is an increase in power and size to The Internal Revenue Service of historic proportions. It provides funding to hire 60,000 additional IRS Agents to expand their powers to control your bank accounts. It provides the IRS with 80 BILLION MORE DOLLARS, to do what?…to take away the 4th Amendment…that’s correct. If signed, these money Bills will Bankrupt America and give Obama his Socialist, Islamic Nation! When I was a young FBI Agent and worked with the IRS on a case, I mistakenly thought that ... “The IRS can obtain bank records, without Search Warrants”… WRONG…! The 4th Amendment applies to the IRS as well as all the other Law Enforcement Agencies… no exceptions…unless they pass this Un-Constitutional Bill!! Under your Rule of law, you are guaranteed, amongst other Rights… Equal Rights including Due Process and Freedom from illegal Search and Seizure! UNDER SOCIALISM, YOU HAVE NOTHING! Just in case you don’t think that is a BIG DEAL…I will try to explain to the uninformed how Dangerous this is…Rights Denied, removed! Under your Rule of Law, to obtain a Search Warrant for your Bank account, a Sworn Affidavit and Application, MUST state the CRIME you are believed to have committed AND substantial, Verifiable, Probable Cause (PC) that you did indeed commit that crime. Just stating, “My informant said…” is not enough. That Informant must be “qualified” by showing he has been reliable in the past, without revealing his identity…not easy to do! There must be pen registers, surveillance evidence, forensic evidence, Direct Evidence not 2nd or 3rrd hand… “he told Tom Doe who told Jim who told me”. That’s what they did to a freaking President of this great country. What do you think they could do to you or me? That’s why we have Rights and Rules of Law! No-one can obtain a Search Warrant to see IF there is some crime you MAY have committed.There can be no “witch hunts”! That’s what Mueller’s Commission did to President Trump… they violated his Due Process Rights, his Equal Rights and went on a Witch Hunt…which found NO CRIMES. They then impeached him for WHAT? What is the CRIME for which Trump was “Impeached”. You can’t name any Crime he committed because Mueller said he didn’t after a Multi -Million Dollar investigation? All to see to see if there was a crime the President Committed. IF… you allow your Congressmen and Senators to sign those illegal Bills, two of them totaling some 3.5 Trillion (a lie)…it will do away with our Constitution, your Rights, your Constitutional Republic and America! What I say about these Bills is not opinion, it is fact! By the way…Equal Rights?…do you believe for one minute, that Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer or Nadler, Swallow or Schitty will allow the IRS to access their bank accounts, without a fight? They will EXEMPT themselves from such scrutiny and “that” folks, is what Communism and Oligarchs are all about! …NO EQUAL RIGHTS AND SOME “SPECIAL BENEFITS” FOR “SPECIAL PEOPLE”! What is happening…Open Borders, unabated scum entering our Covid19, mask required, white glove country, Pipelines closed, drilling on Government property stopped, (including the Green River Oil reserve, the largest oil reserve in the entire world), all the supply issues, and on and on… are… in my opinion, being done intentionally with malus aforethought… well planned and financed by specific known groups of money people and Democraps who are guilty of Treason, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, and a Plethora of other Crimes against America. In my opinion, those people are all well-known...starting with Hussein Obama, “Obiden”, members of their staffs and those Democraps who run the elections in their states…not all, Democrats are Democraps. Those Democrats who DO NOT BELIEVE in our Constitution…that’s your Democraps! You want change …go to Iran. You’ll get your change there…leave my America, its Constitution and Rule of Law… alone!!! These money people are financing most of these idiot, power hungry females who are wannabe Mayors, local DA’s State AG’s … look for their contributors and when you recognize that they are Radical, left wing, red commie, pinkos… some with dual citizenships with foreign countries like Russia, China, Hungary…you’ll know! It is up to you to figure out who these candidates are… many are not well spoken…borderline illiterate…different… nor do they understand our Rule of Law and must not be able to read and write because they don’t honor their written and sworn Oaths of Office, they currently hold! They refuse to apply the law equally or at all. They believe they were elected or appointed to be a …God! Starting with… school boards, all local elections, all state Attorneys General, and local District Attorney elections, all congress seats, and of course the Presidential election…VOTE REPUBLICAN… WHEN IN DOUBT ,VOTE REPUBLICAN…OR YOU WILL BE SORRYYOU DIDN’T ! ARE YOU HAPPY THAT YOU VOTED FOR Biden/Harris? How about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot or Chicago AG Kim Foxx or Portland Mayor, Police and Housing Commissioner Ted Wheeler or Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey… how about the Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio, aka big bird or the Governor of California, Newsom (but not much) , he’s Pelosi’s nephew. Now that’s a pair, Dumb and Dumber! There’s more who fit that mold…you know…they put cops in jail, release Criminals who assault with only a small club or only steal property like smash and grab…nobody got hurt, only the bankrupted owner. Trump had China paying us 1 Billion a month; he was selling our excess oil to OPEC; he made the Southern Border the safest it has EVER been; the price of gas was $1.85/gal and he built our military into the strongest military the world has ever seen! He made an agreement with Canada and Mexico that was fair to all. Oh yea, he was also the first president to realize Al Gore’s, Global Warming is as phony as Al Gore! The Paris Accord will cost us hundreds of billions… has no effect on Climate Change whatsoever and Trump pulled us out. He did that as it would have cost the US Billions, while Russia and China run their coal fired, Carbon manufacturing, dirty power plants with no concerns about Climate Change and laugh their asses off at the US, for wasting Billions! Remember Gore said that the Glaciers would melt by 2015 and NYC would be under water? He predicted that because the UN IPCC “Model” said so…the same corrupt outfit that claims Global Warming and Carbon are responci-BULL for EVERYTHING evil. The IPCC, is that outfit that Obiden gets his Climate Change data from…!? You idiots who believe Obiden…you are flushing America and your freedoms down the toilet! For what? For the promise of a free lunch. The only free lunch you will get is …CROW! Remember you heard that first here by The Right Side! The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous Every Single Thing “They” do is Directed to Destroy America and Jam Socialism Down Our Throats…Like it or Not!!!

The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 Americans over 65 and those with underlying risk factors are not supposed to travel. Luckily, I have no plans to travel this week. Because I traveled last week. Who knew? No one. No one and nothing. That is who knows what. About the variant. "What is President Joe Biden saying?" I asked one of my newsfollowing friends. He yawned. It took me a minute to realize that was the answer. He's saying that we should be concerned. But not panic. I don't have any idea what that means. I know I'm not following the news -- or, at least, presidential news -- the way I did when former President Donald Trump was making it, and it was ever so much more infuriating, not to mention entertaining. These days, the news I'm following is what's happening to my shopping cart if I forget to check out on Amazon Fresh and almost all the prices go up in a matter of days (cottage cheese, even local produce); what happens at the gas pump (it's literally heading to $6; when I was back East, I couldn't get over how cheap gas was, and no one else could get over the fact that I thought it was cheap). And then there was that piece of meat. I literally leaned over to tell the cashier that she must have pressed the wrong button. A piece of meat for over $100. It was on sale. My son was terrified he would overcook it. Ahundred dollars to fill the tank. A hundred dollars for the holiday roast. A hundred dollars for a single bag of groceries. Are we allowed to go out? Can anyone afford to? Former President Jimmy Carter got creamed when, back when inflation was roaring in the 1970s, he blamed the country for suffering from "malaise." The country blamed him in 1980. Biden isn't blaming the country, but he isn't taking the blame either. It's true that people feel plenty of malaise these days, but it's also true that there is plenty to feel malaise about. Pandemic. Inflation. High prices. Shortages. That's what we had in the bad old 1970s, when you had to line up for gas on evenodd days depending on your license plates. It was leadership we didn't want. Now it feels like no leadership at all. I know, Congress is passing bills. Legislators are giving each other the thumbs-up; the government is still open. Whatever they're doing, it's not trickling down to a sense that someone is in charge of what matters. One of the worst lessons we learned from COVID-19 is to trust almost no one, including, at times, both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What times is what's hard to know. The recognition that all different kinds of politics have figured in to what we think of (or want to think of) as "science" makes figuring out who to trust as hard as figuring out what's really going on, leading to malaise that is not easily addressed. What are we supposed to know, and who is going to tell us? What are we supposed to do, and who can we trust to follow? Do you cancel your plans or make new ones, see relatives for the holidays or stay home again, go to the convention or skip it, plan for the trade show or cancel it, get on with life or go back to buying toilet paper? There is still another year until the next electoral reckoning. There is still time to put partisanship aside, at least the ugliest kind, and see if it's possible to come together at all as a country, figure out just what we are up against and face it together. With a president who, on matters of health and science, might even speak for all of us. And an administration we can trust to give us the best advice they can, being clear about what's driving it, honest about what they know and don't know. Too much to hope for? Probably. And would we know it -- the "truth," such as it is -- if we heard it? Probably not. Travel safe. Or don't. Damned if I know. Susan Estrich December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 Who Knew?

The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 serve Gourmet food and still be able to do it all part time... after explaining all that to me ... he said "Sounds easy right?" Hmmmmn I thought, no not really ... sounds kinda impossible! "Well, it happened," he continued" Seven years ago I invited my long time friends Joel Notes and his wife Carol to a Rat Pack tribute show I was promoting at the Italian/American Club on the corner of 47th Terrace and Vincennes Blvd. in Cape Coral." "They loved the show and fell in love with the concept and the venue, which they eventually purchased and turned into the Cape Cabaret Dinner Theatre and they have been tempting me to come on board to run the entertainment ever since. Now that I've chosen to only work part time... I couldn't resist!" "This venue is fantastic; it provides everything I was searching for..... and I think they even like me" he said with a grin. ..... I am always there on Fridays and Saturdays, and we have Two Entertainment 'Show Rooms' that run simultaneously, for instance, recently one room had Salsa Dancing with a Latin Menu and the other room had The Blues Brothers and Tina Turner tribute shows serving our full Menu" My lady and I stopped in for dinner and a show last week and I couldn't believe the food quality, I had been to the Cabaret before and thought the food was very good but this was over the top, so I asked Jerry if they had a new Chef and if so, who was it?.... It's none other than Chef Pablo Felix and staff from Jerry's old stomping ground....the Fresh Catch Bistro. After the show, Jerry told me they had served 220 entrees before the show that night... and get this... in 25 minutes without a hiccup... That's impressive and a little bit crazy to me because ours came out timely, hot and we didn't feel rushed at all. The menu they provide is impressive, Jerry already mentioned the Latin food above for their Salsa night but the rest of the menu offers such varieties that include appetizers such as Salmon TarTar and Peruvian Ceviche. and fantastic entrees from the kitchen; rainbow trout, almond encrusted Atlantic salmon and ribeye steak cooked to perfection... just to name a few, with incredible deserts and a full Bar Too! I'd be remiss not to note that Pablo Felix’s incredible creations have won many awards in SW Florida Great Dining, Great Entertainment, Dancing and Live Music too with Jazz, Oldies, Blues, Classic Rock and Comedy too... What more can you ask for? I asked Jerry what other changes he would be introducing to the Cabaret? He told they would be soon starting a Sunday Brunch, and they are in process of creating an outdoor area that will be equipped with a 25-foot Bar, Seating for 100 guests and will have a 12 foot stage for Live Music as well. "I know you," I said.... "we've been friends for many years now and I can't believe you're leaving Fort Myers Beach because I know the beach has a dear place in your heart"........... " I Love the beach," he replied "it has been and will always be a part of me, my time at the Fresh Catch with Franco Russo and his dad Alfredo before him are unforgettable, I love the staff we assembled that they have there and know in my heart, they will have incredible continued success and also, I will still be available as a consultant and to help in any way I can, after all, those guys are like family to me" Jerry said with a big smile "Also, although I'm in the Cape now," he added, "We are also Fort Myers Beach Chamber Members and will continue to support them and the beach whenever and however we can. The Chamber led by Jackie Listak and the Staff are AMAZING, they're so proactive and we will do all in our power to help promote the beach and their local events" Cape Cabaret Dinner Theatre is a wonderful upscale venue for dining, dancing and live music and Jerry Nolan loves to entertain, eat incredible food and promote the same, so I asked him for a closing comment... "When it comes to Live Shows and Gourmet Food, try us at Cape Cabaret Dinner Theatre, I know you'll be HOOKED, ..... I was" Cape Cabaret Dinner Theatre is located at 4725 Vincennes Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33904 for more information on shows and menus: https://capecabaret.com/ or call 239-549-3000 tell them Bobby sent ya! Bobby Mimmo Be Entertained, Eat Incredible Food And Dance the Night Away December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 Chef Pablo Felix Cont. from pg 1

Dear Doctor: Some researchers say the main reason for many health issues today, including allergies and asthma, is that our children are kept too clean and have no resistance to anything. What are your thoughts? Dear Reader: First, let's discuss the benefits of hygiene. The greatest boon to human longevity, at least in developed parts of the world, has been our ability to deal with wastewater. Separating humans from the waste they produce, and treating that waste, has decreased our susceptibility to a host of diseases. In Yemen, for example, the number of cases of cholera currently exceeds 800,000 due to the inability to manage wastewater. In fact, inadequate sanitation, combined with a limited ability to properly disinfect hands, is estimated to cause 4 percent of deaths worldwide. But yes, there may be a risk to too much good hygiene. Humans live in symbiosis with the bacteria within and upon their bodies, and an inherent balance is necessary for a healthy life. This balance may extend to the bacteria in our environment, meaning that restricting our bodies from normal outdoor organisms may have a downside. The Amish in the United States, for example, live on farms and spend much of their time outside. Coincidentally, their children have much lower rates of allergies, eczema and asthma compared to nonAmish children who don't live on farms. The evidence extends beyond that correlation. A 2017 study of adult farmers and their spouses compared their childhood exposure to a farm environment against their rates of allergies and asthma. Those who were exposed to farming as children were less likely to have allergies as adults. Further, those whose mothers worked on a farm while pregnant also had a lower rate of asthma and allergies. Then there was a Swedish study on pacifier cleaning. Researchers found that the parental practice of cleaning a pacifier by putting it in one's own mouth before giving it back to the infant was linked to a lower rate of eczema and asthma in children at age 18 months. That same study also showed that vaginal birth, with its increased infant exposure to bacteria, was linked to a lower rate of allergies at 18 months compared to Caesarean delivery. Other studies have shown that having an older sibling decreases a child's risk of allergies and eczema, supposedly because older siblings bring more bacteria into the house. Similarly, having a pet in early life (especially if it's a dog) has been linked to a lower rate of allergies and asthma in children. But bacteria may just be one factor in the allergy equation. Exposure to allergens themselves may desensitize a child to them later in life. That brings us to the fact that children and their parents overall are spending less time outside. At the same time, children in densely populated urban areas are exposed to pollutants at younger ages. Both factors may increase the risk of allergies and asthma. In summary, it's clear that the rates of asthma and allergies have incrementally increased in the United States over the last 50 years. Although the research is largely correlative, it seems equally clear to me that we can reduce that risk in our children by getting them -- and ourselves -- outside the house as much as possible, exposing them to their surrounding biome (within reason), and pushing for a reduction in pollution. Florida probate is the process by which property is transferred from a deceased individual (the decedent) to his or her beneficiaries. A formal probate administration can take several months–even years–depending on the complexity of the decedent's estate. However, in some cases Florida law provides for a simplified probate process known as summary administration. Here are some answers to common questions we get regarding summary administration. What Is Summary Administration? Summary administration is a special kind of probate that skips many of the steps associated with formal administration. Ideally, a summary administration can be completed in just a few weeks. And in many cases there is no real “administration” necessary–a judge simply signs an order transferring the decedent's property to the heirs or beneficiaries. What Estates Are Eligible for Summary Administration? Chapter 735 of the Florida Statutes spells out the terms and conditions of the summary administration process. Only estates meeting the following criteria are eligible: ●If the decedent had a will, there is no language in it requiring formal administration. ●The value of the entire estate subject to Florida administration is less than $75,000, less the value of any property exempt from creditor claims. ●In the alternative, the estate is that of a person who died more than two years prior to the filing of the petition for summary administration. Can the Estate of a Non-Resident Apply for Summary Administration? Yes, but there is an important qualification. For non-residents, the $75,000 threshold only applies to assets physically located in Florida, such as real property. But estates of deceased Florida residents must account for all property regardless of its location. What Assets Are Excluded From the $75,000 Threshold? Anything that is not considered a “probate asset” does not count towards the limit. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: ●Assets held with someone else as a “joint tenant with right of survivorship,” such as a home co-owned by a married couple; ●Assets with a beneficiary designation of “payable on death” or “transfer on death,” which is common with retirement accounts and life insurance policies; and ●Assets that were previously transferred to a trust. Will the Court Appoint a Personal Representative for an Estate Under Summary Administration? No. In summary administration there is no need for a personal representative, since the estate is distributed immediately to the beneficiaries. This means that summary administration is not appropriate for estates where some degree of administration may be necessary, such as selling assets to pay off creditor claims. How Are Creditor Claims Handled in Summary Administration? In summary administration cases where the decedent passed away more than two years ago, creditor claims are legally barred and therefore not an issue. In all other cases, the person who petitions the court for summary administration must “make a diligent search and reasonable inquiry,” notify them of the proceedings and make arrangements to pay any valid debts with the available estate assets. Frequently Asked Questions About Summary Administration in Florida ASK THE DOCTORS Reduce Kids' Risk for Asthma and Allergies by Going Outside Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? 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The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 The Story of 2021 in Its Own Words Editorial Marijuana banking bill not included in latest National Defense Authorization Act The latest attempt to give marijuana companies access to the U.S. banking system failed on Tuesday following negotiations in the U.S. House and Senate. Lawmakers removed the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act from the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), despite the SAFE Act having bipartisan support. The legislation would allow the banking industry to do business with licensed marijuana retailers and require those financial institutions to subject any funds to antimoney laundering requirements. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, DColo., the bill's sponsor, criticized its exclusion from the NDAA in a statement on Tuesday. “People are still getting killed and businesses are still getting robbed because of a lack of action from the Senate,” Perlmutter said. “The SAFE Banking Act has been sitting in the Senate for three years and with every passing day their unwillingness to deal with the issue endangers and harms businesses, their employees, and communities across the country.” Perlmutter added his is not done advocating for the bill, and that Democratic leadership knows he intends to “pursue every possible avenue to get SAFE Banking signed into law.” Steven Hawkins, CEO of the nonprofit advocacy group U.S. Cannabis Council, said the bill's exclusion is disappointing, but added that the group is “heartened by the broad, bipartisan support” for the legislation. “We see the consequences every day of the lack of banking access, from the rash of dispensary robberies to the ongoing challenges of minority and small business owners to secure capital,” Hawkins said in a statement. “The SAFE Banking Act would provide urgently needed relief to cannabis businesses of all sizes and put wind in the sails of the broader push to end federal cannabis prohibition.” A group of 20 bipartisan governors previously sent congressional leaders a letter calling on them to pass the SAFE Banking Act. “Medical and recreational cannabis sales in the U.S. were estimated to total $17.5 billion last year, but because of antiquated federal banking regulations, almost all cannabis transactions are cashbased,” the letter reads. “Cannabis businesses are also further disadvantaged compared to other legal businesses by being unable to open bank accounts or obtain loans at reasonable rates,” the letter continued. Robert Davis Quote of the Week Behind you... All Your Memories Before You... All Your Dreams Around You... All Who Love You Within You... All You Need PHONE: (239) 267-4000 MAIL: 16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160, Ft Myers, Fl 33908 E-MAIL: production@sunbaypaper.com WEBSITE & DIGITAL VERSION:http://www.sunbaypaper.co The Sun Bay Paper We hoped for agreement and concord this year; Instead we faced anger, contention and fear. Our language was "toxic," profanity common; We yelled and we howled like a "QAnon Shaman." A claim that some rascals had "rigged the election" Divided the nation and sparked "insurrection." The chant "parents matter" discord did provoke; A judge defined "victim," while pundits trashed "woke." Decoding "white privilege" and "critical race theory" Left some of us puzzled, while others grew weary Of "meta," "rebranding" and other terms random. (Let's not even mention the chant "Let's Go Brandon!") We welcomed "Juneteenth" as a national day. But "voting restrictions" began to hold sway. While some "re-envisioned" the whole "conversation," Obstructed "supply chains" disabled the nation. And new "infrastructure" and "Building Back Better" Were shackled in Manchin's and Sinema's fetters. Soon dangers were lurking, it seemed everywhere, From "climate disasters" to vile "ransomware." The COVID-19 pandemic would not go away, And "Pfizer," "Moderna" and one-shot "J.J." Became our new "besties" — or possibly not, As "anti-vax" rebels refused to get shot. When cities and towns sought to breed "herd immunities," Perfidious "variants" struck their communities. Soon "delta" and "omicron" turned us to dreaders Of "breakthrough infections" and fierce "superspreaders." As "boosters" and "mandates" became commonplace, The unmasked resisted a cloth on their face. Colloquial language was re-shaped by fads, With "Squid Game," "Succession" and "dad jokes" so bad. To "uplift" meant praise, "deplatform" meant banish. "Iconic" and "ghosted" — we prayed they would vanish. On buzzwords like "pivot" we took a "hard pass," While "bid wars" for houses just struck us as crass. "The G.O.A.T," "Am I right?" we wished we'd prevented, And please quell "inflation" and "unprecedented." "We're building the plane as we're trying to fly it," Became a cliche; no one can deny it. The ardent supporters of LGBTQ Updated our vocab to broaden our view. "Cisgender," "nonbinary," "questioning," "trans" Reflected the spectrum that gender can span. Revising the pronouns we use every day, We're still getting used to the singular "they." And circling above us like menacing vultures Were "whataboutism," "TikTok, "cancel culture." "Cicadas" and "Texit" did clatter our ears, As we were all trying to "Free Britney Spears." And even though most of us did get the "jab," No soul was immune to the virus of gab. Rob Kyff

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“Certain small businesses may face an audit under the plan. I think the industries that should be concerned are those in cash,” Luis Strohmeier, a partner at Octavia Wealth Advisors, told CNBC. Strohmeier said it’s likely the new agents would scrutinize cash-only small businesses like restaurants, retail, salons and other service-based companies. To put the number of 86,852 new IRS agents into perspective, Americans for Tax Reform said, that’s more than the population of Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden's proposal comes after reports show years of mismanagement of taxpayer money by the IRS. According to a 2021 IRS audit by the Treasury Inspector General, the IRS achieved only 37% of its hiring goal because it was “difficult to find working copiers … to be able to prepare training packages.” One notable reason was because employees didn’t replace ink cartridges. A 2020 National Taxpayer Advocate report to Congress showed the IRS hadn’t hired over 5,000 full time employees for which it had the funding because of disorganization, incompetence, and labor union rules promoting “needless bureaucracy.” And in 2017, the Treasury Inspector General found that the IRS rehired more than 200 employees who had been fired for misconduct or performance issues. Likewise, existing employees were having difficulty performing their jobs, the 2021 Treasury audit found. More than 8.3 million individual tax returns and transactions remained to be processed as of the end of Calendar Year 2020. “As of March 5, 2021, the IRS had 4,434 Submission Processing function positions that remain unfilled or for which employees are not working for various reasons,” the audit found. “As of March 1, 2021, IRS management stated that they have more than 31,000 boxes (approximately 4.7 million documents) that need to be refiled or retired to a Federal Records Center location. As of March 1, 2021, the IRS estimated there were approximately 70,000 tax return requests that need to be fulfilled.” Before COVID-related closures, the IRS was already ranked last among federal agencies for its failure to provide quality communication, and reports continued to detail examples of mismanagement. In a 2018 National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress, the IRS was ranked last out of 15 federal agencies for its communication because taxpayers who called the agency were often “left floundering on the rocks of confusion, frustration, and misinformation.” Every year, the IRS hangs up on millions of callers through a practice called “Courtesy Disconnects.” Currently, if taxpayers try to reach a person answering the phone at an IRS office, they have 1-in-50 chance of success, The Washington Post reported. Government watchdog Open The Books notes that in 2018, the IRS website was down on its most important day of the year: Tax Day. When millions of taxpayers tried to file their 2017 tax returns, there was a system-wide computer failure and filers were told there was a “planned outage: April 17, 2018 – December 31, 9999…” and their “tax payment is due although IRS Direct Pay may not be available." Open The Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski said the website failure “certainly wasn’t for a lack of payroll.” He pointed to the fact that 1,511 IRS employees received $173 million in annual compensation in 2017, with more than 500 employees receiving bonuses of up to $61,766 each. Open the Books has also raised concerns about the militarization of the IRS. It found that from 2005 through 2014, 2,316 special agents spent nearly $11 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment, nearly $5,000 per agent. ATR has also raised concerns about the IRS spending money on highly partisan union activity. Because taxpayer-funded lobbying isn’t banned at the federal level, IRS employees can perform union duties during work hours. In 2019, 1,421 IRS and Treasury Department employees spent 353,820 work hours performing union-related duties, costing the federal government and taxpayers $17.27 million. Likewise, the National Treasury Employees Union contributes 97% of its PAC money to Democratic campaigns. Despite the BBBA being a Democratic-backed plan, some Democratic senators have expressed concerns about several of its proposals, including expanding IRS auditing powers. Bethany Blankley The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 Speaking to the House of Commons in 1948, Winston Churchill, paraphrasing philosopher George Santayana, made a critical point: "Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." In his book, "While England Slept," Churchill makes the case World War II could have been avoided had England's weak and feckless prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, not tried to appease Germany's power-hungry despot, Adolf Hitler. We now have President Joe Biden taking Chamberlain's approach with three contemporary tyrants: Russia's Vladimir Putin, Communist China's Xi Jinping and Iran's "supreme leader," Ali Khamenei. As Chamberlain learned, appeasing tyrants never works. It's like trying to placate a hungry crocodile. Biden and his advisors should immediately read Churchill's book. The Biden boys have failed to heed Churchill's warnings about weakness and appeasement. The American people are now at far greater risk than pre-WWII England. The parallels between the lead-up to WWII and what is happening now with Russia, Communist China and Iran are staggering. In the 1930s, Hitler rearmed Germany and formed an "Axis" with fascist leaders in Italy and Japan; they all launched military campaigns to expand control over territory their respective governments considered important. The "international community," aka the "League of Nations," proved powerless to stop aggression on three continents. Fast-forward to the present. Putin's Russia covets Ukraine and is preparing to seize that nation by military force if necessary. The People's Republic of China, led by the despot Xi, is bent on annexing Taiwan and eventual world domination. Khamenei, the theocrat ruling Iran, is determined to acquire nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them in order to destroy Israel and Tehran's "Great Satan" — the USA. These three dictators have as much regard for Biden as Hitler had for Chamberlain: none. Chamberlain naively believed diplomatic palaver would prevent war. Many in Washington thought trade restrictions on Tokyo would curb aggression in Asia. History proves both assumptions were wrong. Putin, Xi and Khamenei scoff at diplomacy. Diplomacy is but a process all three use to buy time and make promises they won't keep. They are interested in outcomes, not processes. All three dictators are the most powerful political authorities in their respective countries. Each of them is head of state, commander in chief of their nations' armed forces and each exercise total control over intelligence services. All three dominate the executive, legislative and judicial branches of their governments. Worse, all three despots are now cooperating in ways dangerous to our national security. Russian and Chinese military units are engaged in joint training exercises, officer exchanges and collaboration on military and dualuse research and development. China is assisting Iran's nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile programs. Russia is providing advanced radars and antiaircraft/missile systems to protect Iran's nuclear sites. All three of these tyrants view Biden as a stumbling, bumbling weakling backed by militarilyneutered NATO nations. Putin can cut off fuel supplies to NATO states and they will rush to make excuses for his aggression. Meanwhile, the PRC is building up all aspects of its military, outpacing the U.S. in ship building and military aircraft production, as Biden's woke Pentagon uses America's military to test arcane social justice theories. Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated to the world our president lacks resolve. By abandoning U.S. citizens and allies to a ragtag band of terrorists, he showed Putin, Xi and Khamenei they have nothing to fear from this administration. The absence of fear means we are unable to deter their aggressive ambitions. Let us pray Biden's appeasement and accommodation don't lead to war. Oliver L. North David L Goetsch While Biden Slept: Appeasement and Accommodation Americans overwhelmingly oppose plan to hire IRS agents to audit Americans

The Sun Bay Paper Page 11 December 17, 2021 - December 30, 2021 I have a dear friend who has been a widow for three years. She recently told me that special days, like her birthday, Valentine's Day or her anniversary always make her feel depressed. She knows that no one would ever love or pamper her the way her husband did. And that sobering fact always makes her really sad. I let my friend verbally cry on my shoulder for as long as she needed to. Then I looked her directly in the eyes and said: "I know that you feel very alone right now, but experience has taught me that you never know who or what might be right around the corner. I'm willing to bet that you won't always feel so lonely." She didn't know it, but I had just finished reading the latest data about people who fall in love later in life (sometimes much later). Statistically, she stands a good chance of once again becoming a much-loved wife. There's no doubt about it: Romance among retired folks is definitely on the rise. For some, it may be a matter of loneliness, financial need, physical longing or merely a desire to feel loved again. Whatever the reason, there are far more 60-plus couples on the relationship landscape than ever before. And while the topic of senior intimacy might be uncomfortable for younger people, when it comes to the elderly there are a variety of measurable benefits for togetherness. And perhaps the most important bonus is that elderly people who have a lover or a spouse tend to enjoy longer and happier lives. Ten years ago, NPR's Connie Goldman published "Late-Life Love: Romance and New Relationships in Late Years," an insightful book including interviews with 22 older couples who were in love. In her words: "Late-life love -- along with the challenges, joys, and pleasures of re-mating in the later years -- continue to enrich the lives of so many. A colleague once told me that those of us in the winter of our lives can still find summer." Of course, lots of people over 65 are definitely not hoping to find a new partner. Many widows and widowers aren't looking for love because they are preoccupied with mourning the death of their spouse. But according to the Pew Research Center, in 2018 67 percent of individuals aged 55 to 64 had entered a "subsequent marriage." This statistic shows a 12 percent increase in the number of older remarriages since 1960. Additionally, 34 percent of adults ages 65 and older had remarried in 1960, but by 2018 that number had climbed to 50 percent. And 33 percent of newlyweds over age 55 were entering their third marriage in 2018. I know three lovely women -- the youngest is 64, and the oldest is 77 -- who have lost their husbands within the last few years. Much to my surprise and delight, they have each found an attentive, serious and worthy sweetheart, almost effortlessly. Their beaus' ages range from 60 to 91! Right now, none of them are contemplating remarriage, but they all admit that it's wonderful and comfortable to have a male "companion and escort" for dinner dates, movies and weekend getaways. Two of these women had husbands who experienced lengthy illnesses before their deaths, and they became their husbands' loving primary caregivers for the last two years of their lives. My third friend lost her husband of 40 years to an unexpected heart attack. I was surprised -- and relieved -- to see these women respond so warmly to their new sweethearts' romantic overtures. Obviously, the "widow's weeds" days, when women were punitively expected to mourn their departed spouse for the rest of their lives, are long gone. Most widows and widowers today -- not to mention those who are divorced -- are anxious to reconnect and share their remaining years with a loving partner. Whether you are 18 or 80, love just might turn out to be the real-deal fountain of youth. Marilyn Murray Willison The Center Square Senior Sweethearts