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David E Martin, a National Intelligence Analyst and Founder of IQ100 index (NYSE) developed "lin- guistic genomics" which was the first platform on which you could determine the intent of communication rather than the literal artifact of communication. That technology could be used for a number of other applications, in defense and intelligence and finance. His company maintains a se- ries of inquiries into every individual, every organization and every company that is involved in anything that either blurs the line of biological and chemi- cal weapons or crosses that line in any of 168 countries. In 1999 there were one million patents digitized by IBM and those million patents were the first time human Innovation had been put into an electronic digital searchable format. He took that information and did a very simple exercise using their linguistic genomics technology, they made the assessment that approximately one-third of all patents filed in the United States were functional forgeries, meaning that while they had linguistic variations they actually covered the same subject matter. In 1999 patents on Corona virus started showing up. In March. 2003 panic griped Hong Kong as the deadly SARS - Corona virus swept through the city. The Center for Disease Control realized that a virus they knew could be easily manipulated, was something that is very valuable and in April 2003 they sought to patent the SARS-CoV. Two years later, patenting the virus came under scrutiny, in May 2005, CDC spokesman Llelwyn Grant told the Associated In Southwest Florida all the big fireworks displays for New Year’s Eve, have been canceled, but you can still celebrate the New Year at smaller events that allow for more social dis- tancing and other precautions. We found great events on Fort Myers Beach, (FM Beach) Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero and Bonita Springs. What to do on New Year's Eve The Salty Crab 1154 Estero Blvd, F M Beach. Entertainment by : Meagan Rose 8-12 Dinner : a la carte 239-233-8224 ........................................... Island View: New Year’s Eve Gala 1400 Estero Blvd. FM Beach. Entertainment: Angela Hicks, 8:30p.m. Dinner: Four-Course Menu - 3 To 10pm (See Back Page Ad for details) $65 ea. 239-463-3111 for Reservations Moose lodge 964 19090 San Carlos Blvd. FM Beach. Entertainment: Danny Albani 8 p.m. Dinner: Filet Mignon w/ Chicken entree with all the fixings and all you Drink Open bar, Champagne toast at midnight, Party favors, Decorations and Free Parking. $50 Doors open at 6pm. 239-463-2221 Reservation Required. The Cottage 1250 Estero Blvd, F M Beach. Entertainment: The New Vinyls 8 pm Dinner: a la carte 239-765-5440 From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.14 Take us home with you! SunBayPaper.com/digital-version Dec. 25, 2020 - Dec. 31, 2020 Cont. pg 8 Cont. pg 12 President Jim Gilmartin opened the 199th meeting of the Estero Coun- cil of Community Leaders (ECCL) After the welcome and opening remarks he turned it over to Mark Novit- ski who led the meeting in a moment of silence for those affected by the current pan- demic. Back to Pres. Jim, he proceeded to congratulate ECCL's 2020 Volunteer of the year, Amy Kuchenbecker for her work facilitating The Junior Achievement Pro- gram 258 graduate. A collab- orative effort of the ECCL, The Village of Estero and Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida, the pro- gram teaches JA Financial lessons to kids from 2nd through 12th grade, children learn how to use credit cards, write a check, get health insur- Florida Bill Seeks to Make Citizen Led Initiatives More Difficult ProposedAmendments Would need a 66.67% Majority, Instead of 60% Cont. pg 6 What’s Happening: New Years Eve Fireworks are Cancelled Everywhere, But You Don’t Want to Stay Home...... After soundly reject- ing a proposed amendment requiring ballot measures be adopted twice to be encoded into the Florida Constitution last month, voters may be asked again to make it more difficult for citizen-led ini- tiatives to be successful. Rep. Rick Roth, has filed a joint resolution that asks voters to approve an amendment requiring pro- posed amendments be adopted by a 66.67% major- ity instead of the 60% mar- gin that's been required since 2006. Roth’s House Joint Resolution 61 is similar to his 2018 proposal, which was withdrawn before its first committee hearing, and indicates Florida’s Legisla- ture will continue its attempt to make the state’s constitu- tion more difficult to change during the 2021 legislative session that begins March 3. Florida lawmakers have imposed myriad re- quirements on citizen-led petitions over the past two legislative sessions. In the waning hours of 2019’s session, Rep. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa, sponsored a “midnight amendment” to an unrelated bill, House Bill 5, requiring every sponsoring organiza- tion have its own serialized petitions and a permanent Florida address while pro- hibiting paid signature gath- ering. History: COVID-19 - COrona VIrus Disease 2019 caused by SARS-CoV-2 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 Estero Council of Community Leaders Meeting Cont. pg 15 If you’ve ever been to the beach on New Years Eve, you will remember that the fireworks show by locals and visitors, before and after the ‘Official Fireworks’ is pretty impressive. So there will be probably be “Unofficial” fireworks on FMB Volunteer of the Year : Amy Kuchenbecker Rep. Rick Roth