Volume 6 Issue 13_Sun Bay Paper

House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Senate President Wilton Simpson want to address water quality and tidal flooding is- sues differently than lawmakers have done so since at least 2017. The two new leaders of the Republican-controlled Florida Leg- islature are tentatively proposing the state develop with its 412 cities and 67 counties a priority list of projects to mitigate rising waters that flood streets, damage homes and ruin businesses, similar to the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) five-year work program. At risk, according to Florida Department of From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.13 Take us home with you! Read our digital Flipbook version at www.SunBayPaper.com/digital-version Dec. 18, 2020 - Dec. 24, 2020 Cont. pg 8 As property insur- ance rates skyrocket, Citi- zens Property Insurance Corp. will become an in- creasingly more affordable option for Florida’s 6.2 mil- lion homeowners. That could be disas- trous, however, Citizens' Ac- tuarial & Underwriting Committee warned in its 2021 rate package proposal. “Citizens’ policy count has grown by more than 100,000 in the last year with between 2,000-3,000 new policies being written each week in recent months,” the proposal stated. “If nothing changes, growth of at least an additional 100,000 policies is expected by year-end 2021. This cur- rent trend is not sustainable and could put Citizens’ solid financial position at risk.” According to its Nov. 30 "snapshot," Citizens had 532,788 policyholders last month, topping a half-million for the first time since 2015. The number of Citi- zens policyholders has in- creased by 65,000 since July and by nearly 90,000 – from 444,323 – since Nov. 30, 2019. The report projected more than 630,000 will be enrolled this time next year. Fort Myers Beach Town Council began their meeting with a discussion of a "Crash" in their email sys- tem, probably due to a power outage from hurri- cane Etta. Emails are now working again, if you sent one recently, it's probably a good idea to resend it again. First public com- ment was from Len Lemmer from Nervous Nellie's who was representing a group of citizens and businesses that surround Bayside Park who seek to have some input on its design, to put their con- cerns on the public record, mentioning honoring our Veterans. Next Peter Ennis, co owner of Snug Harbor Restaurant, who also ad- dressed suggestions about stage and bleachers among other concern about the de- sign of Bayside Park. Nick Ruland spoke next, co owner of Snug Harbor Restaurant, bringing up lighting issues in the area among other issues. Laurie Russell man- ager of Marina Village also located by Bayside Park added suggestions for a Splash Pad she saw during a visit at Babcock Ranch and also spoke about a Veterans Memorial Walk- way. Jan Lee spoke about Leonardo Arms bringing concern to the council about beach erosion at her build- ing. Another resident (Cheryl?) also spoke about the beach erosion at the Leonardo Arms. Boyd Sanharvest( please forgive if the names are not correct, the zoom meetings dialog are some- times unclear) spoke about the Clock in Times square, with some impressive math to back his argument of the value that Clock has brought to the beach. Closing with, "I just want to recognize that it is important" Paul Winter resident since 2004, spoke about lack of communications/ re- sponses to inquiries with Town Council, also spoke about the abuse of deputies being paid $50 an hour at the traffic lights, they are supposed to be at the con- crete medium under the traf- fic light. He ran out of time and was asked to wrap it up and give balance of com- ments to the clerk. Mr. Seborea spoke about bathroom in public right of way. Chris Shaub? spoke about beach chair and um- brella permitting Gail Mason spoke about the When The Sun Sets on December 21st People Will See These Planets Closer Than Anyone Alive Has Seen Them Cont. pg 14 Rising Seas Could Divert Florida Funding From Everglades Water Quality Skywatchers are in for an end-of-year treat. What has become known popularly as the “Christmas Star” is an especially vibrant plane- tary conjunction easily visible in the evening sky over the next two weeks as the bright planets Jupiter and Sat- urn come together, culminating on the night of Dec. 21. In 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope to the night sky, discovering the four moons of Jupiter – Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. In that FM Beach Town Council Last Meeting of 2020 Florida Property Insurance Rates Surge Cont. pg 12 Prior to December 21st, Saturn will appear on the upper left of Jupiter, after that they will cross paths and Saturn will be on the right JEFF BRANDES R-ST PETEERBURG Cont. pg 12 Do to a printing error, this article was not complete in last weeks paper, We have reprinted here with more thorough coverage of the last meeting of 2020 A duck floats past an algae bloom in a mangrove along the Caloosahatchee River during the “green slime” summer in, 2018